referral code 5000 supercharging mile update....

referral code 5000 supercharging mile update....

It has been 4 months and still nothing. At least now the dealership in Buena Park where I purchased my car acknowledges that it is an issue and the every few weeks I call to see if there is an update they actual do pick up the phone now. It seems like they have at least fixed that issue. All I am being told is that this is a well known issue and that the referral codes have to be entered in manually but unfortunately no one there can do it. They have escalated it to upper management and are waiting for a response. He apologized and said he understood that it is unacceptable and he wished he could help. He did say that if it has been confirmed that I used a referral code, the miles will be coming he just does not know when.

Has anyone else who had this issue heard anything different?

etasinga | 04. September 2019

Finally got the 5000 miles, i emailed and gave them the information and the referral code i used and within 5 days they responded and got the 5000 miles credited finally after waiting 4 months. If anyone is having this issue, I suggest going that route.