how was you battery life left over right now?

how was you battery life left over right now?

My car pick up last year September, mile 20921mi , 90% was 269mile, 100% less than 300mile.

how about you?

Joshan | 17. August 2019

That is not measuring your battery life, just FYI.

hiepdds02 | 17. August 2019

I also pick up my car September 2018, 22299mi, 90% 262 mile, 100% 297 mile.

lyddiy | 17. August 2019

alwasys have see tesla say they battery after first year only lost 5%, look that lost 10% not enough whole year. haha...

Joshan | 17. August 2019

again, that is NOT measuring battery loss.... Do some research before posting.

lyddiy | 17. August 2019

hi, joshan. what ever you again, people not need profession, just tell you what we saw, we only say what every we thinking not every thing like after you think can put on the forums, if you like to teacher something profession just shoot, don't put nothing ok?

Slonkis | 17. August 2019

May 2018, 10k miles, 90% at 292mi, 100% at 325mi
Almost no supercharging. Charging to 90% at home, every few days.
Probably has more to do with calibration than actual battery capacity

Magic 8 Ball | 17. August 2019

The range indicator is an ESTIMATE, not an indicator of battery life or degradation. Tesla can make that number read anything via an OTA and they have already adjusted it once, it appears. To determine degradation there are many threads to read through that attempt to explain the process, it is not easy to understand. Search the forum using this as a URL or google search: degradation

Replace degradation with other terms to search for different things.

kaffine | 17. August 2019

New was 279 @ 90% now it is 266 @ 90%. 39k miles. I never did see an increase when they upped the range from 310 to 325. Most of the miles were put on driving 170 miles a day 4 times a week and charging at home every night.

jdcollins5 | 17. August 2019

Just to have an opposing point to this useless thread, 13,000 miles. New 310 miles @ 100%. Now 320 miles at 100%.

jim | 17. August 2019

This is a pointless, barely comprehensible post that has already been covered in countless other threads.
Flagged original post.

Magic 8 Ball | 17. August 2019

With Musk's interest in AI I have to wonder if some posts here are just Turing Test experiments?

jfaubl | 17. August 2019

I'm at 305 with 10,000 miles. The tech who was just out installing my spoiler advised running down to 1% then up to 100% occasionally to help the BMS figure out your true degradation. I plan on doing that soon.
I'm paraphrasing but he said something like if one of the cells runs out of energy before the others the car thinks that is the bottom of the range and recalculates accordingly. The car will go below 0 but he said not a good idea obliviously.
This guy has been with Tesla for 3 years. "Forever in Tesla employee time." He said charge to 90%. That is where the BMS needs to be to calculate better.

jfaubl | 17. August 2019

@ jim. Be more compassionate. I bet English is not the OP primary language. No need to flag. If the thread is useless to you, just don't post.

geedub1023 | 17. August 2019

+1 @jfaubl

Totally agree.

gmr6415 | 17. August 2019

@kaffine, "I never did see an increase when they upped the range from 310 to 325."

Can you point out what update had an increase from 310 to 325?

geno.kearney | 17. August 2019

Sept 2018, 20k miles, 90% at 264mi. Rarely charge to 100%.
Almost no supercharging. Charging to 90% at home, every few days.
Recalibration doesn't change it.

kevin_rf | 17. August 2019

Last time I back calculated the maths said 300 miles. Now, in the recent past the maths had me as low as 298 and as high as 314. It was back calculating to 306 for the longest time, then I took some long trips and pulled the SOC below 5%. Now it seems to have settled at 300, a 3% loss of what it's a good question after 25,000 miles.LR Cherry Red AWF.

I feel burned, Elon please send me a free flame thrower.

kevin_rf | 17. August 2019

AWF - All Wheel Fun

Me admit a too, never

kevin_rf | 17. August 2019


slingshot18 | 18. August 2019

My range estimates have been trending up.