Internet is down?

Internet is down?

Hi. Our internet in our Model S has been down for several days now - no navigation, no nothing! We get a message on the dash telling us there is no internet connectivity. Anybody else have this happening?

NKYTA | 02. August 2019

Not here.

Have you tried rebooting?

jojim | 02. August 2019

Will try - you mean the double-scrollwheel reboot? | 02. August 2019

Yep on the scroll wheels. If your phone is on AT&T, is it able to make calls? Does the in-car display show any signal bars? Does it say LTE or something else?

wagner.kyle88 | 02. August 2019

my internet is fine, but my slacker radio streaming has sat on the load screen for about a week now. I tried a hard reboot and it played one song and then load error.

nukequazar | 02. August 2019

This has happened to me twice recently. MCU reboot fixed it. Hold the brake pedal and both scroll wheels until the screens go dark and a Tesla logo comes back on.

cmalan | 02. August 2019

If the reboot doesn’t work, try powering off the car for 3 full minutes. If still no joy schedule service, I had the same problem at 2 months of ownership. SvC replaced Connectivity board after clearing the Antenna. PCBA, LTE CONNECTIVITY, UBLOX GPS (1054968-01-B).