Still no new superchargers in Arkansas??

Still no new superchargers in Arkansas??

I love my Tesla that I’ve had for about 4 months. Only problem is, I feel land-locked. I live in north-central Arkansas. Arkansas only has 1 super charger (Little Rock). I cannot make it to Fayetteville, AR to see my son in college and can’t make it to Tulsa, OK to see my mother without planning an overnight stay on the way at a destination charger. It seems unusual that you can make it coast to coast on most interstates, but not I-40 because there is no SC between Little Rock and Oklahoma City. This trip along one of our nation’s major thoroughfares in a Tesla requires a 2hr detour (each way) to Texarkana, TX or Springfield, MO. I know this area may not be at the top of their list, but this hole in SC coverage affects anyone traveling east or west on Interstate 40 and I would imagine that would be a pretty high number. Even Tesla mobile service personnel have to drive a Ford truck instead of a Tesla vehicle because they cannot get around Arkansas due to lack of area superchargers. Seeing a Tesla logo on a Ford truck surely can’t be good for business! Clarksville, AR or Alma/Ft Smith area would be ideal locations along the I-40 corridor, but these sites have been on the "coming in 2017, 2018 and 2019" lists and nothing seems to be in the works. I'm also at a loss why there is no SC in the Fayetteville, AR area since this area is booming and the home of Wal-Mart and countless other companies have a large presence there.

Earl and Nagin ... | 08. September 2019

The I-40 gap in Arkansas has been discussed a few times. A few years ago, the discussion was whether Arkansas or North Dakota would have the distinction of being the last state in the lower 48 to get a Supercharger. I'm happy to see that AR has one in Little Rock and ND has one under construction and a lot of permits.
Unfortunately, it isn't on a major route between major metropolitan areas.

xoutbob | 01. Oktober 2019

I'm leaving from my home in Las Vegas next Friday for a cross country trip to Memphis on I-40 and yes, the glaring gap is going to be a frustrating PITA having to swing down through Texarkana and Dallas going to and from. The supercharger map still says Ft. Smith and Clarksville Arkansas have a "target opening" in 2019. I'm betting the over on that one........ C'mon Elon, help us out!

rob | 01. Oktober 2019
rob | 01. Oktober 2019
Tremwel | 24. November 2019

I live in Fayetteville, AR, and I can't get to Conway, AR, and back in one day. Please, put a SC on I-40 between Clarkesville & Conway!

vswendsen | 25. November 2019

Electrify America has a station in Clarksville, AR. Wonder if Tesla will come out with a CCS adapter before they get a SC installed in that area. EA isn't cheap but it may be worth the time savings of not having to detour. Not sure if the CHAdeMO adapter would make sense here as you can only charge at 50kw.

Sfminvestmentsllc2 | 26. November 2019

I am planning a trip on i-40 through Arkansas and was sad and disappointed to see the lack of superchargers.