Who hasn't received V10 yet?

Who hasn't received V10 yet?

Hi All,

So it's been almost 2.5 weeks since Tesla officially rolled out V10. My car was delivered to me the very next day (9/27) with V9 - I was 1/2 expecting it come with V10 (comparing it to getting a new iPhone at launch, it comes with the new ios). NO BIG DEAL - V9 is still like 9 versions ahead of my still lovely 3 series. Now 2.5 weeks in, my car still hasn't prompted me for an update; I have FSD. Again, not a huge deal since I have been reading some posts where "glitches" are present for sentry mode, Spotify, dog mode, etc. leading to a .1 V10 pretty soon afterward. I would rather get V10 when it is performing 10 out of 10 =] than have to deal with minor bugs in a new car.

Still, just wondering in general on this forum: Who has not received V10 yet?

sandipan | 13. Oktober 2019

Purchase date 9/26. No v10 yet. LR/FSD.

sunsinstudios | 14. Oktober 2019

@sandipan looks like we are in the same boat.

sandipan | 14. Oktober 2019

I just got notification for an update! Updating now... Be patient my friend.

sunsinstudios | 16. Oktober 2019

Looks like it’s just me in the boat now

@sandipan I would be interested in knowing if you have any issues after update

E.Mashina | 16. Oktober 2019

Version 8.1 is still installed on my machine. What should I do?

E.Mashina | 16. Oktober 2019

Maybe someone will tell me the support mailbox?

sunsinstudios | 16. Oktober 2019

@E.Mashina what month/year is your build?

E.Mashina | 16. Oktober 2019

@sunsinstudios Summer '17

Hostmanj | 16. Oktober 2019

June 2019 build, Model 3 Performance+, FSD. No V10 yet. Feeling pretty left out... Everyone else I know with a Tesla has had it for several weeks and is already over their excitement...would have been nice to share in it with them. I think this is a pretty lame way to roll out huge exciting new features. Makes it feel like there are winners and losers.

sunsinstudios | 16. Oktober 2019

@hostmanj I agree! I feel rolling updates are ok but by 1 month out from release everyone should have the update - otherwise it seems like a beta testing program.

@e.mashina hmmm seems like time to contact the SC

sandipan | 17. Oktober 2019

@sunsinstudios I have had no issues. Though, I haven't used the convenience features. Don't have Spotify,and am a little bit scared to use smart summon. Navigation is better though.

sunsinstudios | 17. Oktober 2019

@sandipan good to hear! The better navigation and rear camera on sentry mode is what I’m most looking forward to...

Tsikhistavi | 18. Oktober 2019

I have MX 100D delivered to Tbilisi,Georgia directly from Tilburg factory.Still waiting for V10.What should be done?

sunsinstudios | 18. Oktober 2019

So I have V10 now! My story: I noticed in the Tesla app that there is a category of software updates. So I make an appointment; I figure if vehicle is ready for an update it’s one delivered after the release of V10 - something is up. Appointment is two weeks out due to scheduling. I get a call and text this morning confirming appointment and advising “we have no control over update and every car gets the update when it gets it blah blah”. I reply via text and later by call that I think maybe the update is trying to be sent but is having some issues. Katie (awesome) lets me know that yes the update has been trying to load but for some reason it failed twice or thrice. She says she will try sending and if it goes through we can cancel appointment. 20 mins later I have update request.

Hope my story is helpful. I think if by 3-4 weeks you don’t get the update then something is probably wrong.

sandipan | 19. Oktober 2019

Congratulations @sunsinstudios.

winbi | 20. Oktober 2019

Got the car September 30, still no V10.

jjgunn | 21. Oktober 2019

First thing make sure you're on WiFi
Second, the navigation map data may need an update & that's a big one. Like 5-6 GB -- must be on WiFi.
Third -- try a reboot if you're having trouble downloading. I had the same issue while on strong WiFi & reboot cured everything.

sunsinstudios | 21. Oktober 2019

I agree with @jjgunn.

It was only after 2.5 weeks of the car getting solid wifi (around 20Mbps) for 8-12 hours a day, multiple reboots, and even turning the power off (from the screen and sitting in car for 3-10 minutes), that I reached out to the SC. Ultimately, the update was sent to the car during mid-day over a cell connection.

Another tip, use the browser and google speed test to conduct a speed test of your wifi.

winbi | 22. Oktober 2019

By now if you’re in the United States and you still don’t have the update I would call Tesla service Center. I listened to the advice here to wait but I took a chance and call today. They said that they tried to push through October 4 but for some reason it failed. Their service agent said that they will look into it and literally an hour later it started updating. And it’s installing right now. So if you’re waiting about 2-3 weeks and still don’t have the update I would call your local service center.

davhud62 | 26. Oktober 2019

So far with V10 I have not been able to use smart summon. I was able to summon under v9. Anyone else with that problem and if so has anyone found a solution.

Thank you

HotBazzinga | 27. Oktober 2019

My X was built Oct. 8th, and I took delivery on 10/22 and it had v9. Almost a week later and no v10 update. If I don't have it by the end of the week I'll also try to call the service center.

rodomodena | 29. Oktober 2019

calling service center tomorrow

sunsinstudios | 29. Oktober 2019

@rodomedena and @HotBazzinga report back on your results

Vawlkus | 30. Oktober 2019

Post your software versions as well. That’ll tell us a lot more info.

ecortina77 | 31. Oktober 2019

I haven't gotten it!.

bobhefter | 02. November 2019

We ordered our Model X 9/29 and received it 10/29 with version 9. No update yet.

sunsinstudios | 08. November 2019

PSA try “bug report”

Hit the voice command button (steering wheel, right side, looks like image of face emitting WiFi from mouth) and say “bug report car has not received update 2019.x.x yet”

I did not have update 2019.36 and I did bug report report this morning, this evening I have 2019.36. Could be coincidence. Could be a good option

terryanddick | 09. November 2019

Have not seen V10 here yet also.

mike | 11. November 2019

Took delivery of our car on Oct 3rd (2019) and it came with V9. Were told we'd get it in a couple of days. Been over a week and no V10 update. Surprised a new car didn't come with the latest version.

sunsinstudios | 13. November 2019

@mike Nov 11 is definitely over a week more than Oct 3.

Do you have good network connectivity? You can test your car connection speed by using the browsing and googling "speed test".

Have you tried the bug report route? Give it a try.
You can also use the app to set-up an appointment and select software as the reason for the appointment? They may call before the appointment date and tech can check things out remotely for you.

s.farhat | 20. November 2019

No v10 for me too. Delivery was at November 15 , without v10.

todoubled | 20. November 2019

I took delivery on 11/16 with v9 installed and I am also without v10 as of today. I contacted support (because I'm impatient and I want the new features lol) and they said it can take 1-2 weeks for new cars to get the update pushed out. They confirmed the update is not yet available for me. Womp, womp.

todoubled | 21. November 2019

Update: mobile service came out today to address a window issue I had at delivery. They pushed v10 to me while they were here! Installing now! Wahoo!

stupinean_adrian | 21. November 2019

Still dont have the V10 as well, i try everything . Pick up was on 14 november. I must be on WIFI ? or is work with LTE as well ? Actually how this will work ?

Someone here that take the update with LTE ? Really courios, or everybody have WIFI in the car .

christineccra | 29. November 2019

We have a 2016 model X and having a challenge getting version to download as well. Spent many hours on this…

jimglas | 29. November 2019

2019.40.1.1 yesterday
Improved Auto wiper
Improved auto lane change
per notes

debono_doug | 29. November 2019

I took delivery of Model 3 LR+ on 11/15 and it had 2019.31.103.1 (V9) installed. Still no V10. On WiFi w strong signal. Called support and the agent had mixed message. First said their computer showed I had a V10 and then came back and said I’ll get when I get it. Seems like a long time. This update protocol is broken.

bvanijsselstein | 07. Dezember 2019

I also took delivery early November and still don't have the v10 update.

JG2019 | 08. Dezember 2019

I put in a request to customer service and they told me to set up an appointment with the service center to get the newest updates. Still a week away now but at least I’ll finally get v10

brenstrom | 12. Dezember 2019

i received the update, but when the pop up screen that says, 'here is what is new' the remainder of the screen is blank and contains no content. how do i get the description
of update contents?

dalexander1 | 24. Dezember 2019

I get the same thing. What I do is bring up the controls screen and select "Software". When it comes up select "Release Notes" and they should be there for the latest notes.