2015 front end change to 2016

2015 front end change to 2016

I was clipped by an on coming car in my 2015 model s , it tore half the bumper skIn off and cracked the nose. If I’m have it replaced can I just go with a 2016 front? Has anyone had this situation?

EVRider | 17. August 2019

Is your 2015 RWD or AWD? I don’t know if it matters, but the RWD frunk size is smaller in cars with the redesigned front end.

drift | 17. August 2019

The hood and frunk tub are also different on the refreshed cars. It can be done but it's not as simple as one might think. There are several threads on this.

Tldickerson | 17. August 2019
gordo | 17. August 2019

For $2k I would expect it to look like a factory new face refresh. I wouldn't want a weird hybrid like what they've done.

dborn | 17. August 2019

You might check out Unplugged performance’s version. I have it and it looks good.

2015P90DI | 18. August 2019

@dborn +1

Unplugged definitely has the best retrofit option. Top half is very close to the stock front end. Bottom half is also close, but Unplugged added some very subtle design features that give it a slightly sportier appearance. Unless you really know the refresh front end in and out, 99% would be able to tell the difference.

Haven't seen a T-Sportline version in person, but from the photos, it is not attractive. It looks completely aftermarket. From the side, the hood looks like it doesn't fit. Weird bumper area shaping. T-Sportline does amazing work and most of their products are incredible, but this one seems like it slipped through the cracks and it really doesn't seem to be on par with all of their other products. Of course, this is just a personal opinion. The Unplugged Performance fascia looks stock from the factory.

Silver2K | 18. August 2019

the unplugged performance version does not have tow eye access from what I see.

2015P90DI | 19. August 2019

@silver2k, don't know about the Model S fascia Unplugged offers, but on their Model 3 fascia, it had the access piece for the tow hook. Could be something they added based on customer feedback that was not thought of on the S since the M3 fascia was just released a few months ago. But, would simply ask them if it does. Being from California, never understood the need for a tow hook and never liked the round cut for them on a clean fascia. I guess if you live in a snowy climate, you may want it, but otherwise, probably a useless feature to have. Have seen many Tesla's get pulled onto a flatbed tow truck and never once seen them use the tow hook.

dborn | 19. August 2019

The Unplugged fascia I have on my S does NOT have tow eye access. Nor does it offer access to the jumper posts. I extended a cable to those posts so I have access from the wheel well.