My only tips n tricks after 1000 miles roadtrip

My only tips n tricks after 1000 miles roadtrip

Left from Charlevoix, QC, Canada and traveled to Manhattan, NYC this week end.

My observations:
Superchargers are almost all empty in the North.
Supercharger in Albany is crowed as hell with free-for-life Tesla Model S shopping in the mall.
Superchargers have crazy valet fees in Manhattan so better charge before arriving or in NJ.
On the way back I listened to the recommendation to charge 20 minutes on Queensbury and then stop at Plattsburgh however, the terrible triad happened: Temperature dropped at 11PM from 10 Celsius to 5 Celsius going North in the mountains, The Adirondacks arrived with steeper climbs so I reduced my cruising speed from 75 MPH to 65 MPH to get my estimated arrival LOC originally of 17%, estimated at 9% with the new conditions, back to 13% at arrival at midnight.

Oh and the Lane Departure avoidance was extremely improved in the last update. It works as it should, perfectly.

My kids, wife and I enjoyed so much the frequent supercharger pit stops it radically changed our hate for road trips to pure Tesla superchargers love

SamO | 14. Oktober 2019

Parking in Manhattan makes Destination Charging at the 100 or so parking garages a much cheaper and safer bet. And since you are likely paying for parking anyway, to get free charging included is a sweet bonus.

Or just park on the streets and Supercharger in Paramus NJ on the way into/out of NYC.

EVEdriver | 14. Oktober 2019

@Maxxer - Glad you and your family had fun. I can agree 100% as my wifey and I just came back from a 3,000 miles trip from SW FL to Lake Michigan and back.

I haven't had such a relaxed road trip ever!!!