Service degrading rapidly

Service degrading rapidly

It is very sad to see how poor Tesla’s service has gotten. I have owned a model S for over 6 years, and in the last 1-2 years, it has gone from outstanding to “I am not sure I can recommend this company any more.” No one answers phones in Vancouver, and no one has gotten back to me despite my leaving a message first thing this morning (and one this afternoon) about a significant concern I have about the 12V battery they replaced last year (suddenly a notice saying I need to replace it again right before a weeklong road trip). I had a similar problem trying to get my yearly service this year, although obviously this time it is more urgent and therefore more of a problem. Is this a Vancouver issue only, or is it that bad everywhere? I expected some change with the introduction of the model 3, but this is untenable in my opinion, causing me to re-think continued support and future purchases.

jimglas | 19. August 2019

Service is the new FUD

jimglas | 19. August 2019

complaining about the car makes you look stupid
no longer good sounding FUD

johncrab | 19. August 2019

@DerekS - I'm from the olden days with Tesla too and I've seen a big decline this year and will now look to third parties for tires, alignments and anything else that can be handled outside of Tesla. I even noticed that there had been a big change in personnel at the SC where I have always gone. Only two that I had ever seen remained and they chose to act like jerks. Tesla is killing itself with the Model 3. They make less cash and less margin on the 3 yet are stuffing the service centers to the point where an owner really does need a backup car because it's a 2-week wait for an appointment. Fortunately I'm covered but many are not.

When people would ask me how I liked the car I would say that I loved it but I loved the company more. I can no longer say that and have to add warnings about the out the door, you have 72 hours if anything is wrong and the inability to communicate with Tesla. It has gone from outstanding to pathetic and right now there is no way I would even throw the price of a M3 at them. They need to get it together and earn my business again and then we can talk but I would look at all options.

sosmerc | 19. August 2019 will most likely be flamed and labeled a "fudster".......but I hear you. Tesla really needs to pay more attention to what happens after the sale. Service is still a big deal and they need to get a handle on it.

rxlawdude | 19. August 2019

I can't disagree with OP's observations.

Hoping it gets better soon.

DanFoster1 | 20. August 2019

2015 S 85D; upstate New York: last year, when my right rear door handle failed to present due to a broken paddle gear, Tesla sent a ranger within days who fixed it in my friend’s frigid garage in January. He also upgraded the power-steering bolts (an open recall item at the time) and fixed the issue which had prevented my car from applying software updates.

This year, the u-joint in my steering was failing, and Tesla had completed the new service station in Latham a few months prior to my needing them (most thankfully since Kisco is much farther from us.) The first appointment was about a month out so I called the tech who had been texting me on the phone and very politely asked him if anything could be done, since the failing steering would likely not last a month. They wedged me into their schedule two days later. Their shop is the cleanest, most organized auto service station I’ve ever seen.

I have nothing but praise for Tesla service, and the fact that I never needed any at all until my car had over 100,000 miles on her.

andy.connor.e | 20. August 2019

This is ridiculous. Service really is the new target against Tesla.

jimglas | 20. August 2019

service is the new FUD
Citing quality makes them look stupid

GHammer | 20. August 2019

Must be location specific, somehow my service center is keeping up with all the new 3's without doing any expansion and is providing as good or better service than ever. I was just in yesterday, appt in three days, loaner, lead tech did a ride along with me, text updates all day, in and out in one day. | 20. August 2019

Classic FUD - Complain about some problem, but unwilling to actually make an appointment to have it fixed. Silly in the extreme. I'm not saying Tesla service is perfect - no automaker is, but to make extreme complaints without even having them look at the car is ridiculous. It takes less time to make an appointment than to write up a fake issue.

andy.connor.e | 20. August 2019

Its like giving a 1 star review because someone thought they were rude on the phone. Didnt actually receive any service from them, yet willing to complain out the ass.

COrich | 20. August 2019

My experience with the Denver service center is that they are very professional. I have had no issues with them and the mobile service for the 2.5 years we have owned our Model X and the 1.5 years we have owned our Model 3. I have also never had a problem getting a loaner car when I needed to leave a car for more than a few hours.

Yes, getting in touch with somebody on the phone can be iffy. But, the app/online scheduling works great. I also get regular text updates on the progress of my cars when in service.

No complaints from me.

DerekS | 20. August 2019

@johncrab all the people I used to deal with left in the last 1.5 years as well, something I discovered at my last service. It used to be great and, in my opinion, that was as awesome and important as the car itself. I still love my Model S, but I need to be able to call and get someone or a timely response during the infrequent issues.

Tesla-David | 20. August 2019

Complete FUD, not my experience as ~ 7 year owner!

rxlawdude | 20. August 2019

It's not FUD, but it's location dependent.
Also, I see no justification for making it more difficult to reach a human.

andy.connor.e | 20. August 2019

My best guess is that they do not want people taking up employees time by calling when you can easily schedule service on your app or online. Yes, i am sure that everyone myself included are very used to calling the service place and telling them exactly what the problem is, what they want them to look at and such. I can entertain and appreciate the idea that with a growing population, things need to be more efficient and quicker, thus everything is online. There are 1-hour gaps and you pick one. If it takes 15 minutes, the next person can get in and out even faster.

Grocery stores need to be next, because scanning each individual item in the checkout line is an obsolete concept.

rxlawdude | 20. August 2019

"My best guess is that they do not want people taking up employees time."

You've never worked in a service industry, apparently.

andy.connor.e | 20. August 2019

I've taken that guess from the fact that most retail stores have also done the same. They want you to go online and do everything, and there were times where i called every single department in the entire store and no one picked up, come to show up at the store in person seeing a full employee staff behind every department desk.

dmm1240 | 20. August 2019

What whiney BABIES! Does someone have to dress you in the morning? The way you sound here makes one suspect you’re incapable of taking care of yourself.

Why would anyone go to any car dealership for tires? Specialty tire stores are always cheaper and the warranty is as good if not better thanks to store specific add on warranty sweeteners. Who schedules a service appointment at a dealership specifically to replace a wiper blade? That’s just dumb.

It takes seconds to schedule a service appointment, including mobile service. You got a problem? Make one!

For you fudsters — You do know Teslas self diagnose issues? That they know EXACTLY what’s wrong on mechanical issues 90% of the time simply by communicating with your car.

@John Crab. Nobody here cares whether you like Tesla or not. If you’re that unhappy, sell your damn MS! Jaguar will give you $3,000 off to trade in a Tesla for an I Pace right now above your Tesla’s trade in value. Buy an E Tron, they’re supposed to be pretty good EVs. If any company is as awful as you claim Tesla is, then DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. I purposely avoid AT&T because they’re so bad at everything beyond landline phones. Just switched to Xfinity from DirecTV because AT&T bought them and screwed that once stellar satellite company up just like everything else they touch. I suggest you do the same if you’re that dissatisfied with Tesla. Get them out of your life. Yep, Xfinity sucks too, but at least they’re trying to improve and Starlink is coming! Oops, that’s an Elon Musk company so I guess you could cut the cord and go Hulu.

Dear Elon,
I know you are opening 50 new service centers this year. I know you’ve exponentially expanded your mobile service fleet and continue to do so. Yes, Teslas are virtually trouble free because they have 20 versus 2000 moving parts. It’s true there’s no reason for annual checkups because the patient is so damned healthy and does not require oil, grease, transmission fluid, spark plugs, etc, etc. I get it that you’re looking to the future and have little patience with backward looking troglodytes. But the fact is you sell an expensive item to the public and you know what’s said about about the collective intelligence of the public.

Most of these oh so concerned “owners” we see here attacking the quality of your service are actually in the service of others who want to see Tesla dead and buried. But there are a few who are probably on the square. People rich enough to buy six figure cars expect coddling. When they don’t get it to their often insane expectations they throw tantrums and hold their breath until they turn blue in the face. And there are always some who prefer actual human instead of virtual contact.

In short, hire some people to sit in phone centers to field calls to tell the morons how to flick the lever on their Teslas twice to engage autopilot.

We satisfied Tesla owners that know how to use an app would appreciate it.


Tesla Owners Who CanTie Their Own Shoes

PS Trolls, did you know that in a survey released yesterday 81% who said they plan to make their next car an EV want a Tesla. You guys are riding the wrong horse and this “awful service” crap is just that.

reed_lewis | 20. August 2019

@dmm1240 - Fine. If the issue with your car is one that can wait. But the major issue is when the problem with the car is something that causes the car not to function at all. Great, you can schedule an appointment for two weeks out and not have a car for two weeks. Would that be acceptable to you?

I had an issue with my wife's brand new 3 that caused the car not to be able to be driven at all. Roadside would not tow the car because they claimed it might possibly perhaps could be a non warranty item so I would have to pay for the tow. An online appointment at that time was 2.5 weeks out. I had to use AAA to get the car to the center on a Saturday, and even though the website listed the hours as 8-4 on Sat, they closed at noon. Luckily a good employee there took care of me, but I did not know until I got there whether I would have a working car at all or even get a loaner.

Not every issue can be resolved by scheduling an appointment using the app. Some issues require contacting a person to resolve.

sosmerc | 20. August 2019

I am pretty sure that I read that Elon has actually acknowledged that service is an issue and needs improvement.
That in itself is good enough for me. It WILL get better in time because Tesla knows they have issues with service.
Just one more challenge to overcome.

rxlawdude | 20. August 2019

It's attitudes like the post above that give Tesla owners and enthusiasts a bad name.

Tesla makes great cars, and used to have first class service. The M3 has overwhelmed Tesla's ability to provide that same "first class" service.

That's a fact. Does that mean Tesla is doomed to BK? Of course not. And it does not mean I'm not a very satisfied owner and evangelist.

But I keep my evangelism real. We've gone down the same rabbit hole of our country: you're either for Tesla or against it, and any discussion about the truth being in between is summarily dismissed. Sad.

reed_lewis | 20. August 2019

Thank you @rxlawdude for saying that. I am tired of the people who think of Tesla like a two year old thinks about their mother in that their mother can do no wrong and is perfect.

Tesla is not perfect, but is pretty damn good. But there are issues that exist.

dmm1240 | 20. August 2019


Call 877-798-3752. That's Tesla's roadside assistance number. PS, you can do it from your car.

dmm1240 | 20. August 2019


I recognize that Tesla's service function is overwhelmed in certain parts of the country because of its success.

"Tesla is refocusing on service as its top priority now that it has stabilized production and delivery for Model 3, CEO Elon Musk said yesterday on the company’s Q4 2018 earnings call. Elon said on the call, “One of our major priorities for this quarter is improving service operations,” with a specific focus on North America, which is home to the majority of Tesla’s vehicles.
To this end, Tesla has increased its fleet of mobile service vehicles to 411 vehicles at the end of Q4 2018. The mobile service continues to receive higher customer satisfaction than traditional service arrangements, and the fact that it is allows Tesla to expand its service coverage area without having to build new service centers means a more efficient use of capital, so why not?

Elon broke news on the earnings call that Tesla is even working to eliminate the need to request service by having the car do it for you. He shared that when the car determines it needs service, it will create a request for a tow truck and a service loaner automatically. “Before the car even comes to a halt, there is a tow truck and service loaner on the way,” he said on the conference call.

Customers will have the option to cancel the automated request, but this is another example of Tesla thinking and acting much more like a software company than an automotive company. If the car is connected and knows that something is wrong that requires service, why not have it just schedule service, call a tow truck, and request a service loaner? Anyone with a Tesla knows you’ll quickly see the notice pop up on the touchscreen and it’ll be easy to click a large button to cancel the request if it turns out you don’t need it.

Increasing its fleet of mobile service vehicles does not translate to eliminating the need for service centers. As Tesla continues its quest for global automotive dominance, the company continues to build more service centers as hubs for larger service tasks. Tesla opened 27 new store and service locations in Q4 2018, bringing the total number of locations worldwide up to 378.

Tesla is also increasing the capability of its service centers to better meet the needs of customers. “It’s going to make sense for our service centers to do basic bodywork,” Elon said. He noted that they are exploring the possibility of stocking some of the more common parts, like front and rear fascias, in factory colors to allow for replacements to be performed in a matter of minutes, rather than days. There’s more to bodywork than just plug and play, so maybe the process will have to be a bit more involved to deliver Tesla quality for things like color matching, but it is exciting to see the company pushing boundaries to strike the best balance of time, cost, and quality for customers when it comes to service.

The previous paragraphs are excerpted from an article that appeared on Clean Technica on 2.19.19.

I know they're not perfect. Here is where Tesla falls short:
1. While they improve constantly, the build quality on Tesla's (panel gaps and that stuff) is not quite up to legacy automakers. They were dragged kicking and screaming into constant improvement by Demming and the Japanese in the 1980s.
2. The door handles on the S sometimes stop operating properly. On the X, the bugaboo is the shudder problem with the front axles when you accelerate quickly; Tesla has redesigned the front suspension so that it's no longer a problem with New MXes, but that doesn't help those who bought pre Raven models.
3. Communication needs to be worked on between Fremont and sales/service centers. It's far from stellar.

There are zero service problems where I live. None, nada. Then I don't live in California where half of all Teslas are located. I get that.

And even that does not change that coming on an unmonitored forum to complain about something none of us can do anything about does exactly nothing. When I have a problem with a company's products, I chase them down however hard they make it. That is what adults do. You have a problem, you go to the source. You don't endlessly complain about it to people that have zip power to do anything about it.

reed_lewis | 20. August 2019

@dmm1240 - did you read what I wrote? I called roadside assistance, and was informed that I would have to pay for the tow because it possibly/might/could be something that is not warranty related therefore I would have had to pay.

Reading comprehension around here sucks.

reed_lewis | 20. August 2019

OK - In the future the car will call a tow truck. But right now, that does not happen. So I guess I need to just wait patiently at the side of the road until the car can call a tow truck for now.

This reminds me of me talking about a lack of Super Chargers in New London, CT (which means I use my CHAdeMO adapter, and I was told that there was one coming soon. So I guess I need to just park the car there until it is built, correct???

Look, the future is always bright and perfect. But right now if your car is not working as it should, you need to be fixed now, not in the future.

dmm1240 | 20. August 2019

@Reed. That's why I belong to AAA and also have towing included in my insurance policy. Haven't had to use either for my Tesla, but by golly they used to come pick up my Stealth when it broke down and give me a charge when the battery went dead on a couple of occasions.

I even called Tesla after I bought my MX to see if I still needed AAA. They advised me to keep it just in case. So I did. I send AAA $150 a year for that piece of mind. You might want to look into it. They tow you up to 75 miles for free, btw.

theo181 | 21. August 2019

I just posted this on a similar forum thread, so pardon the redundancy.

My one service experience with my Model 3 was pretty much perfect. I had a stress crack in the glass roof panel that appeared over the front passenger seat. I took it in, found that it was covered by warrantee, had an appointment to have it fixed three days later. Tesla even gave me Uber credit to go home for a few hours as they did the work on the day of repair. They had the part, the work was good, and I was treated very well.

It was as good as any experience I've had at a traditional dealership...if not better.

reed_lewis | 21. August 2019

I have AAA in Massachusetts, and they will tow you 100 miles if you have the plus level (which I do).

I primarily use it for the myriad of discounts that they have, and secondarily for the towing.

mos6507 | 21. August 2019

"Just one more challenge to overcome."

There's really only one issue to overcome, which is the CEO issue. Fix that and everything else will fall into place.

DerekS | 22. August 2019

As a follow-up:

(1) Once they finally got back to me, the rest of the service experience was the same level of excellence it had always been. The problem at my location seems to be not enough front end staff for initial contact, but they were great once contact is made.

(2) The answer to my initial query is that it is location dependant.

andy.connor.e | 22. August 2019

all knowing @mos has returned with his "impeach the CEO"

rlandrigan | 22. August 2019

I have had a 9.88 kw Tesla solar system in place since August 2015, Order Number EN7104764, 22 Deacon Lane, Sudbury, MA. My solar system stopped producing electricity at the beginning of April 2019. As of late August 2019 it still is not functioning. The peak sun months of 2019 have been missed. Tesla has made several technician visits during the five months including installing a new inverter, having a few guys up on the roof checking the system. The system still doesn't work. Blame it on lack of sustained interest or incompetence, or both. Per the system lease contract, paragraph 4(c), I am not to be "...charged for Estimated Production when the System is not producing electricity due to Solar City's (Tesla) fault". I cut Tesla off from automatic debit billing from my bank account and refuse to pay their "Estimated Production" bills on the basis that it amounts to consumer fraud. They just billed me $237.42 for the month of July when no electricity was produced. In my estimation as an attorney their "Estimated Production" billing while a system is down due to Tesla's fault is fraudulent and is clearly subject to challenge, perhaps as a class action.

jimglas | 22. August 2019

Wrong thread

andy.connor.e | 22. August 2019

FUD since you've posted this across multiple topics.

rxlawdude | 22. August 2019

And the idiot posts his home address. Someone should check out if it exists and has panels on it.


jimglas | 22. August 2019

No view available on Google maps, but the address does exist

andy.connor.e | 22. August 2019

Looked it up on google earth. The address is real, and satellite view from 4/22/2018 shows solar panels on the roof.

BUT, without even considering the physical location, this is total FUD just from the paragraph. Tesla did not acquire SolarCity until August 1st 2016, so there is NO WAY this person could have had a "Tesla solar system in place since August 2015".

Also, just from a common sense standpoint, this is the first time i've ever seen someone give away their address and order number on the forums. This is not a real person.

andy.connor.e | 22. August 2019

Although, it does appear that sometime between June 2015 and May 2016, solar panels were put on this property. | 23. August 2019

rlandrigan is the Tkim of the Tesla Energy Products forum.

platimer | 08. Oktober 2019

I have been having an intermittent electrical problem with my Tesla 3. It had to be towed from Kelowna to Vancouver and after it was repaired a slightly different intermittent electrical problem recurred before I got home. Since then I cannot get the Vancouver Service Center to respond to my calls. I have made an appointment on line for about a month away which is not satisfactory. When I call the Service Center no one answers and often the mail box is full. I cannot get a person to return a call. It is really unsatisfactory. I almost had my friend convinced to buy a model 3 until they saw the problems I was having with service. This is not what I expected.