Typical Phantom Drain per 24 hours?

Typical Phantom Drain per 24 hours?

what is "normal"?
2016 S75D 70,000 miles.
No sentry and no summon stand by.
I checked wife's car via app today. 10:00am she is parked at work, 50F, 147 miles available.
Just checked now almost seven hours later and shows 142 miles available. Lost 5 miles as it sat in her work parkinglot for seven hours.
If extrapolate that over 24 hours would be a loss of about 15-16-17 miles per 24 hours.

Is that about normal/average?

I'm not worried, work is only 51 miles away, she'll make it home. It is plugged in to 80% (200 miles) all the time while home.
Not a big deal 10-20 miles of range here or there. Hell man, when I drive it I squish more than that much range out of it with the accelerator pedal.

Just curious

jimglas | 24. Oktober 2019

what is the temperature outside and in the car?

CooHead | 25. Oktober 2019

As stated 50F.

She went to Milwaukee this morn, so last night charged it up 100%. Showed 238 miles available with a full 100% battery this morn. What were these S75D range capacity when new? 230? 250? 260?
We bought it off my neighbor

EVRider | 26. Oktober 2019

EPA range for S75D is listed as 259.

CooHead | 26. Oktober 2019

Yea EV, I thought I read 260 somewheres.

Ours is now at 238, so lost a bit (8%) over the past 2+ years and 70,000 miles.

Not sure how much super charging the original owner did. They did have a 15-40 outlet in their garage so thinking some/most charging at home overnight (like most everybody). Not sure if they drained it down under 20% and filled it up over 80% often. Is what it is.

But the phantom drain? WIth nothing running in backround...what is typical? 2-3 miles in 24 hours? 8-10 miles in 24 hours? 16 miles (6.5% for me and my numbers) in 24 hours?

Just wondering what is typical?
Nothing I can do about it.
It's always plugged in.


EVRider | 28. Oktober 2019

In my experience, my S100D only loses 1-2 miles per day if the car is sleeping and parked in my south FL garage. We were away for 4 weeks and our Model 3 MR, which was parked in the same garage and not plugged in, only lost about 20 miles (charged to about 90% before we left).

16 miles per day seems high, but it might depend on the temperature where you park. | 28. Oktober 2019

Another less likely thought - any chance a door was left ajar? Even a 1/4" would keep the car from going to sleep. I sort of doubt this is the case, as I'd expect maybe 3-5 miles range lost per hour as the heater would remain on.

Check the Controls -> Display -> Energy Savings. Use "ON" to minimize the vampire drain.

Check Controls -> Vehicle -> Smart Preconditioning and set it off. It could be it has learned when the car needs to be powered up and is consuming extra power.

EVRider | 28. Oktober 2019

Also, are you using any third-party Tesla apps? Some of them have been known to prevent the car from sleeping if not configured correctly. 16 miles per day is still high even if the car doesn’t sleep.

xojeb54331 | 09. November 2019

I've been noticing I lose a lot of battery when parked. I have turned off temperature control and do not check my app during the day, but I can lose 5 miles a day. And I think it's worse when under sunlight. I have been keeping track of the battery vs odometer and it's definitely losing those miles when parked. What is your normal "phantom drain" per day on average? And what can you do to reduce drain?

EVRider | 09. November 2019

@xojeb54331: Did you turn off both Sentry Mode and Summon Standby when parked? Both can drain the battery. Depending on the outside temp, the battery management system might still cool or heat the battery, and I don't think you can disable that.

vswendsen | 09. November 2019

Last month I was on the road for work and my M3P was parked in the airport long term parking for about 10.5 days. Total phantom drain was 9 miles. Was rather surprised to say the least. Had summons standby turned off and no sentry mode. Also had climate control turned off.

vswendsen | 09. November 2019

Last month I was on the road for work and my M3P was parked in the airport long term parking for about 10.5 days. Total phantom drain was 9 miles. Was rather surprised to say the least. Had summons standby turned off and no sentry mode. Also had climate control turned off.

PrescottRichard | 09. November 2019

2016 Model S 90D seems to lose a percent a day, but then sometimes not and sometimes the number goes up. Everything that can be turned off is.

One thing to consider is when you are connected to WiFi and get an update, that’ll prolly take a bit but still not a lot.

I think the lesson I have learned from watching my car try to figure out what it has left is- those numbers are an estimation. Model 3 batteries may also be better in this area, newer S and X maybe too.

Can’t wait for solid batteries that are more energy dense and tolerate a wider range of temps!

xojeb54331 | 11. November 2019

Maybe it will, maybe it won't. Point is it's highly suspect and you need to rule it out before any other troubleshooting can happen.

Bobblec | 11. November 2019

after a recent wifi update my 2018 100D model X started losing 15 t0 20 miles a day with no significant temp change. climate, sentry, radio, and summon standby all off. also no battery prep for charging was on.Since I rarely use summon I turned it of and lose only 1 or 2 miles per 24 hours.

EVRider | 12. November 2019

@Bobblec: You said Summon Standby was turned off when you were losing 15-20 miles/day, but then you said you turned off Summon and that fixed the problem. What did you turn off exactly?

Bobblec | 12. November 2019

I switched the summons slider from on to off

nukequazar | 12. November 2019

I’m getting huge drain since installing 2019.36.2.1. Lost 13 miles while parked at work for 8.5 hours yesterday.

nukequazar | 12. November 2019

Sentry, summon, overheat protection all on.

EVRider | 12. November 2019

@Bobblec: Okay, I assume you mean you turned off the entire Summon feature on the touchscreen under Controls > Autopilot. That shouldn’t impact battery drain.

@nuke: If all those things were on, what you’re seeing is normal.

nukequazar | 12. November 2019

@EVRider, it was losing 2-3 miles during a workday before this update. Now 13. No setting changes.

EVRider | 13. November 2019

@nuke: If you had Sentry Mode on, you should have lost at least 8 miles during the work day, don’t know how you could have only lost 2-3 miles. Sentry Mode has always used 1-2 miles per hour. Any chance you’re mistaken about Sentry Mode?

nukequazar | 13. November 2019

Ok so it’s a bit complicated. I looked back at my Stats app and see the highest recent drain during a workday before this update was 5.4 miles. I always have sentry mode on while parked at work BUT I was having that bug where sentry would sometimes turn itself off in the middle of the day because of an error. However I am pretty sure either way that phantom drain has worsened noticeably since this update. I subjectively noticed it before even looking back at the numbers or seeing this post. I’ll keep watching...

Bobblec | 13. November 2019

I had none of the energy intensive things running and after learning about summons standby and finding that off I decided to turn summons off on the auto pilot tab as you correctly say. I didn't
know what else to do. the high loss started just before we were leaving for 3 weeks and my wife's model 3 was on the wall charger so I plugged in to a 110 socket for the absence. forgot to mention no third party aps). I checked SOC more often than I normally would and found it was charging at least twice a day to stay at 60%. all I did is described as above and I have not lost more than 3 miles per 24 hours since. just reporting; don't know a reason.

EVRider | 13. November 2019

@Bobblec: Keep in mind that checking the car with the app more frequently will cause more drain.

elainesoria997 | 03. Februar 2020

You can use below tricks to avoid phantom drain !
- Overheat protection - This was set to A/C. I turned it off completely. I haven't used the "No A/C" option. I don't live in a southern state with oppressive heat, so I'm considering the car's electronics can survive the heat of a Northeastern summer day.
- Tesla app connecting by Bluetooth - I switched off Bluetooth on my phone and noticed the drain became less.

elainesoria997 | 06. Februar 2020

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