Record fast Tesla service

Record fast Tesla service

So I had a service appointment this morning at the Eden Prairie Minnesota service center. It was to install the breather pipes to eliminate the “clunk” sound when Supercharging. I also asked them to check tire pressures.

In 60 years of having cars serviced, this was my best experience yet.

Left home at 9AM for 30 mile drive to Tesla shop. Got there at 9:30. They opened shop door as I drove up. Tech meet my as I arrived inside and escorted me to service desk where another tech attended to me instantly. Brought me up on their computer. I spent a bit of time asking about best practices regarding winter charging and keeping battery charged and warm at home as I just have a 20 amp 240V outlet in my garage.

Service advisor directed me to waiting room and a cuppa kauphy. I noted that Bluebot was already up on the lift.

I brought up a book to read on my smartphone and sipped the coffee.

I got two pages into the book and tech showed up again saying your car is ready to go! I still had half a cup of coffee left!

Fastest car service I have ever had. Back home by 10:15AM.

M3phan | 16. Oktober 2019

Love this company.

bryan.whitton | 20. Oktober 2019

I have had very similar service here in the Sunnyvale SC. Absolutely fantastic.

jdcollins5 | 20. Oktober 2019

Always good to hear positive Tesla stories. Thanks.

Bighorn | 20. Oktober 2019

Sounds like the breather valves are a pretty quick fix. Good to hear.

hcdavis3 | 20. Oktober 2019

I’ve had 3 Tesla services. All were outstanding. Tesla Dedham.

Bighorn | 20. Oktober 2019

The question it raises for me several hundred miles from a service center is whether the breather can be done by a ranger.

gballant4570 | 20. Oktober 2019

What is the "breather Valves" issue? Sorry if I'm hijacking......

Carotene | 20. Oktober 2019

Shout out to Tesla Rockville. They have been simply fantastic.

Bighorn | 20. Oktober 2019

It’s a service bulletin for people having the loud bang of flexing battery cases under elevation or temperature changes.