GOT My Model 3 Saturday, the 19th of October!!!!

GOT My Model 3 Saturday, the 19th of October!!!!

I do not think I have been this excited for ANYTHING in a LONG LONG LONG TIME!!!

At 11 am Saturday, the 19th, my wife and I will be official Model 3 owners.
Standard Range plus.
White Paint
White Interior
19" Rims

Mats, ordered.
Wireless phone charger, ordered
128gb memory card for Sentry, ordered
Dyson cordless vac, ordered
Purell, Dawn and baby wipes to clean seats, ordered

My 3 sons are gonna be at the house with us, waiting for the car to be delivered. They will probably jump in it and drive it before I do.

Pg3ibew | 21. Oktober 2019

@ssg, yes. I am playing around with the ports now. Learning. Thanks!

Pg3ibew | 21. Oktober 2019

I guess this post has rn it's course. It was good while it lasted!!

Thank you all for your well wishes!!!!

vmulla | 21. Oktober 2019

Nooo...this post is an awesome read for anyone starting off with a Model 3.

Make it 'Pg3ibew gets his 3', now it is transitioning to 'Pg3ibew discovers the magic car'

You really could make it like a chapter book as your ownership evolves

Frank99 | 21. Oktober 2019

How handy are you, Pg3ibew? With your linkage to ibew, I'm thinking that running a small wire and drilling a hole may be a trivial act. If so, you might want to look at:
as a way to add a 12V lighter socket, so you could plug in a 12V USB charger like
Plug your wireless charging pad into the lighter socket adapter, leaving the two USB ports free - I have a Music drive and a TeslaCam drive plugged in. If you don't have a USB stick full of music, then you could leave an XBox controller plugged in to play games while you're supercharging.

Pg3ibew | 21. Oktober 2019

@vmulla, I am not sure I can change the title!
@frank, I am actually contemplating removing the wireless charging pad. My Galaxy Note 8 is too big for the charging pad when my case is on.

Pg3ibew | 21. Oktober 2019

@vmulla. I appreciate that all of you are liking my posts. I am so enthusiastic about Tesla, I can not contain myself.

Xerogas | 21. Oktober 2019

The Stats app for Tesla (iOS only, I think?) provides a timed charging feature

Pg3ibew | 21. Oktober 2019

Go a load of this guys and girls. My brother in law, who I have been trying to convince to buy and electric vehicle, drove Casper the other night. Today, he was on the Tesla website configuring a new Tesla. He is ALMOST ready to pull the trigger!!!

M3phan | 21. Oktober 2019

Setting your daily timer for home charging start time does not negate charging at work, all you have to do is flip off scheduled charging toggle. ; )

Pg3ibew | 21. Oktober 2019

@M3phan, it just seems a bit too complicated. BUT....I am use to doing things a certain way in my Ford Fusion Energi. It is just a matter of me adjusting to Tesla. I need to adapt.

Stinnett | 21. Oktober 2019

You might consider this wireless charge pad for your Galaxy. It has the expected left and right halves for phones, but long ones can go horizontally at the bottom. It's been quite a crowd pleaser for me and mine.

If the url doesn't show, just search Amazon for TapTes charger model 3. Make sure it's the gen 2 edition because that's the one with the horizontal layout.

Life is good, but it's better in a Tesla.

sroh | 21. Oktober 2019

I've been away from this forum for a while as it felt like it was getting inundated by FUDsters.

This thread was such a joy to read!

Congrats @Pg3ibew! Your excitement brings back memories of our delivery dates. April and September last year. We loved the first one so much and it was causing marital strife having just one, so we had to buy another. 1.5 years later and we still get excited to drive our Model 3s.

Good call on the white interior. You may want to consider ceramic coating the seats to ensure it doesn't stain (mainly from blue jean dye transfer).

As for accessories, one nice thing about waiting until now to take delivery is there are so many available accessories. Some of my favorites: window tint, PPF for front end, chrome delete DIY kit from Nikola Pro or Kenriko, console wrap from Nikola Pro or Kenriko (get matte/satin white!), Maxpider all weather floor mats, trunk and frunk mats, interior LED upgrade, footwell lights (love the blue color), 'Tesla' puddle lights, aero wheel kit, mud guards, removable front license plate (I really like Ottosteer), aluminum pedals, console cubby for sunglasses, car wash supplies (ONR wash, lots of microfiber towels), wax/sealant/ceramic coat supplies. I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff.

Accessories I've purchased but would probably not do if I had to do it again: roof sunshade, trunk auto lift struts, wireless charging pad (sounds like you came to the same conclusion).

But most importantly, enjoy your new ride! And welcome to the future.

Pg3ibew | 22. Oktober 2019

@stinnett, I have seen the wireless charging pad you posted. My wireless charging pad is for vertical phones only. So, what you are showing me would certainly help. BUT...the other issue I have is that the phone needs to be taken out of its case to charge. It just seems like a bit of much work and I would forget to put my case back on. Or too lazy to do it. As a mater of fact, this morning, I took the phone out of the car and did NOT put the case back on. Now I am walking around SCARED TO DEATH that I will drop my phone. Lol
@sroh, HOLY FUCKITY FUCKS lol. That is a shitload of accessories. Lmao. Wifey is limiting my spending right now. Lmao. And thankfully wifey does not drive. So no need to buy a second car. Not yet anyway. Lmao

vmulla | 22. Oktober 2019

Here's a really old thread, one of my first threads after getting my car

Pg3ibew | 22. Oktober 2019

@vmulla. Reading it now. Thanks

RedPillSucks | 22. Oktober 2019

Try the Jeda wireless pad. I have a Note 8 also and don't need to remove it from the case to charge either vertically or horizontally, although it is a snug fit vertically, so perhaps that depends on what case you're using.

walnotr | 22. Oktober 2019

@Pg3ibew - timed charging is location specific. You should be able to set up a schedule for home and work. See page 134 paragraph 8.

Pg3ibew | 22. Oktober 2019

@red, thanks. I will look into it.
@walnut, thank you soo much. I will look into that as well

Does my Car have SUMMON mode?

Pg3ibew | 22. Oktober 2019

@walnut, I am assuming you are talking about the owners manual.

johnmann | 22. Oktober 2019

Pg3ibew - I'm a brother in Local 77, welcome to life with a Tesla!

Pg3ibew | 22. Oktober 2019

@Johnmann, Local #3 NYC. You are clear across the country in Seattle!!! Cool!!! Pleasure!!!

Pg3ibew | 22. Oktober 2019

All of you guys and girls are FREAKING AWESOME!!! Thanks for all the help.
I downloaded the Model 3 Owners Manual.
I have move questions!!! I am looking for SUMMON. I looked on the owners manual and it says, "Summon (if equipped) allows you to automatically park and retrieve Model 3 while you are standing outside the vehicle". I followed the rest of the instructions. It does not appear I am EQUIPPED. How would I know if I am equipped? I have Auotpilot.

spuzzz123 | 22. Oktober 2019

I think you have to have bought full self driving in order to have summon. You would see it in your phone app too.

Pg3ibew | 22. Oktober 2019

@spuzz, funny little story. I saw it in my app. I didn't think about it. 10 minutes later, I was reading about it. I went to open it in the app and it wasn't there!! Like it disappeared!!! VANISHED into thin air!!

Shesmyne2 | 22. Oktober 2019

Might have to reinstall the app.
Happened to me too - you should also have ‘vent’ for windows on app if it’s current.

Still love your enthusiasm.

Still Grinning ;-)

Pg3ibew | 22. Oktober 2019

@shesmyne2, I have the VENT

Tesla2018 | 22. Oktober 2019

I found out that you can have your windows down all the way and if you hit vent it will close them. Previously I thought it would only close them if they were in the vent position which only puts the windows down about an inch.

People thought it wouldnt be allowed since you could accidently close the window on someone if they had their arm inside the window and the window rolled up. Would love to let the plolice use my car as a bait car and catch some of the people breaking into cars in the area. Leave the windows down and close it on the crooks arm so they cant get away and then use Summon to drag them down the road to an awaiting unmarked police car!

Frank99 | 22. Oktober 2019

Too much blood inside, and too many scratches on the outside, of the car to get me to do that. ;)

Pg3ibew | 23. Oktober 2019

I feel like a kid in a candy store with my model 3. I am a big AM radio listener in the morning. 1010WINS in NYC is my favorite. I googled how to find AM stations. And......bammmo. I found it.
It is a bit tricky, but with some patience, it can be done easily.
Go to an FM Station and wait for the HD to appear next to the forward and backward arrows. Then click the forward arrow, and the affiliated stations, both AM and FM will pop up one at a time as you scroll forward. I am soo excited. I found my morning drive partner again!!!!!!

Pg3ibew | 23. Oktober 2019

I have been bitching that my Galaxy note 8 doesn’t fit in the wireless charger with my case on. Well.....I broke my phone screen. I didn’t change the wireless charger yet. So I had my phone on the wireless charger, sans the case. I got out of the car. Didn’t bother to put the case on. I went in the house. Went to the laundry room in the basement and DROPPED my phone. And, just like that, Pg3ibew needs to spend money on a new friggin screen. Lesson learned here: your first instincts are ALWAYS CORRECT. I should have changed back to the original charger AS SOON as I saw the issue.
But yet, I still love our car!!!!!!

Pg3ibew | 23. Oktober 2019

I am buying some BLACK OUT tape for the Logos and I for the center console. That high gloss black is killing me with finger prints..

sroh | 23. Oktober 2019

I strongly recommend going with either the Kenriko or Nikola Pro matte/satin white console wrap. It looks killer with the white interior.

I personally prefer the Nikola Pro one as their backing is in pieces and make it easier to in stall correctly, especially the cupholder piece.

Stinnett | 23. Oktober 2019

If the window is all the way down (or part-way down, for that matter), and someone has his arm stuck out, and then the window goes up ... when the rising window feels the arm press at the top, it will immediately reverse and go back down. This was a feature on my Mazda6 as well. That's why I tried it on my M3. I didn't think it was much of a risk, and I decided if the Mazda had it, the M3 surely would. And it did. Naturally. Sooo nice a car this is.

p.s. Listening to the Q3 2019 financial webcast as I type this. It's like EM is talking right to me. Great Q3 results. Fun times.

Life is good, but it's better in a Tesla.

Pg3ibew | 23. Oktober 2019

@sroh, really? White? There? What about stains and dirty hands and arms?

sroh | 23. Oktober 2019

I'm talking about the center console, where the piano black is. Not the vinyl covered armrest. See below.

And YES, the white is fantastic. And because it's vinyl, any dirt, sweat, smudges, etc. will wipe right off.

Pg3ibew | 23. Oktober 2019

@sroh, I am misunderstanding something. That link is for black with a white trim. Not all white. I thought you meant to make the center console ALL WHITE.

sbeggs | 23. Oktober 2019

Nice! Congrats.

To change title, bring up thread, press Edit and change Get to Got!


vmulla | 23. Oktober 2019

Pg3ibew | October 23, 2019
I am buying some BLACK OUT tape for the Logos and I for the center console. That high gloss black is killing me with finger prints..

You now know :)

Anyway, I chose the matte black finish that matches the finish near the steering wheel.
You can’t go wrong with anything actually, it’s just a sticker.

Pg3ibew | 23. Oktober 2019

@sbeggs, thanks for the help changing the title!!!
@vmulla, Yes, I order MATTE black for the center console and logos. Sroh is saying to go with white in the center console!!! Wifey wants no part of that!

sroh | 23. Oktober 2019

The matte black is great also. I installed that in my wife's silver Model 3 with black interior. But for the white interior, the matte white wrap matches the seats and dash perfectly.

@Pg3, the link I embedded is for the matte white. There is no black trim.

But it sounds like you already ordered the black. You're going to love that also. One nice thing is you can replace it in the future if you want a change.

Pg3ibew | 24. Oktober 2019

@sroh, I got ya. It took me a while to realize what you meant. The wife and I discussed the white. She is very leery about the white. So, we ordered the matter black. It was a debate that I wanted white and she didn't. She won. Lmao

Pg3ibew | 24. Oktober 2019

Still excited about our new model 3. I ordered a new Tesla Level 2 charger. To replace my J1772 charger. It should be arriving any day now. Can’t wait to install it!
On top of that, I have been charging at work with a 110 outlet. I may bring the J1772 and install it at work.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 24. Oktober 2019

Pg3ibew: Please, remain excited. Don't calm down. Don't lose enthusiasm. Don't 'grow up'. Don't 'take it in stride'. Don't 'act like you've been there before'. Keep having fun. LIVE.

There are too many sober, restrained, unexcitable, practical, pragmatic people who have maintained those types of positions, putting away childish things, since the day they turned eighteen. Always acting as if they have 'fewer days in front of them than behind'. Those people are no fun. It is good to recognize, celebrate, and savor the best times of our lives, fully experiencing their significance. ;-)

Pg3ibew | 24. Oktober 2019

@red, thank you for those kind words. My beautiful bride and I live every day with a zeal and enthusiasm for life. Always smiling and trying to ALWAYS be positive.

Pg3ibew | 24. Oktober 2019

I will try to keep this thread as MY thread and always update it. I hope to be updating with such enthusiasm WELL into the future!

vmulla | 24. Oktober 2019

Was the J1172 not cutting it? or is it plain enthusiasm? I have a Tesla Level 2 myself.

Pg3ibew | 24. Oktober 2019

@vmulla, I charge mostly at work with the 110 plug. I don’t travel that far. I only charged once with the J1772.
My biggest issue with the J1772: I have to open the APP in the morning a release the J1772. So far, 5 out of 5 days, I forgot to do it as I was IN the house. Had to do it at the car. Lol.
PLUS, the sheer enthusiasm!!!!! The opening of the APP to disconnect was just a good excuse for me to give the bride. Lmao

Pg3ibew | 24. Oktober 2019

Even though I do not charge at home, the car is always plugged in.

Pg3ibew | 25. Oktober 2019

I signed for Spotify through the APP on my phone. I am trying to access Spotify in the car. For some reason, Spotify will not recognize my name or email. Any Suggestions?

vmulla | 25. Oktober 2019

Good to know. I never considered the tiny inconvenience of unlocking the charge from the app/car console. I recently encouraged a friend to consider the J1772 charger that is on sale at Costco - I was actually pitching the versatility of J1772 charger since it allows other EVs to be charged as well. I will share your bit of feedback before my friend installs his unit. Thank you.