Driverless M3 on Summon pulled by Police (Dragtimes Youtuber)

Driverless M3 on Summon pulled by Police (Dragtimes Youtuber)

The police bit is at 5.50

https://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=QeNP4lUktPE

At 6.35: Are M3s really this beautiful?

Dragtimes Youtuber actually queried who is responsible, invoking the resp of the Tesla software. The car ran a STOP sign, so serious issue/ felony.

HighlandPony | 10. Oktober 2019

Fake news! Sad...

roger.klurfeld | 10. Oktober 2019

Get up to speed. It was completely staged.

M3phan | 10. Oktober 2019

Yeah. Faked. Cop admitted it to a reporter.

CST | 10. Oktober 2019

Felony? LOL!

Ross1 | 10. Oktober 2019

A friend told me he saw 6 driverless cars near his home.

Yep, they were normal ICEs being delivered on a car transporter. Truly driverless.

Ross1 | 10. Oktober 2019

However it has reached the main news feeds, so it must be true :)

Look at this then:

curtyone1113 | 26. November 2019

Real Telsa. Did in fact run a stop sign. Real cop. STAGED Event.

andy.connor.e | 26. November 2019

"Florida law states that the person “controlling/operating” the autonomous car would be responsible.

Holding down the “summon” button in the app technically puts you in “control” of the vehicle making you the sole operator of said vehicle (making you responsible for any mistakes the car may make: I.E. running a stop sign, etc.)"

This part has me more concerned with anything. How they are going to determine liability and who is responsible if a FSD vehicle causes any amount of damage. If the FSD vehicle caused damage that had legal consequences, would the person end up going to jail? Wonder what the solutions will be.