Nico Rosberg volunteers to drive at Nürburgring

Nico Rosberg volunteers to drive at Nürburgring

jimglas | 08. September 2019

why wont they be allowed to time the lap?
Seems it would be hard to stop somebody with a stopwatch

kevin_rf | 08. September 2019

There is a difference between someone with a stop watch and an official timed run.

That's said, crushing the official timed run with a stop watch is all he needs to do.

drrock75k | 08. September 2019

Oh boy! Can't wait to see this.

shadowsabre194 | 08. September 2019

Hopefully the S does ok, it is not a "racing" vehicle, nor was it designed to preform speed laps a t someplace like the ring. I don't think it really needs to beat the Taycan, just be credible.

Ross1 | 08. September 2019

If it is a Maxwell testbed S, it could be INcredible

jjgunn | 09. September 2019

If we know Elon, he isn't sending over a stock MS P100D. Certain to have some mods.

I test drove the new Raven MS P100D -- it's incredible & love the new suspension

Tesla2018 | 09. September 2019

The Porsche has 4 wheel steering and probably a racing suspension setup since it is a "prototype". The one I saw at Champion Porsche a few months ago had giant low profile tires and wheels that had fins that cooled the brakes.

It will probably come down to which car has a higher top speed and is more aerodynamic. The Porsche will probably be faster in turns, but the Tesla might be faster in acceleration. I think racing brake pads probably will need to be put on the Tesla since a regular model S would have a lot of fading and overheating. The Porsche probably has ceramic brakes and pads too.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 09. September 2019

The point is to make ICE vehicles incredible, right? That is, utterly lacking credibility.

ph1020 | 09. September 2019

"why wont they be allowed to time the lap?
Seems it would be hard to stop somebody with a stopwatch"

The ring has several configurations and the full track is only made available if you have booked the track for private use, typically on public days the straight is shortened so you cannot complete a full lap anyway.

Also you do not want other people on the track with their ICE cars dropping oil or novices trundling around when you are in full in full race mode.

SamO | 09. September 2019

Porsche has little chance of their record surviving the month of September. Nice while it lasted . . . but they'll actually have to innovate if they want to survive the coming transition to sustainable transportation.

$230,000 "toys for the rich" are not going to move the needle. And the technology in the car is not going to trickle down to anyone else. Pouch cells and ceramic brakes? Hand-stitching and carbon fiber glove compartment handle?


Mike83 | 09. September 2019

In the article they discuss using special racing (semi-slick) tires on the Tesla and with Nico at the helm I am excited to see the detailed results.

one.more.again | 11. September 2019

They confirmed that the S is just there to tune (probably working on track mode) They won't publish a time. It's not ready for prime-time on a road course yet.