drivers seat cushion removal?

drivers seat cushion removal?

I have been having a ton of problems with the driver's seat as the bucket seats seam to pinch a nerve causing a lot of sciatic pain. I purchased a used seat bottom on ebay and am having it modded. does anyone know how i go about removing the bottom seat cushion so i can put the new one on when its done?

RedShift | 04. Oktober 2019

This guy removed all seats and reupholstered them. Great for anyone looking to do modifications of seats for the Model 3.

scotilac1 | 04. Oktober 2019

@RedShift awesome, thank you. this looks like its going to be a big project.

mknewman | 07. Oktober 2019

I have some damage on the edge where my pants rub and was thinking about trying to replace just the bottom. I think I'll forget that for now.

lbowroom | 07. Oktober 2019

I would advise taking it to any competent vehicle upholstery shop.

scotilac1 | 10. Oktober 2019

@Ibowroom meh. i got this. maybe ill make my own youtube video.

finallyEV | 05. Dezember 2019

@scotilac1 How is the cushion replacement going? I've had my 3 for a couple of months now and quickly found that I get lower left back and leg pain after 20-40 min of driving. In the last few days I've begun suspecting the seat bolsters and the way the bottom cushion in particular presses into my legs, and independently of this forum decided I might try to do exactly what you're doing (all the way down to buying a bottom cushion off eBay). I've noticed when I slouch and am not sitting all the way back in the seat (where the seat the deepest) I don't feel nearly as uncomfortable.

Have you started tackling this yet, and have you had any success? I watched the video linked above and feel I (or an upholsterer) could definitely get the bottom cushion off and replace it with a modified one. I would probably modify so that the seat cushion is more flat - either by raising the middle or by reducing the bolsters. It won't hug me as tight but I'm not a "spirited" driver anyway :-)

By the way, please post if you do make a video!

larryrichmond | 24. Januar 2020

I'm having the same issues. I'd be interested in how the custom cushion works out. Thanks!