Navigating a long drive to a conference, ending with 16mi range

Navigating a long drive to a conference, ending with 16mi range

I am trying to figure out how to navigate a 400+ mile trip from central NJ to Guelph Ontario for a 4 day conference, and how to get back with a bit of buffer through the trip. If I program it into my navigation with a full 'tank', I end up with about a 16mi buffer at my destination. The closest Tesla charging unit is 85 ki, so I would like to modify the trip to add the extra charge on the way. I cannot find a way of adding charging stations, nor doing a 'round trip' from home, to destination, back home though I will be doing minimal driving at my destination. Can anyone advise me on how to modify navigation to accommodate me arriving to the destination with enough stored? I cannot charge where I am staying. I assume that it will be warm, running air conditioning, etc.

I initially put this in the general forum, but I have a RWD long range model 3 so it may have been a bit more appropriate here. thanks

raqball | 14. August 2019

You can try abetterrouteplanner as it will allow you to set an arrival charge rate...

If you are looking for other options to get some juice try downloading the PlugShare app... It will show you other options. They won't be anywhere close to being as fast as SuperChargers but they will allow you to add some juice

CST | 14. August 2019

If you are going to have the car parked as part of the trip, you'll lose miles for sure. Especially if Sentry and cooling are on. I did a round-trip from Fairfeld to Santa Cruz and "lost" over 50 miles of range from the estimation.

vmulla | 14. August 2019

You're saying the closest Tesla charging station is 85ki away. Is that a Supercharger? Is that miles or km?

If it's a Supercharger, you're overthinking it. Just charge the car to the max before you reach your destination. You already shared that you'll do minimum driving at your destination. The few extra mins charging your car will give you a lot of mental peace.

walnotr | 14. August 2019

RV parks are another option to add a few miles if you have the 14-50 adapter. As mentioned, PlugShare, along with ChargePoint, EVHotels and the like can help find that EV charger hidden behind city hall open to all. Even a heavy duty extension cord out the room window can add 30 miles overnight.

There are others here more familiar with off the network driving than I am and hopefully they will have a few more tips.

gmr6415 | 15. August 2019

Since you stated Central NJ I plotted a trip from Trenton to Guelph Ontario. It looks like there are plenty of Super Chargers (3) along the way. I don't see what the issue is.

walnotr | 15. August 2019


hokiegir1 | 15. August 2019

Round trip on ABRP, using Trenton as did @gmr:
Leave with 90%, charge to 65% in Bloomsburg, 77% in Erwin, and 47%+ in Grimsby -- arrive with 30% (if you leave with 47%). Return -- leave with 30% (if you can't find local L2 charging), arrive at Grimsby with 17%, charge to 80%, Erwin to 63%, Bloomsburg to 80% and back to Trenton arriving with 15%. Totally easy trip. And there are a number of L2 stations around Guelph, though I'm not sure exactly where your conference would be -- but you could conceivably keep some "running around" range on using those.

And that's based on my RWD usage of about 266wh/m. Many people have lower usage than I do. :)

romeug | 16. August 2019

You have all been incredibly helpful. Using the abetterrouteplanner on the web app, I saw the alternate route planner that added a considerable superchargers along the buffalo ny navigation, and programming in a 30% left charge in that app left me considerable latitude in it's fastest directions. We are driving back on the evening of the last day so the person I am driving can be back on Thursday to teach at university, so I had to insure there was no fussing about when we take off. Again, thanks for all the good and helpful advice

fbasciano | 17. August 2019

I90 through New York State (should be lots of Superchargers); the at Buffalo; an hour to 1 and one-half hour to Stone Creek supercharger; and same or less to Guelph. There also is a supercharger in Burlington on the way to Guelph from Stoney creek.

bruryan | 17. August 2019

As a general rule, I never go on a trip thinking I'm going to leave myself with anything less than 30% battery. Granted, I live where altitude variers often. The memory of driving the last fifty miles under the posted limit isn't going away.

kevin_rf | 17. August 2019

Just did a trip out that way. The Victor (Rochester) is at Eastview mall, and the Buffalo is surrounded by stores. Looks like a bunch on the other side of the falls also. They showed up in my cars nav.

I would avoid the Utica SC, 4 of 8 units where not working.

I think you are good. Recently did a trip out to WV where I charged up to 90% on the border, drive in 90 miles to the camp site, popped off sentry and overheat, camped (in the car), and drove back out with electrons to spare.

Also, look into plug share. It gives SC reviews and photos.

syclone | 19. August 2019

There's a really good pizza place at the Utica, NY SC.