Spare Tire

Spare Tire

I don't think I ever saw a spare tire in the trunk. Is it hidden somewhere? I haven't needed it so far, so I never looked!


jimglas | 02. Oktober 2019

like many vehicles, there is no spare

breathkeeper | 02. Oktober 2019

Tesla’s have no spare tire due to range consideration (more weight=less range). You can purchase a tire inflation kit from Tesla or Amazon.

CatTrax | 02. Oktober 2019

Or, if you live like me in the hinterlands far removed from a Tesla CS . . . an AAA premier membership!

losangelesram | 03. Oktober 2019

Thanks guys, I do have AAA and a Tesla service center close by!

I guess an inflation kit would be nice to give peace of mind when you travel far.

jimglas | 03. Oktober 2019

AAA doesn't help much if you don't have cell coverage

bikeandsail | 04. Oktober 2019

AAA does not repair tires, you must have your own spare.

CatTrax | 04. Oktober 2019

@jimglas & @bikeandsail - You both make interesting points. However, the reason for suggesting AAA is that they will tow your car to the nearest quality tire store regardless of the time of day if one is disabled due to a flat. I drive 950 miles from the UP of Michigan down to Memphis on a regular basis. I have cell coverage the entire distance. That said, this isn't California and there is a dearth of Tesla CS's other than in Chicago, which is halfway between Lake Superior and Memphis. I keep a tire repair kit/pump and hockey pucks in the car. However, if I am "down and out" I wish to have the ability to get the car moved off the highway. Premier membership will provide me a once a year - 200-mile flat-bed tow. Annual cost is $150. Cheap insurance.

jimglas | 04. Oktober 2019

I travel in areas without cell coverage for work. I keep a full sized spare in the trunk when I do. its Probably not practical for a road trip with luggage.
Of course, I havent had a flat since I bought the spare.

CatTrax | 06. Oktober 2019

It is my hope, @jimglass that the same good fortune an unused spare in your luggage area has produced for you equates to similar outcomes with an unused AAA membership for me! :>)

bikeandsail | 07. Oktober 2019

On longer trips I put a full size spare in the lower rear compartment in the trunk. It fits well and there is still a lot of storage space in back of the second row of seats.

benbfinell | 09. Oktober 2019

@bikeandsail Do you have a 3rd row? I dont think I could fit a spare in the lower compartment of my trunk in my 6 seater.