Tesla Cherry Hill SC Fantastic Place/People

Tesla Cherry Hill SC Fantastic Place/People

First Elliot Shindel and Devon at Cherry Hill are fantastic people to work with. This is my third Tesla. I just can't say enough good thinks about the entire SC. When I picked up this last car I told them when I go there it is like Family. There is no other car like a Tesla. I also have Tesla Solar Panels and 4 Power Walls. But again Cherry Hill Tesla is a fantastic place to go to I also told Woody the SC Mgr.

HighlandPony | 13. Oktober 2019

Nice to hear. I haven’t had a need to visit the local service center, but I’ve had very positive experiences at the Tesla store and with mobile service. Everyone was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

kutoroff | 13. Oktober 2019

Another vote to favor the Cherry Hill SC people. Have only had one serious service issue and they handled it very well. Their very existence was a major consideration in buying the car. I expect my next visit will be for the first tire rotation.

nipper2 | 14. Oktober 2019

My one Tesla is a 2016 S I bring it in once a year for tire rotation ,dust brakes and wiper replacement