Disappointed with Jeda

Disappointed with Jeda

Has anyone else experienced lousy customer service and delayed shipping from Jeda? When I first ordered their wireless charging pad, they billed my credit card immediately, but didn't ship the item for about a month. If I hadn't leaned my lesson, I ordered their USB hub two weeks ago and was also charged immediately. Today, I learned that this item will not ship until the end of August. What's up with this??

M3phan | 06. August 2019

High demand, new product, homegrown company. I ordered the pad last year and the usb hub last month too, don’t mind the wait. It looks like a useful, good quality product.

CST | 06. August 2019

Taptes... 'nuff said.

FISHEV | 06. August 2019

Taptes is about the same. They charge when ordered and it looks like they build to order and things take a while to ship. Low prices, good quality, good customer service on returns.

ODWms | 07. August 2019

I received mine from Taptes last week and installed immediately. So far, it works great. No complaints.

andre | 07. August 2019

I thought it was pretty clear during ordering of the USB hub that they weren't shipping until this month. Mine is supposed to ship next week.

jimglas | 07. August 2019

use the force Luke
(sorry, I thought you said Jedi)

M3phan | 07. August 2019

Yep, super clear that they said August they start shipping… So there shouldn’t be any surprises. Mine ships next week too. Got a Samsung T5 SSD for Sentry. Fits perfectly inside the Jeda hub.

sixstring09 | 08. August 2019

I've experienced slow/late shipping. Customer service was responsive via email within 24 hrs.

I do like the charger.

spc737 | 08. August 2019

I think they ship once a month on the 15th. Product is working great and worth the wait. Also search for an online coupon, I found one for 10 bucks which dropped the price to $89.

Syed.Hosain | 08. August 2019

@FISHEV "Taptes is about the same. They charge when ordered and it looks like they build to order and things take a while to ship. Low prices, good quality, good customer service on returns.:

Hmmm ... my Taptes order for their wireless charger was not an issue from them. It just took a while to get the shipment here, through customs, etc.

Their customer service is excellent, by the way.

AmpHog | 08. August 2019

Jeda clearly said they hub would ship in August, so I'm not sure what you're upset about. Furthermore there is no law requiring the seller to wait until shipment to charge your credit card. Although some credit card issuers prohibit the practice, they generally won't take action as long as the seller meets the promised timeframe for shipment. If you're unhappy, contact Jeda and cancel your order. In my experience, Jeda customer service has been very responsive, particularly for such a small, homegrown company.

I know o

sadwith | 18. August 2019

Customer service was fair. But the charging pad interfered with FM radio reception so I returned it.

M3phan | 18. August 2019

@sadwith, huh? Had my Jeda pad for over a year, no FM reception issues, how is that happening? Don’t see how a Qi charger can interfere with a that a thing?

M3phan | 18. August 2019

Tesla has a wireless charger out. Try that one instead.

andrewsjra | 18. August 2019

Received the update email stating orders were shipping. Mine was supposed to ship out last week per the last few digits of my order # however I never received a confirmation. I emailed them to get an update. Last time I ordered the 1st generation charging pad and it took forever. Customer service is average at best. The only reason I order from them is their products are awesome and worth the wait.

bshangle31 | 19. August 2019

So this is *slightly* irrelevant to the post here--but I was so excited to get a Jeda that I bought a brand new in box Jeda 2 (the newer updated version) from Offerup and installed it (easily) to my Model 3. Upon using it for a week, with a brand new Iphone XS, I have noticed it takes FOREVER to charge. The ease of charging and lack of need for cables is great, but it's basically a destination charger for your phone, vs a "supercharger" being a regular phone charging cable. Just an opinion for anyone looking to buy one!

raidrus | 06. September 2019

Yep, horrible customer service. I've been attempting to get an update on my replacement pad after sending in my defective one. Haven't been able to get a response for over 2 months now - I've written 6 emails asking for an update and one just asking if anyone reads the support email address. Apparently nobody does.

Jjames79 | 11. September 2019

Taptes doesn't have the wireless hub, otherwise I'd have thought about it too. I ordered the wireless hub in August as well and it didn't ship in the 3 weeks promised. I finally reached out and they sent an e-mail saying they figured out something was wrong in the shipment they were about to do so they halted shipments and things will likely ship in late September instead. I'll reserve further judgement until I get the Hub but it's not a great first impression from the onset about not keeping customers updated on the shipping delay.

andrewsjra | 11. September 2019

I ordered my usb hub the first day of preorders and got it towards the end of August. They did state they wouldn’t start shipping until the first week of August. My order number fell for the second week but was delayed another 1 1/2 weeks. Yes there customer service is lousy but the products are superior to anything out there. If you can wait it’s totally worth it. If not there are plenty of other choices for wireless chargers. The Nomad is good too.