Software Update - buggy

Software Update - buggy

I just downloaded the latest software update and now I've got a brownish 1/4" stripe on the L margin of the screen. I called Tesla support and the hold time is over 50 minutes.

I'd wait before I install.

EVRider | 16. September 2019

Which update?

zoomerdog | 16. September 2019

2019.32.2.2 da05838 | 16. September 2019

@zoomerdog - That has nothing to do with the software/update. More commonly it's called the yellow band issue, and it runs around the edge of the screen. It slowly becomes visible over 6 months to 2 years, and some people notice it for the first time, but it really has been there, growing more noticeable over time.

It's not visible with a dark background (i.e. night mode). Tesla is working on a fix - hopefully around the end of the year. A service appoint will be needed at that time to correct it.

zoomerdog | 16. September 2019

Thanks so much

dickrudy | 16. September 2019

install the latest Software and it great v10

Tropopause | 16. September 2019

Beach Buggy 2 still not working right since last update.

thranx | 17. September 2019

@Tropopause: "Beach Buggy 2 still not working right since last update".

We've come a long way...:).

winesaleshenson | 17. September 2019

Agreed. "My 'Beach Buggy 2' software is buggy." Is a high-class problem.

jedinite | 18. September 2019

I am still missing Beach Buggy 2. Does anyone know if there are any hardware requirements to receive this game? I have all the other games but Beach Buggy Racing 2 never installed on my 2017 MS. The advisor at the SC even forced a re-install of the latest Firmware 2019.32.2.2 da05838 and it's still not available in the Arcade Toy Box. Does anyone know of a way to get it forced on?

SO | 18. September 2019

@jedinite - you may have MCU 1 which will NOT get beach buggy.

I have a Jan 2017 build with MCU 1 and I don’t have the game either. I will also not get the Netflix integration with V10. Ah well. Someday perhaps.

jedinite | 18. September 2019

@SO thanks that makes it a lot more clear. My vehicle was delivered Jan 2017 so I guess I'll have to find out what it takes/costs for MCU Upgrade.

TranzNDance | 18. September 2019

It bugs that I can't even get a buggy Beach Buggy. | 18. September 2019

@jedinite - Yep, you have MCU1. Here's a tester I wrote for anyone who isn't sure: that shows if it is MCU1 or MCU2.

It needs to run in the car's browser.

kkillebrew | 23. September 2019

I will give you the benefit of the doubt Tesla Tap, but I have watched for this and never seen it until today when I upgraded my 2019 MS LR (Late March) to 2019.32.2.2 da05838 and immediately noticed a brownish yellow 1/2 inch border on the right and bottom of the display. It glows yellow in the sunlight. This was absolutely NOT there when I exited the car after starting the upgrade. I guess it could be a coincidence.... this looks more like a color temp change in the screen area that a defect.

Riles246 | 23. September 2019

I updated recently and I’m having some issues too, but strangely mine is 2019.32.2.1, not .2.

It forgets my settings nearly every time I park (such as disable auto lock on walk away) and the screen gets garbled requiring a reboot two or three times per week now. Wonder if maybe I should try to force it on to .2, if that’s even possible.

Sadly it’s only been getting buggier with each update for me, probably due to having mcu 1.

PrescottRichard | 23. September 2019

Riles- keep an eye on the driver’s profiles. I had one linked to my fob and IIRC when I used the app to get in and start the car it wasn’t always on the same driver. I think.

Also noticed font issues after updating, only on the calendar window. Did reboots and it cleared up. I also have a MCU1, AP1 car.

Kkillebrew- if you have the yellow border that all the old cars got, then it is a coincidence. I doubt it on a 2019.