"You are another entitled prick!"

"You are another entitled prick!"

After six years behind the wheel of the MS, I never thought I would be surprised by other bozos on the road.

So we were driving the kids to a swim meet on a nice Saturday morning. I was driving on the left lane of a two lanes surface street for about 3 miles when I saw a BMW SUV speeding up behind me and swirling to the right lane. You guessed it, he was trying to overtake me from the right lane. The only problem being that he didn't have enough clearance to cut in without hitting the vehicle in front of him. He begrudgingly slowed down before causing an unnecessary accident.

I continued on for a few blocks and made a left turn into the swimming pool grounds. After dropping off my kids, less a minute later the bozo pulled up next to me and gave me the evil eyes. His wife must have yelled at him since he moved ahead of me by a few feet and went inside the parking lot of the same swimming pool my kids went. I took note of his license plate in case he decided to do something irrational.

Sure enough, the prick came out of the parking lot and knocked on my window and starting berating me.

Him: "You Tesla drivers are all entitled. What gives you the rights to be obnoxious and cut everyone off? Just because you spent a few more bucks on a car doesn't entitle you to drive like an azzhole!"

The dude must have had 50 pounds on me, so I probably could have decked him and dropped him on the ground in about 8 seconds. He would never see the ninja coming.

Me: "Excuse me, you were trying to cut into my lane. I was driving on the same lane for 3 miles or so without weaving in and out of lanes. Would you like to review the footage on my dash cam?"

Him: "But you cut me off!"

Me: "How did I cut you off by staying in the same lane?"

Him: "You pressed the brake when the light was green."

Me: "I don't use my brake pedal, what the h@ll are you talking about? I was behind two cars at the traffic light, it was impossible to cut you off while stopping for the light"

Me: "Oh, I know exactly what you're talking about. Come to the back of the car for a moment, away from the oncoming traffic."
"This is a standard feature of an EV, not just a Tesla. It's the same for any hybrid like a Prius. It's a safety feature when you let off the goose pedal." And I went on to explain how regen braking system functions for the next few minutes.

One thing let to another, I ended up explaining the benefits of an EV to the guy.

He informed me two things of note. 1) An MX cut in front of his friend on the highway and brake checked him immediately. His MMC fighter friend was about to turn road rage up a notch. Then I explained the MX was probably easing up on the goose pedal. "It was not an intentional act of mischief. He should watch out of Priuses on the road as well."

2) He asked me this pointed question, "Is it true that if your Tesla needs repair, you would have to travel 2 states away to get it serviced?"

Me: WTF? Who told you this lie? Did your dealer tell you that filth?

Him: "How did you know it was my BMW dealer?"

Me: "They make more money on services than selling you the new car."

"I scheduled an appointment with a Tesla service center to fix two door handles two months ago. They cancelled the appointment in NJ center and showed up at my work instead. They were in and out in under 2 hours. No needs to drive 3 hours round trips twice to get it done." "I didn't need 4 oil changes per year and waste half a day each time to do so either. Just imagine saving a few hundred bucks and a few days a year just on maintenance free ownership."

Him: "Get out of town, you know, I've seen these Teslas around town lately and they do look good, but they're expensive! I wanted to trade in my Beamer for a newer model in a few months..."

Me: "Go for a test drive with a Tesla. Compare that to a few other brands and see what it could offer you. If your wife drives, then get her on the test drive too. Try other EV brands and compare for yourself. I would go for a CPO Tesla if I were to do it over again."

Him: "Dude, I got out of the car thinking your were a jerk. Now I feel like an azzhole."

Me: "No hard feelings dude. It was a miscommunication..." We shook hands and off he went.

About half an hour later, the dude came out of the parking lot with his family. He rolled down his window and said the most unexpected thing to me, "I found a used S85 in Connecticut for $40K. We're going to take a look now."

Who knew I was such a good salesman?

PrescottRichard | 20. Oktober 2019

Didn’t give him your referral code?

You are a Tesla Jedi indeed.

SamO | 20. Oktober 2019

Tesla aikido.

Mathew98 | 21. Oktober 2019

@PrescottRichard - I prepaid for lifetime supercharging so there was nothing to be gained by pushing my referral code. I have lost track of how many people I persuaded in years past.

@SamO - It was funny you mentioned Aikido. Not that I condone violence, but I was ready to drop the other guy to the ground in 3 Aikido moves in self defense, if necessary. No one asked him to charge at me like an uninvited in-law...

However, it seemed verbal judo worked even better in deescalating tension in this particular instance. There was no better feeling than to see the other dude eat crow and apologize. It was icing on the cake to convert him to the family in the process.

RedShift | 21. Oktober 2019


I’d like to meet you. Imfrom the Tesla Knighthood committee. (Yes, there is such a thing]

How does “Sir Matthew of vintage ‘98” sound?

SamO | 21. Oktober 2019

Aikido signifies "The Way of Harmony With the Spirit", and is rightfully recognized as a peaceful and non-aggressive form of martial arts.

Anthony J. Parisio | 21. Oktober 2019

I assume the worst when I saw the title of your article. However I was pleasantly surprised by reading it. You made my day!

bishoppeak | 21. Oktober 2019

Way to keep your cool!

NKYTA | 21. Oktober 2019

Kiyaaa! | 21. Oktober 2019

@Mathew - What an impressive turnaround! I don't think I could have done it in your place!

Mathew98 | 21. Oktober 2019

@RedShift - I've met a few dozens Tesla owners during supercharging sessions up and down the East Coast. I would love to follow the trailblazers and head West to Fremont at some point in the future. There are quite a few old timers I would like to meet up too. Where are you located?

@TT - Adopt a few teenagers. They'll give you all the training needed to be a Zen master!

Atom12 | 21. Oktober 2019

"nothing to be gained by pushing my referral code"

You are wrong! A referral and your good karma increases your chance to win the new Roadster.

nnguyen72 | 21. Oktober 2019

I remember when the BMW owners were considered the entitled pricks.

andy.connor.e | 21. Oktober 2019

You're a better salesman than a BMW salesman. Maybe thats why they are losing sales.

RedShift | 21. Oktober 2019


“Where are you located?”

About 4 miles away from the Fremont factory. NYKTA has my contact info. If you don’t, I can send you contact info.

I’ve met BH, NYKTA and Shesmyne. TeslaTap, and a few others a long time back.

Let me know when you are here, and if schedules allow we can meet! :-)

ddorbuck | 21. Oktober 2019

mathew98 , as a fellow CT tesla driver i dont want this jerk in my state! lol, jk. im glad it had a "happy ending" ?

jjs | 21. Oktober 2019

I have no hair left on my head due to teenagers. But I really like them now. My wife did an amazing job! :)
Nice recount Mathew98. Well done.

CharleyBC | 21. Oktober 2019

That is NOT how I thought this story was going to turn out!

jimglas | 21. Oktober 2019

Well done
You are a better man than I

Mathew98 | 21. Oktober 2019

@bishoppeak - It was not like I did anything out of the ordinary to elicit reactions from others. Some of the more memorable ones ranged from threesome and other indecent proposals to drag racing taunts to cops drawing their weapon on me. It's all part of the early adopter experience...

kallian | 21. Oktober 2019

Great post!
Good Job from all angles.

CST | 21. Oktober 2019

Dang! Beat me for sure.

Mike83 | 21. Oktober 2019

Excellent. When we got our first Tesla, a P85 about 5 years ago the guy working at the showroom came from BMW and I see him now and then and he is super happy. The smart people know.

gballant4570 | 21. Oktober 2019

Real life has an ignore list too. I do not see, hear, or respond to deplorable bozos. Why favor them with recognition of their existence?

garyjtate | 21. Oktober 2019

Anything over 100 words I skip.... | 21. Oktober 2019

On cops, I got pulled over in early 2013 in California. I wasn't speeding or doing anything wrong. The cop was really nice and no ticket - he had never seen an S before (my first car) and was curious. One of the odder encounters I've had in my car.

Mathew98 | 21. Oktober 2019

@gary - Then reading the title would be more than enough. You wouldn't miss a thing. ;(

@TT - The first two times I was pulled over was during the same time period for the exact same reason. Then a year later, 5 squad cars surrounded me as someone called in a suspected kidnapping when I took my kids out of the trunk, wait for it... For swimming lessons, of course.

The most recent encounter with a cop was back in May, in the Richmond, VA superchargers before midnight. The five foot nothing sheriff had her hand on her weapon to respond to another suspected kidnapping call. I sense a recurring theme...

Joseb | 21. Oktober 2019

I'm impressed by the turn around, and good for you buddy!

Question, did you actually got out of your car during this "conversation"?

You really Jedi Mind tricked him.
"I'm not an azzhole"
"you seem like a nice guy"
"You want to buy a Tesla"
"We just found a used S85 and we are going to take a look"
"All you BMW drivers are irrational azzholes"
"Can't argue with that! have a nice day good man!"

Mathew98 | 21. Oktober 2019

@joseb - I got out of the car as soon as I mentioned that I had this gigantic rear camera view on the top portion of the screen. So I was able to see 240 degrees view of all the lanes to the side and behind the car. There were no blind spots and I frequently look at the side mirrors during every drive.

He was dumbfounded so I explained more about the safety features of my MS and he was hooked...

DTsea | 22. Oktober 2019

Cool to hear a story about people starting angry and ending friends.

Aerodyne | 22. Oktober 2019

This made my day, and if it ever happens to me, I have a plan on how to deal with it. Thanks for this post!

Qwiksilver | 22. Oktober 2019


Well played!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 22. Oktober 2019

Matthew98: Impressive. Good work!

Shesmyne2 | 22. Oktober 2019

Like Mom always said, ‘you catch more flies with honey than vinegar’
Who comes up with this stuff?!
Good Ambassador Matthew!

Still Grinning ;-)

jimglas | 22. Oktober 2019

remember: Fish is ALWAYS wrong

Mathew98 | 22. Oktober 2019

@fish - I was behind 2 cars on the left lane, with about 20 feet spacing in between. I was not driving slower than the other guy who was in a hurry to the same destination. There was no where to go when the traffic light was red. Do you frequently imagine Tesla drivers going slow on the left lane?

Don't presume you know the inside scoop without actually being there. I've got more Tesla stories than you can imagine. Now do a little research and see my prior posts for parodies and real life experience over the last six years, young padawan.

Don't be a pessimist, I already decked another belligerent driver in self defense some years ago. He happened to be a full head taller than I was. His amateur boxing stance was a non factor. Don't presume you know people behind a skinny keyboard. You never know a black belt from Joe Schmoe.

RedShift | 22. Oktober 2019


Your post reads like you suck on lemons all day every day.


ReD eXiLe ms us | 22. Oktober 2019

Matthew98: FEESHICE is not worth the effort.

He's the kind of Bully who always believes his prey is bluffing.

He will never heed a warning, but will be the first to cry bloody murder once he's punched in the nose, claiming to high heaven 'he meant no harm', 'he caused no sleight', 'he holds no grudges'...

And he'll never admit he should have simply walked away without incident. Introducing such a skull to concrete pavement repeatedly would be truly satisfying... At least until the cops showed up...

SbMD | 22. Oktober 2019

@Mat - What a great way to take the high ground. I'm not surprised you did, and impressed with the both you and the other driver.

RedShift | 22. Oktober 2019

He is definitely not worth it.
Joyless moron.

SbMD | 22. Oktober 2019

Indeed, Pay no mind to @Fish, @Mat.

Mathew98 | 22. Oktober 2019

It's funny when we see comments from trolls with a handicapped view of the world. All these self appointed seers have no clues who they're talking to.

But I digress, there are always trolls acting tough over the interweb when they are weasel in real life. I do feel sorry for these introverts who had been bullied all their lives just so they could reciprocate the hate to others. So sad.

BTW, I let a moron in a hurry squeeze in front of me this morning. There were 50 other cars stuck trying to turn into Lincoln tunnel. He only caused headaches for other drivers. For the record, he gradually cut in front of me at a weird 60 degrees angle. It probably took him five minutes to cut it. The driver in front of him definitely blocked him and tried to straighten out only to scrape the hurried moron's front bumper. Neither of them bothered to get out of their cars to inspect any damages. They kept on inching forward for the next 10 minutes to move 50 feet.

There's more to life than to block other people from merging in. Get a life, @fish.

Tesla2018 | 22. Oktober 2019

Was once a passenger in a car getting off at an exit ramp and some idiot tryed passing on the right not knowing the road narrowed. I looked out the back window and saw the car hit the guardrail and slid sideways across four lanes of the road where it bounced into the other guardrail at a 90 degree angle hitting it head on. As it bounced off the guardrail, back into the left lane it was T boned by a truck.
It isnt worth speeding and driving like a moron in order to save 5 minutes getting somewhere.

Tronguy | 22. Oktober 2019

@Mathew98: You forget the point behind FISHEV. He/she/it is very likely an astrotufring firm; the entity is active when the stock price is up; and the purpose is to hijack positive threads and pull-them off-topic. And to dissuade visitors to the forum that might actually be considering acquiring a Tesla.
All FISHEV deserves when he/she/it shows its ugly mug is a PSA such as the above sentence; and, if the entity gets active, reposting the PSA a few times inbetween the $C--- spewing from its keyboard.

moabchick | 22. Oktober 2019

I love this story!!!! Way to turn him around @matthew98

marcustcohn | 23. Oktober 2019

@fishev - I do not understand your intentions or why you bothered to post. If the OP is factual or not it is an interesting read and offers a scenario where everyone comes out a winner. What is wrong with that ? Find something positive in your life.

andy.connor.e | 23. Oktober 2019

It'll take everyone some time to realize that FISHEV does not have any reading comprehension and just responds to things reactively. Best to flag and pretend the post never existed.

andy.connor.e | 23. Oktober 2019

I bet FISHEV doesnt like the fact that the story ends with a BMW driver deciding to buy a MS 85.

jimglas | 23. Oktober 2019

Fish is ALWAYS wrong

aperfectecho | 23. Oktober 2019

This is a great example of how things should go. Easy to let someone go away thinking Tesla owners are all entitled. You took the time to explain (I've done the "sorry wave" when it has appeared I've brake checked someone, when it was AP/phantom braking) the way EVs work to someone, enlightened them, and were always in charge of the situation.
Admirable-well done!

tacetman | 23. Oktober 2019

I am almost entirely sure this post is at least partly made up.