Very uncool to unplug someone!

Very uncool to unplug someone!

At John Ash restaurant in Santa Rosa, love that place, and now even more since they have a Tesla charger. Alas, it was Out of Order today, with a sign about damage, so I hooked up to the regular (slower) EV charger. Halfway into our food I get a Tesla App message "Charging Interrupted". Go to the car and a guy in a Ford had disconnected me and plugged in his own car. UNCOOL, DUDE! You don't unplug or even touch someone else's car! Got Sentry Mode videos, can't quite read the license plate (7X something) but clipped some stills of the guy! This Forum does not seem to allow images though, too bad, would like to shame in into not doing this again!

NKYTA | 22. August 2019

Argh. But laugh away, because he had to have the charge and you didn’t. :-)

GHammer | 22. August 2019

I've been unplugged by Leafs a couple of times, I even put my return time and phone # on the dash.

NKYTA | 22. August 2019

@hammer, been there, done that.

Also seen a truck trailer, in front of all of 6, and was able to sneak into one of the other two remaining.

Wasn’t pretty, but I got a charge.

Sorry, South, but you suck. I think it was OK early on 2016.

EVRider | 23. August 2019

@AlasCon: You can’t post photos here, but you can post photos on a photo sharing site and then post links here.

Earl and Nagin ... | 23. August 2019

Standard EV protocol generally says its fine to unplug a car that is no longer charging. There are not enough chargers around so we need to share.
One does not need to touch anyone else's car to do so.
However, it is NOT ok at any time to unplug a car that is charging. It does not matter if the car charging is a PHEV or a Tesla, not even a wimpy Plug-in Prius should be unplugged before it is done charging.
One can usually tell it is charging from a light on the charging station.
It is also appropriate to plug someone else's car in when you finish if they leave the charge port open and park next to you while you are charging.

Yodrak. | 23. August 2019

"a guy in a Ford had disconnected me and plugged in his own car. "

As I read this I'm thinking that I would have unplugged the Ford and plugged my own car back in, provided that Fords don't lock in the charging plug like Tesla does. (I expect that you must have been using the J1772 adapter.)

I also think that if I actually did face that situation I would not actually do it, but I do have my fantasies.

Tesla2018 | 23. August 2019

If a car is not attended and you are going to be at your car, is it Ok to unplug them?
There is a charging area at the town complex near me that is open to the public.. A car owned by a town employee parks in one of the spots all day long. Its not cool to take up a space all day but the guy leaves at 12 and comes back at 1 from lunch. If I got there at 1:15 and unplugged him for half and hour while sitting in my car having lunch and then plugged him back in would that be ok? Its a Ford that also runs on gas, so I dont think it takes a long time to charge. Also saw a guy leave his Tesla there and then go away on a motorized skateboard.
I think that as long as you staying in your car and not leaving it unattended it should be ok to unplug someone else, or is that wrong? Also should electric only cars should have priority over hybrids? The signs say Electric Car Charging Only. Since most cars arent Electric, but Hybrids does it make a difference?

NKYTA | 23. August 2019

“I think that as long as you staying in your car and not leaving it unattended it should be ok to unplug someone else, or is that wrong? Also should electric only cars should have priority over hybrids? The signs say Electric Car Charging Only. Since most cars arent Electric, but Hybrids does it make a difference?”

Yes, to your question,

Hybrids are a fools errand.

Wake up!!

Tesla2018 | 23. August 2019


Thanks for letting me know. I thought it was sort of like the person that pulls up to a gss pump, gets out, goes inside to pay,
comes outside and pumps gas, goes back inside to get change since he said to put $2O on the pump and it only takes $15, then decides to buy some snacks and go to the bathroom. Meanwhole they are tying up the pump and others are waiting who will fill up using their credit cards and be done rigjt away.

I charge at home all the time, but their is a park next to where I go for lunch with charging so if I have extra time, I charge for 15 minutes while eating in the car. The next town over has a lot with public charging but says municipal cars can unplug other cars so I wasnt sure what the protocol was.

NKYTA | 23. August 2019


Whatev, you don’t like babies crying.

Entitled and mean.

Tesla2018 | 23. August 2019

Nkyta I I asked because I didnt know. Like I said I charge at home and tarely charge elsewhete so I didnt know and was asking for advise.

Are you Sccrendos wife or boyfriend? All you can do is onsult me whenever I post something.

I dont like crying babies so I yelled at my niece and nephew when they were a few months old and shut the door on one I was babysitting thinking it would stop if I left it alone.
Guess you would really freak out.if you heard one of my friends stand up at a restaurant and announce Attention Parents Please
Control your Children when their kids are running around.

But I guess you like crying babies since you seem to associate with all of them. Put on your pussy hat and go to your safe space. The big bad orange man won so it is ok to stop crying. The world will end in 12 years and it will all be over.

NKYTA | 24. August 2019


SCCRENDO | 24. August 2019

@NKYTA. We need to be fair to him. He may not like crying babies and he may yell at them but he loves fetuses because they don’t cry.

SCCRENDO | 24. August 2019

Hey Tesla2018. We are gay lovers. Does that offend you and does that make our opinions less valid? Guess Budigieg is not getting your vote.

NKYTA | 24. August 2019

Flagged for idiocy and intolerance.

jimglas | 24. August 2019

You have major problems Tesla

jimglas | 24. August 2019

I cant believe you actually say that crap, let alone believe it

SCCRENDO | 24. August 2019

@jimglas. He is a longtime low IQ troll. The sad part is that he does not have the ability to understand the significance of what he is saying.

jimglas | 24. August 2019

Trump has enabled him and his kind to feel they can say this crap in public

sabbia | 24. August 2019

I've never flagged anyone. Tesla2018's August 24 post related to religion and gender identification is way beyond the pale.

OTOH I would like to leave it to show others just how crude and mean spirited Tesla2018 is. But it's just too much. Such a terrible waste of pixels to leave it there. My first flag.

NKYTA has it right. Entitled and Mean. BTW...I've kept a screenshot of the racist, anti-Semitic filth he posts. I call on other people who visit these threads, whether left or right, to condemn it. Silence is complicity.

rxlawdude | 24. August 2019

"I yelled at my niece and nephew when they were a few months old and shut the door on one I was babysitting thinking it would stop if I left it alone."

This pretty much exemplifies this sad excuse of a human.

sabbia | 24. August 2019

On reflection, please think about not provoking some of the more belligerent posters here.

BuffaloBillsFan | 24. August 2019

@Tesla2018, really? Were you making that remark just to piss everybody off, or is that how you really feel?


BuffaloBillsFan | 24. August 2019

BTW, @tesla2018, learn how to spell . . .

Tesla2018 | 24. August 2019

My Pence comment was a joke. Gosh you guys take everything so seriously. My sister in laws friends are gay and said they were afraid of Pence doing that stuff to them and taking their handicapped kid away leaving him to die so I was mentioning irrational fears that people are having under Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Sorry if I offended anyone with the bonus virgin comment. Guess you never saw the satire Death Race 2000 where bonus points were given for running over various types of individuals.

johncrab | 24. August 2019

I have a good one. I arrived late at a hotel which had a Tesla destination charger. I plugged in. The next morning there was a Chevy electric Spark parked next to me and a note on my window. The note read, "Please don't leave your EV plugged in overnight as others want to charge." NO Tesla owner would refer to a Tesla as just an "EV" so I knew it was the bumpkin in the Spark. I unplugged, coiled up the cable properly and drove off. When I returned the HPWC cable was all over the ground and the connector end just thrown onto the grass. It was clear the Chevy owner thought he/she could plug into an 80-Amp Tesla service. Too bad he couldn't. The fire would have been beautiful.

SCCRENDO | 24. August 2019

Homophobic jokes are not appreciated by civilized human beings. Those need to be kept in your trailer park. Unfortunately that was not your only gaffe. You have crossed multiple boundaries. Your behavior is consistent with a morally corrupt individual, a total imbecile or both. You attitude to helpless babies displays a degree of psychopathy.

Tesla2018 | 24. August 2019

You are the resident narcissist who thinks we knows more about things that anyone else on this forum. Your joy in seeing people you disagree with losing their homes was the first clue. Now you are rejoicing in the death of one of the countrys largest philanthropic donors that you disagree with. And you are hoping for a woman who is on her deathbed to live so that your personal agenda gets fullfilled. But all you can do is comment about my uselessness when it comes to dealing with babies in two incidences about 10 years ago. I admit I suck handling infants but you have some wierd type of hatred toward the country and its leaders. If I had said such things about Obama( (but I voted for him the first time) you would have chastised me.
And your non related posts about Koch and Bader shouldnt be on a car forum and are in bad taste. So whats next...let the Antifa and. Al Quada supporters start posting their views. You are also forgetting that I defended you when some asshole posted bad things about you being Jewish about a year ago. I may dislike your beliefs but not you as a person and would never rejoice if you had misfortune or died.

Dont want to go into personal details butI I started a charity for. a baby that was phyically abused and is now pernantly disabled. I also was one of the first twenty participants in a group that now is the largest donor to Toys for Tots in So Florida. Even the evil Trumpkin let us use Mar a Lago in spite of a wedding that was already planned when he heard we needed to organize a place for a couple hundred people to meet.

SCCRENDO | 24. August 2019

You miss the moral points. But I think we have all decided not to revisit them. A token event does not make you a saint. It’s your words and overall actions that matter. The forum jury agrees with me not you. Again you may need to return to white supremacist sites to get the accolades you desire.

sabbia | 24. August 2019

As to homophobic slurs (we really can't call them jokes) I seem to remember that rmitchell108 made some consistent, unacceptable homophobic comments some years ago. If memory serves, and I'm not sure it does, that was just before the appearance of MitchP85D.

As I said before, I have never flagged. But Tesla2018's homophobic, anti-Semitic, Muslim mocking post has no place not only here but in civil society. And he complains that what is out of place is a post about Koch and Ginsburg on a car forum.

I have never seen anything like his post in these threads. I don't even recommend that he go for it on other sites but he can. There is no excuse for it.

Tesla2018 | 24. August 2019

Oh I forgot that you are always right and that Mitch and anyone else that disagrees with you is an idiotic moron and is always wrong and a white supremacist. Guess you never had the misfortune of mreting real ones. They are crazy assholes that hate anyone that is not their race. You mistakly think that anyone who is white and doesnt like illegals from certain countries is racist. I domt like people who come hete from ANY country. You of all people who came here legally should be pissed off at those who come illegally.

I guess when my white friends tell my black friends to smile at night so we can see them its racist. And when I go for lunch with my Chinese and Vietnamese friends and tell them Sorry no cats or dogs are on the menu its racist. Or when my Pakistani neighbors go for a walk and I joke and ask if they are on a Haj to Meccs its racist. And when they come over to my house and I take a pizza out of the oven and they say how many.people can you fit in there since Im part German thats racist too. Or when I go to chuch and my athiest friends ask me if I donated to the pedofile fund thats religious harassment. I guess you have no friends that are different from you that you can joke around with over stupid racial or religious stereotypes. A former black boss told me that when he went to college it was segregated and joked that their dorm was nicknamed The Ghetto. I didnt even know about segregation until I was in Texas and in my early teens and my umcle drove by a school and said thats where the black kids used to go school. I said that it looks pretty good for being over 100 years old. He said what do you mean. I said slavery ended over 100 years ago. He then told me that black kids went to separate schools until the early 1960s which I never knew. I was upset and thought that that was wrong since I never experienced that. I guess since you are older and experienced it, then it isnt something you joke about.
Luckily my friends and neighbors are from all countries and we all get along and can joke about racial stereotypes.

Tesla2018 | 24. August 2019

Meant to say come here illegally from ANY country.
And my post was directrd at sccrendo since I didnt see Sabias until later.
I apologized and said my gay Muslim post was a joke. Guess you think Sasha Baron Cohen and Daniel Tosh and any other people that joke about race are bad. I just guess that you guys dont have a sense of humor and take everyting personally. I can take your insults and jokes about me without getting offended. Sadly you cant do the same.

SCCRENDO | 24. August 2019

I have met many white supremacists. I grew up in South Africa remember. So I know how to recognize one. Many of my “friends” remain as such. And many are Jews which in my book is inexcusable. Trust me. You would fit right in with them. You are a white supremacist to a disgusting degree. And I have not yet begun on your homophobia.

sabbia | 25. August 2019

Tesla2018 did not apologize. He said "if" he offended. That's not apologizing because he doesn't own up to it.

Freud understood Tesla2018. Freud wrote a book on it entitled, "The Joke and its Relation to the Unconscious." A reviewer pithily and accurately summarized it thus: "Jokes provide immense pleasure by allowing us to express many of our deepest sexual, aggressive and cynical thoughts and feelings which would otherwise remain repressed."

SCCRENDO | 25. August 2019

@sabbia.I guess he thinks we are joking

sabbia | 26. August 2019

It looks like Tesla2018's anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, homophobic, need I say "disgusting" August 24 post has been taken down.

As noted, I have not flagged previously but Tesla2018 crossed an unspeakable line. Good riddance to that awful post.

Tesla2018 | 26. August 2019

Looks like the flaggie boys and girls are back. Maybe they should be renamed tge Tesla Terror Squad and they should be banned from this site for harassment. This whole thing started because Screendo, Sabbia, and Nykita continue to harass me on every post I make and hijack the topic on the thread to post their political and ecological feelings. Its like they are stalking me and I am tired of it. If you read the thread, I asked what the protocol was about unplugging and someone replied and I thanked them. Nykita then made a snide remark. I asked if he or she was related to Sccrendo since sometimes I wonder if he has multiple screennames since these people all seem to have nothing better to do than to make rude comments about me on every thread because I dont agree with their political ideology. Sccrendo then made a wise ass remark that him and Nykita were gay lovers. Why wasnt that flagged as homophobic. And he also mentioned that I wouldnt be voting for. Butichek? I then remarked what GAY people told that they were frightened about with Pence and the bad things that they thought he would do to them. I just stated a stupid unrealistic fear that some gay people had. I also mentioned that being Jewish that Sccrendo should be more afraid of some politicians that he supports that didnt support Israel, but Palestine instead, which wishes to destroy Israel and Jews. I then made a very rude comment about what Muslim extremests think about Gay American Jews..
At no time did I say anything anti Semetic against Jews. It was more about hate against people that want to kill them. I never said I supported doing the irrational things that some gays are afraid of. I might have offended some radical Muslims but screw them. They killed a lot of my neighbors during 911 and captured my friends boyfriend in Syria and tortured him and publically beheaded his cellmate so I have no sympathy for them or anyone else that wants death to Americans. The majority of Muslims in the US are peace loving people who hate terrorists. I am Catholic and hate abortion, but I despse radical idiots that protest and blow up abortion clinics. Contrary to the fake news that the Tesla Terror Trio posts, I also hate White Supremacy and people who think one race is better than another. However the Holier than Thou Trinity thinks that because I dont like ILLEGAL aliens that I am racist againstxHispanics. As I have stated before I dont care what country lawbreakers come from.

NKYTA | 26. August 2019

Buried in there was “I then made a very rude comment”. Glad you are self-aware...on some things. Perhaps babies not so much.

Tesla2018 | 26. August 2019

NKYTA- really now. More insults. Are you that immature that you cant comment on any of my posts without making baby comments? I guess you are a hypocrite since you always seem to be screaming about a big orange one! Maybe that makes you racist.
Can we get back to the original topic of the thread without you hijacking it?

NKYTA | 26. August 2019

Sure, don’t unplug someone.


sabbia | 27. August 2019

Tesla2018. Don't to try and expiate yourself. It was already pointed out to you that "many a truth is said in jest."

There's a difference between rude and hateful. You said you apologized. Clearly you didn't.

I guess some of us forced you to make a post that Tesla deemed unacceptable. Do you realize what you sound like when you say "they MADE me do it"?

NKYTA | 27. August 2019

A child, perhaps? ;-)

sabbia | 28. August 2019

Tesla2018 writes, "Looks like the flaggie boys and girls are back." My first, and so far only flag was for hateful speech.

That's what flags are for. Tesla moderators agree. No one "made you do it."

Tesla2018 | 28. August 2019

Sorry Sabbia. In some threads everything that Mitch the weatherman posted, he was flagged by a group of people that just wanted to not be able to have him post anything just out of spite because they disagreed with him. People might have also been flagging Magic8ball since they.disagreed with him. Also you mentioned Tesla moderators? I have never seen a moderator post anything on this site. Did you mean the collective community instead when you said moderators.

Not sure but dont a certaint number of people have to flag something before it gets erased? I thought you were one of the flaggers that Mitch called flaggie boys. I apologize for wrongly accusing you.

No one forced me to make a post just like no one is forcing you to reply to any posts you read.

Now back to our regularly sceduled thread.

When I went to Evannex and met the guy from Canada that started another forum, they gave out things that you could attach to your car saying OK to unplug, or Do Not Unplug. Also the book the Evannex owner wrote only mention of charging etiquette states that you shouldnt use superchargers as your primary way of charging since they are intended as destination chargers and not opportunity charging.

Wasnt sure how it related to hybrids at regular chargers that could get gas and Tesla cars that people drop off to charge without staying with them since it appears that they are opportunity charging since they could go to a nearby supercharger if the really needed to charge.

Earl and Nagin ... | 29. August 2019

Here's a placard I use.
A friend gave me some lightning bolt paper clips that I use to indicate when its ok for someone to unplug me.
Historical note: preceded as the go-to, community-supported site for EV charging, back when chargers were extremely scarce and we had to work together to get everyone charged.