Underground cows on Mars

Underground cows on Mars

There are new reports of Marsquakes and even more rumbling noises picked up by the lander.

There is also a wad of material about Methane on Mars, link later

It is my submission that Mars is inhabited by the Martian Bovine. Only this theory can account for the rumbling and the methane.

If you read the Wikipedia entry on Mars Methane you will also observe that the methane mysteriously disappears. This may be much like our trees absorb CO2 here. I put this down to a herd of Martian Anticows in the atmosphere. How these exactly work is unknown to me, however I am sure there is a Youtube about it already. Then again they may be in another dimension.

Ross1 | 03. Oktober 2019

I am having difficulty with the links, can someone do links for Wikipedia Methane on Mars, and

Mars lander captures symphony of sounds on planet's surface

blue adept | 03. Oktober 2019
Ross1 | 04. Oktober 2019

Thanks for those great links. Follow the science, may even get milk out there. Elon will be so happy.

jimglas | 04. Oktober 2019

the most likely source of methane is bacteria

andy.connor.e | 04. Oktober 2019

mars perma frost?

Ross1 | 04. Oktober 2019

Bacteria and frost unlikely contenders due to the rumbly noises also present. Definitely cows.

sabbia | 04. Oktober 2019


TabascoGuy | 04. Oktober 2019

@Ross1 - I'm pretty sure MBF (Martian bovine flatulence) contains bacteria. At least it smells like it does according to Curiosity.

SCCRENDO | 04. Oktober 2019
Ross1 | 04. Oktober 2019

Definitely cows:

From the current news feed:


Current Time 0:23
Duration 0:46
NASA lands on Mars

NASA's InSight spacecraft has touched down on the red planet and is relaying images back down to Earth.
A top scientist at NASA says the agency will soon disclose something “revolutionary” about alien life forms.

Planetary science division director Dr Jim Green boasted the agency was close to “making some announcements” about finding life on Mars — but that we’re not ready for it.

Speaking to The Telegraph, he warned the world wasn’t prepared for the discovery of life on another planet, which may only be a couple of years away.

“It will be revolutionary,” Dr Green said. “It’s like when (Renaissance-era astronomer Nicolaus) Copernicus stated, ‘No, we go around the Sun.’ Completely revolutionary.

“It will start a whole new line of thinking. I don’t think we’re prepared for the results. We’re not.”

TabascoGuy | 04. Oktober 2019

If there's already hamburger on mars, that just one less thing we have to pack on Starship! I hope they find bacon too.

TabascoGuy | 04. Oktober 2019

Maybe we can turn the bacteria into cheese...

Ross1 | 04. Oktober 2019

Bacon? My thoughts exactly. Yesterday in the news, 25% of pigs in the world are dead from swine fever. That in my mind makes them an endangered species. We need to make pigs an interplanetary species too, Elon.
What about a Gofundme for getting pigs to Mars?

Ross1 | 04. Oktober 2019


andy.connor.e | 04. Oktober 2019

imagine if finding bacon was like finding ore underground. "Sir, we've struck a vein of bacon"

jimglas | 04. Oktober 2019

this thread is strange

SCCRENDO | 04. Oktober 2019

@Jimglas. Agreed.

Ross1 | 04. Oktober 2019

judge not that you be not judged

Ross1 | 04. Oktober 2019

Strange indeed but @SCCR has been unable to keep away, he has posted twice already

SCCRENDO | 04. Oktober 2019

@Ross. I guess I own 2 Teslas with over 200,000 miles. Perhaps I am more entitled to express my opinion than some a**hole in Tasmania who has not forked out a dollar in support of Tesla yet trolls these threads posting idiotic threads.

jimglas | 05. Oktober 2019

I never said strange is a bad thing

Mel. | 05. Oktober 2019

If you watch Stranger Things, you will find rats, no cows. Maybe next season

blue adept | 05. Oktober 2019

This must be what that kid meant by 'fearing for the future of Humanity'....

blue adept | 05. Oktober 2019

Subterranean moo-moos, people, we're talking about subterranean moo-moos!

David N | 05. Oktober 2019

McMars franchise possibilities.

Ross1 | 05. Oktober 2019

Sub terraneum means below earth.
Submartian, methinks, moo-moos.

blue adept | 05. Oktober 2019

Actually the proper &/or technical term is "hypogean", as in 'hypogeam moo-moos', but I didn't want to sound so cerebral and wanted to make sure everyone could relate/understand what I was getting at so the joke wouldn't go over everyone's head...

BTW, thanks for ruining that for me.

blue adept | 05. Oktober 2019



Ross1 | 08. Oktober 2019

I thought 'underground ' would have covered it.

rxlawdude | 08. Oktober 2019

@Ross, I'm sorry. I refuse to cowtow (sic) to your OP assertion.

You can now tell me to mooove along.

andy.connor.e | 08. Oktober 2019

whats the beef?

Ross1 | 08. Oktober 2019

Growing artificial beef in petri dish at the ISS, all this tech will be 'waisted' if there are underground cows in space

blue adept | 08. Oktober 2019

Ah, but they're not in Space, they're on Mars allegedly, well, beneath it's surface anyway.

blue adept | 17. Oktober 2019

Tell us the truth, @Ross1, you were just "on a break", weren't you?

Ross1 | 17. Oktober 2019

what do you mean, are you not taking my breakthrough seriously?

Ross1 | 17. Oktober 2019

Picked up by NY Times

Ross1 | 17. Oktober 2019

OK, not my culture.

blue adept | 22. Oktober 2019


stingray.don | 23. Oktober 2019

Well, cows by definition are female. You would need a population of males of the same species to maintain a cow population long term. And that’s a lot of bull.