Apartment building EV chargin?

Apartment building EV chargin?

Who out there is living in an apartment building that has EV charging?

If you do have EV charging in your building, is management having you pay for the electricity you're using? Or is it "free" with rent?

And about how many units are there in the building for each charging station?

neilhamrin | 25. Oktober 2019

Wife and I moved to a condo building and before finalizing the purchase got board ok to have 240V to my space. Expensive but lots of copper. Connects to our meter.

FISHEV | 25. Oktober 2019

In apartment building I looked at they had 15 spots with chargers to rent. Rent was 175 for charger spot, 150 for non charger plus you paid for the power via power company meter like it was another apartment.

Seemed reasonable to me.