Shipping Tesla cross-country

Shipping Tesla cross-country

I will be shipping my Tesla M3 from LA to NY shortly, and am wondering if anyone else has had a good experience using a shipping service for their Tesla. Based on my research it doesn't seem like Tesla has any approved partners in shipping, and I want to make sure the company I use will handle the car with care. Any advice helps!

NKYTA | 11. August 2019

Why not take a nice drive?

sbeggs | 11. August 2019

Plycar scraped the front and sides of our Model S shipping Denver to San Diego in 2015 in enclosed transport. Their insurance paid $10,000 of body and paint, and that was just superficial damage from chafing, no impact. Car was out of commission several weeks. Avoid.

Uncle Paul | 11. August 2019

Reliable has a good reputation, uses enclosed trailers with professional drivers, experienced in handling expensive collector cars.

rhj | 12. August 2019

Ship Your Car Using Amtrak’s Auto Train
Ride along with it, make it an adventure