Phantom Drain Question

Phantom Drain Question


i am observing lot of phantom drain on my car. Currently i did full charge on Sunday morning. Charge went to 308 miles.
Today ( wednesday), I see that i used about 135 miles at 260 Kwh and 125 miles left on the display. This means as of today i am using only about 260 miles. i lost about 50 miles. why is this happening ?. i lost about 17 miles per day. Temprature in bay area is about 75 to 90F all these 3 days
This is happening to me from beginning. i am loosing more number of miles per day.
i am using teslafi connected to my car. is this bcoz of teslafi ( i kept all the sleep settings as suggested by teslafi team) or something is wrong in my car ?

Pg3ibew | 14. August 2019

Do you realize electric mileage is exactly like gas Mileage? Your mileage is directly relevant to your driving habits.

srikarv | 14. August 2019

i understand driving electric car is relevant to my driving habits. but my concern is, today it is showing i have 125 miles left. again tomorrow, phantom drain will be more. by end of 10% i get only about 200 miles. i will loose around 100 miles worth of charging.

mrburke | 14. August 2019

@srikarv - One question, why did you fully charge your car ?

M3phan | 14. August 2019

I don’t understand, are you plugging your car in every night?

srikarv | 14. August 2019

@mrburke. i dont charge to 100%. i often charge to 90%. I wanted ot check whether i am getting 325 miles. this is why i did full charge this time. but everytime i charge to 90%

82bert | 14. August 2019

Sentry mode on?

wiscy67 | 14. August 2019

I minimize phantom drain while at work by turning fan off as I leave the car (press and hold fan icon). I let car sleep by not waking it by checking the Tesla app. I don't use any 3rd party stats apps.

I don't use Sentry mode. Cabin overheat protection is set ot fan only (no AC).

I hope that helps with phantom drain. I only lose about 2-3 miles the whole day while parked at work.

The other issue you are combining here is not realizing your rated range and for that you need to adjust your driving to achieve a wh/mile of 240 or less. My lifetime is 215 and coming down now that I've learned to drive more efficiently. Driving over 70, using heavy climate control, not monitoring tire pressure all lead to higher wh/mile.

Pg3ibew | 14. August 2019

It is not PHANTOM if you are driving it.

vincelorto | 14. August 2019

i think it's dem gremlins. You know, little green dudes, that are cute and cudly until you pour water on them. Anyway, i think you need to monitor more closely and report back. Your quote starts on a full charge Sunday and then you skip to Wednesday. Try day by day and trip by trip. You're posting for an answer but there are too many variables we don't know about.... except for dem gremlins....

vincelorto | 14. August 2019

PS. I noticed before losing 10% just based upon my driving habits and it being a hot day.

srikarv | 14. August 2019

i turn on AC all the time i drive. this is why i guess i am not driving around 240 wh/mi.

mrburke | 14. August 2019

@srikarv - I have noticed on a few occasions that I have left the climate control on. (Don't how, but I have.). That will drain the battery fairly quickly on a hot day.

srikarv | 14. August 2019

Thanks for the suggestion. i am pretty sure i turned off climate control on day 1 when i bought this car. i will double check on it again

gballant4570 | 14. August 2019

If you leave the AC on when you are not in the car, the extra power used won't show up in your wh/m, but will show up as lost estimated range. At least that is what happens in my car.....
You may want to make sure AC is off when you vacate the car each time. IN my car, if I leave AC on when I vacate the car, it remembers that setting for the next time.

apodbdrs | 14. August 2019

If you use your phone to drive the car, turn off your blue tooth, it is possible that you can be in a room or area nearby and it is turning the car on, AC, etc. every time you are close to the car normally about 20 feet. some say their blue tooth works at greater distances. Just another thought.

WardT | 17. August 2019

We routinely get 80% of the projected battery miles on our LR RWD compared to actual. For example, after an 80 mile trip, the battery miles drop from 250 miles to 150 miles. I don’t understand why this happens as we average 233 Wh/m. It seems the projected battery miles would be spot on if your trip averaged 242 wh/m since that is the EPA Wh/m rating. If your trip was less than 242 Wh/m, the battery miles should be less than actual miles. Similarly, if you averaged over 242 Wh/m, your battery miles should be more than actual (as mine are). When I look at my ICE vehicle the estimated miles left is not very accurate either, so I’m not worried about it.

I haven’t taken a long trip in awhile but the last trip the battery miles to the destination were optimistic. That was pretty annoying as on a trip your destination is usually the SuperCharger. Not something you want to miscalculate the number of electrons left over on arrival or at least cut it too close.

coleAK | 17. August 2019

TeslaFi uses energy from the battery as well. The largest “phantom drainers” are cabin overheat, sentry mode, teslaFi and other apps that don’t let the car go to sleep, and checking it from the phone app often. Try and turning all those things off and just let it sit, then see what your loss is. I say ours for 5 days unplugged just to see what the loss was, it was only 3%.

EVRider | 17. August 2019

@coleAK: TeslaFi won't cause additional phantom drain if you configure it properly.

Thanks to TeslaFi, I learned that the Tesla Remote app for the Apple Watch was actually preventing my car from sleeping. If you add the Remote app complication to your Apple Watch face, the complication will show the car's SOC, but it has to poll the car frequently to do so. The car will sleep, but only for a few minutes at a time. Once I removed the complication, the car slept normally.

coleAK | 17. August 2019

^^^. Good to know

apodbdrs | 17. August 2019

I have had my car parked in the garage for the last four days, not connected to power and there has been almost no phantom drain at all, maybe 3 miles. The recent software update must have fix phantom drain at the expense of range???

EVRider | 18. August 2019

@apodbdrs: Did you have phantom drain before, under the same conditions?

apodbdrs | 18. August 2019

Under the same conditions, the car used have phantom drain! This is really weird, I still have it unplugged and there almost no drain, almost feel like there is something wrong, where as I should be elated!

EVRider | 19. August 2019

Let’s hope it’s a fix. I didn’t use my Model S yesterday, and according to TeslaFi, it lost less than 1 mile of range in 24 hours.

parmesan | 19. August 2019

The drain on my weekend trip was also a bit more than what I was expecting. It will be great to see some data on how much power Sentry is using, so we can made a better informed decision.

Drove 135 miles at 229 KWH/mi per odo
Total trip time: 26 hours (parked for ~ 23.5 hours)
Battery capacity at Start: 229 miles at end:75 (lost miles ~19)
Sentry was on: Cabin overheat protection: On (fan only). Outside temp: high 95, Low 70

hokiegir1 | 19. August 2019

@Parmesan - Sentry uses about 2% for my standard workday, so about 1-1.5 miles per hour, depending on how many notifications. If its a busy location, it may use a bit more. I normally have 3-4 "events" a day.

@all - My car has been parked, unplugged and outside with cabin overheat on (including AC) and sentry off, since Saturday in hot Atlanta weather -- and I do use TeslaFi. I've checked the app twice a day (to keep COH active). My losses are:
Saturday: lost 2.69 miles (just under 1%)
Sunday: same
It was at 80% when we left Friday afternoon, and is currently at 78%.

jd4714 | 19. August 2019

My LR AWD M3 has been parked at the airport since Thursday morning and has only lost 1%. Sentry is off and cabin overheat is fan only. In S FL and it’s hot as b***s there. Not bad er PFG!