Supercharger not working/charging super slow

Supercharger not working/charging super slow

So I've had my Model 3 for almost a year now and have had no problems charging it. But last night I had gone to the supercharger I've always been going to and I was at 98 miles left and plugged the charger in and it started charging and said 50 mins left till done. And it charged for like 5 miles to get me to 103 miles and then it said it'll be done in 6 hrs and stayed at 103 miles for probably like an hour and a half. And I had tried switching stalls but it did the same thing. Was wondering why it was doing that and seeing if you guys had any solutions.

FISHEV | 13. Oktober 2019

Happens frequently but usually if you try the other chargers you will find one working at full charge. What Tesla has told us is that chargers can get knocked off by interactions with a car, a miscommunciation occurs and the charger shuts off. Putting the plug back in holster and waiting one minute to see if it will reset.

if not, move to another charger and be sure to not go to the non-working chargers partner. You'll see them numberes 1A/1B so if 1A not working, don't move to 1B. It may be working but it has a high likelihood of being take down by the !A's problem.

You should be able to find one working.

When you do, make sure it keeps charging. The other day at SC, I plug in, get 120kW, go into store and while in store get message that charging has stopped. Go back out and not working. Guy next to me is also not working. We both change and charge.

Now if you try them all and still have problems then it may be your car. An issue with the port, a software issue. Call Tesla on the Help number (pressing the T on the screen). They are only M-F support but if they answer (its been hour wait sometimes) they can look at your car and look at the entire SC and see what is going on.

Worth the call if you think its the car.

jstat10 | 13. Oktober 2019

Sorry, should have read "Happens RARELY but usually if you try the other chargers you will find one working at full charge. "

Bighorn | 13. Oktober 2019

Happens very infrequently but it can be normal if the battery is cold soaked.

Tesla2018 | 13. Oktober 2019

How long has it been taking for chargers to be repaired? I noticed that one Fudster keeps on complaing about one all the tome. However I reported that 2 of the ones at the Wawa in West Palm were out three weeks ago and when I went to get a sandwich yesterday, they were still out.

Also something thatcannoys me is that there are about 8 superchargets at the Tesla service station onbDyer Road. They no longer showcon the app and now they have a sign in front of them saying that they are not available and they have orange traffic cones in front of them.

When I was thete a few weeks ago downloading an update, I noticed a Tesla employee pull a car into one of the spots and shexstarted supercharging. I went tohe service center last night to do a download and all of the spots had signs saying that they werent available but they forgot or someone must have not moved one of the traffic cones so I pulled in and was able to test the supercharger and it worked.
There were no cars being charged so why does Tesla hide this site and liezand say its not available? Its a lot closer to the Turnpike than Wawa. I have seen new cars being delivered to the service center on Sunday nightxat 10 Pm in the past, so I dont know if the transporter person just hooks them all up to supercharge after tgey are delivered and Tesla wants to keep it just for charging new cars as they arrive, but it seems dumb to not to have a vacant supercharging station available to the public.

EVRider | 13. Oktober 2019

@Tesla2018: How is Tesla lying about the superchargers on Dyer Rd? They’re not available to the public. That doesn’t mean they don’t work. If they need reserve the use of those superchargers for deliveries and service, they should be able to.

If I recall correctly, there are also superchargers at the Boca Raton Town Center mall that were reserved for the Tesla Store there and never available to the public. The Dyer St. superchargers were available to the public previously.

FISHEV | 13. Oktober 2019

At Vancouver WA this evening and all lit but 6B is STILL not charging since yesterday. Model 3 had to move to 6A. Still an improvement from last four months where we’d have four lights out.

Did not get the message about it being a “high usage” charger this evening. Wonder why Tesla keeps flipping back and forth with that, wouldn’t think it’s a day to day designation but appears to be. 7/11 (one out) at 6P on a Sunday evening. Four 3’s and three S’s.

Bighorn | 13. Oktober 2019


FISHEV | 13. Oktober 2019

"How long has it been taking for chargers to be repaired?"@Tesla2018

At least four months in PNW. We were told there is only one repairman for WA, OR, ID and No. Cal above SF. Clear indication that Tesal was not expecting as much volume from Model 3 people without home charging and was not expecting as much overall usage which is why VC, one of our high usage SC's, had so many problems. Just fixed on Oct. 2nd and already 6B is a problem even though the light is on.

Good for owners to keep other owners up to date on the state of local SC's as the SC's don't update the app so it will say 12 available but it's really 11 or previously, just 8. What SC did you have the issues?

FISHEV | 13. Oktober 2019

"There were no cars being charged so why does Tesla hide this site and liezand say its not available? "@Tesla2018

Tesla has several corporate chargers not open to the public. These are at the Sales and/or Service centers and used for charging the demo fleet. We have same situation at our Tigard SC. 10 x 75kW for the public and probably another 10 for Tesla sales.

Tesla2018 | 13. Oktober 2019

EVRider- The Dyer Rd ones used to show up but dont anymore. They never made any announcement that they were being switched for service use only. At one time they said that the service center would be moving to Okocobee Blvd but I think that is tyed up. They said the current service center would be for used Tesla sales. That was about a year ago, so I dont know if things have changed. How would you like it if a supercharger near you got closed down but was functional and empty every time you drove by but another one a few miles away had broken chargers that werent being fixed. Tesla service has gone down since the early days since they werent prepared for tge extra volume from Modele sales. People were on hold for hours trying to get through. I just hope that they dont let supercharger servicing go next because they arent prepared to fix broken ones. I can charge at home but I dont want to see Tesla get slammed on customer service complaints from people who cant charge or have to wait because most of the stalls are broken. Hasnt happened yet, but its better to be proacyive than reactive.
I havent gone to the Boca Mall but I dont know if they have Superchargers or the regular chargers like the Gardens Mall that they keep demo models charging at all the time with the Reserved for Tesla Test Drive Vehicles Only sign.

FISHEV | 13. Oktober 2019

" I just hope that they dont let supercharger servicing go next because they arent prepared to fix broken ones."Tesla2018

In bugging Tesla to fix ours having similar issues we were told that they are ramping up the charger maintenance group.

apodbdrs | 13. Oktober 2019

I have used about 20 different Tesla superchargers and for the most part they all operate as indicated. I have noticed when all the super chargers were being used they slowed down. I did run into a charger in Arizona that was really slow, but asked a guy who was charging his car a few units away and his was very good. I moved my car over and all was well. To generalize or bad mouth Tesla because of a particular location or unit is very wrong.

Tesla2018 | 13. Oktober 2019

Wonder what the expected life is for a supercharger or charging station plug?. Saw a sign on a gas pump that had gloves next to it saying Please take a glove, over so many thousand people use this pump each month. Cant remeber how many it was but you figure the contacts must go bad from corrosion and wear eventually. Tesla just needs to stock some replacements in strategic locations in case any in the area break down.

Tesla2018 | 13. Oktober 2019

Im not bad mouthing and neither is Fish. It shouldnt take a month to get something fixed. Ever seen a soda machine at McDonalds or a pump at a gas station, or a self checkout kiosk at Walmart or an Atm machine been out of service for more than a day? People are freaking over PSG shutting power for a day. And dont get me started on when the cable goes out 5 minutes before the Superbowl.