Driver seat squeak in motion.

Driver seat squeak in motion.

I have been to the service center to inquire about a squeak when I move the driver seat front or back. The technician looked under the seat and applied lubricating oil to no avail. It sounds like rubber moving across a steel rod that is dry. The technician has scheduled me to come back and they will take a day to investigate it in detail. To me it seems like something real easy, and I just wonder if anyone else has experienced this and has come up with an easy solution?

M3phan | 01. Oktober 2019

Tesla replaced my squeaky seat this past winter. New seat is squeak free.

One possible fix I’ve seen as well is that since some of the squeaks come from the bottom back of the seat bracket rubbing against the end of the floor bracket, don’t set your seat position all the way back. Set it just a bit ahead of full back. That has stopped squeaks for some.

OBMinWI | 14. Oktober 2019

I think I'm having the same issue as you describe - 27k miles, 12 months, just started hearing it the last 2-3 weeks. stopping/starting triggers it, as well as active movement in my seat. feels/sounds like more frame related - almost sounds like it's coming from under the center console. Any else having this issue? | 14. Oktober 2019

I actually had the same issue as well, and it did feel frame related, It came with only 6k miles or so, and I was just ignoring it, but I have made an adjustment to the seat where I brought the front up higher, per another suggestion on the forum to increase the comfort of the seat and I have not noticed it since since then. I will have to remember to bring this issue up to Tesla, hoping to do so when I get HW3 (by the end of the year??)

bhargavroy99 | 19. Oktober 2019

i here the squeak sound on my m3 too it's got only 1350 miles on it but i hear this in the center of the driver seat feels like i have sat in the wrong spot

jjgunn | 19. Oktober 2019

Between the center console & the right side of the drivers seat. That's where I've noticed the squeaking. I simply put my hand between to separate the materials touching each other.

Sometimes I lean to the right & I have to keep separating them.

M3phan | 19. Oktober 2019

If you record the sound and take it to the SC they can start a ticket for you to get a new seat.

Glenlakehouse | 19. Oktober 2019

I had the same issue with mine at ~ 9,000 miles. Tool it to a SC, and they checked the floor mount bolt torque and all was ok there. They determined the squeak was coming from the drivers seat belt outlet housing rubbing against the drivers seat. SC placed lube between the two and squeak has been gone since. Car now has 27,500 miles on it.