Homelink Delivery

Homelink Delivery

Ordered Homelink 5 weeks ago and waiting for service center to call acknowledging delivery and to schedule installation. Does anyone have an idea how long it takes for this to happen?

TexNeil | 04. November 2019

In Dallas? We ordered last week, installing Wednesday.

jebinc | 04. November 2019

I found the best method to be just schedule the installation via the app, whether or not you get a notification. I did this after waiting two weeks with no notification. Installation occurred as scheduled per the app. Seems like the notification process is “hit” or “miss”. Was a swing and a “miss” for me.

pjwheeler83 | 04. November 2019

+1 jebinc
I ordered the homelink as well and had the same issue, 5 weeks no update. Just setup the service thorugh the app.

I suspect the difficulty for me was being a Michigan owner, no service centers and they didn't give me the mobile service option to begin with so it got shipped to Cleveland first and sat for weeks. I requested mobile service at that point and my module was sent to Toledo where I ended up having it installed.

vswendsen | 05. November 2019

I waited for over two months and heard nothing. Decided to schedule the service visit to get it installed as others have done and that is when they got in touch with me.

Jimi | 05. November 2019

So.... I just realized (by reading this thread and then doing some searching) that HomeLink is *not* included with the car. I'm really surprised. I thought every car these days included it (at least at this price point).

Not that I'm going to cancel my M3 order or anything silly like that, but disappointed to know that I'll still be using the stupid visor clip garage door opener. Oh well. Funny the little things you don't even think about sometimes when you're so excited about getting something new :-)

Magic 8 Ball | 05. November 2019

@Jimi You can pay extra if you want it. It was included when we bought but I would have welcomed the opportunity to decide if I wanted to pay extra for it since we never use it.

syclone | 05. November 2019

Let's see Homelink or farting - which should be standard? Hmmmm?

raqball | 05. November 2019

Weird. I ordered HomeLink about 2 weeks ago and got a text message last week the part were in and to schedule appointment through the app for install.

The installer, a mobile Ranger, is scheduled for tomorrow. Total time from order to install was about 2 weeks total..

WW_spb | 05. November 2019

Yeah that is the only part that is puzzling for me that Homelink is not standard. Like people who buys 50k car will be keeping it outside or something.

wdbutrym | 05. November 2019

I park mine outside, it is a car not a pet.

WW_spb | 05. November 2019

Do you keep your pets in garage? I keep mine in house ;)

raqball | 05. November 2019

syclone | November 5, 2019
Let's see Homelink or farting - which should be standard? Hmmmm?
I guess I was surprised they needed to order a part. I assumed they all came with the hardware and it would be a download to activate it., I guess it's a cost saver to not put the hardware on every car made...

jimglas | 05. November 2019

If it was important to you, you could have purchased a model that includes it. Its not a secret.

WW_spb | 05. November 2019

Huh? What model?

wdbutrym | 05. November 2019

“Do you keep your pets in garage? I keep mine in house ;)“

Ha, nope they are in the house. My point was it is a car, an object, replaceable. | 05. November 2019

@WhiteWi - Model S or X comes with Homelink standard.

The Homelink module is from GenTex, which has a lock on the technology with a ton of patents. While the electronics are likely $5-10, they charge far more, and there are no good alternatives. You can buy an add-on kit for around $160, but it's not nearly as nice as Tesla's integrated approach.

For more on Homelink:

MNDZA | 05. November 2019

I ordered it and then waited for a few weeks. After getting impatient, I called the service center and they said it's supposed to be delivered to my house and then I'm supposed to bring it with me to get it installed. I argued that when I purchased it, the site asked which service center I want and that I will be contacted to get it installed. Then they said to just bring it in and they'll install it and that they have it in their parts department. This, as well as another service related issue, were not handled in a professional manner. They NEVER pick up the phone or return voicemails. And the Tesla shop site never responded to the couple emails I sent them. This was all in the first weeks of ownership and really got me regretting my purchase. So far the car is great though. So if I can keep it out of the service department, then it will be awesome. Otherwise, Tesla needs to know how to provide customer service. I've owned several Audis, Fords, Jeeps, Infinitis, Mercedes, and Chevys and have never experienced a service department or dealer that completely ignores its customers calls. I am definitely getting the Tesla pickup truck so I hope they improve on this part of their business.
So after this long rant, my advice is to call them to confirm that they have your Homelink and to schedule the install.

mwindeler | 05. November 2019

Just schedule through the app and put your order number in the comments because they need proof of purchase.

cscoxdallas | 11. November 2019

Thanks for the input. I did as recommended and scheduled through the app. A technician showed up on a Sunday morning in my driveway. Pretty awesome! I love my Tesla but obviously customer service needs some tweaks. I never got a call or email (as promised when I ordered Homelink) and when I called to verify I was told to wait for the email. After 5 weeks of waiting, the advice from this forum worked - just schedule it yourself on your app. Obviously, I was not going to die without Homelink but this would really be a very easy customer service (programed response) fix!

Madatgascar | 10. April 2020

What €£%#@&$! Idiot decided to remove Homelink from the car?
I’m supposed to order the part for $328, and take it in to the shop for installation? Nice going Tesla. You are using $2000 worth of my time to get a $20 part. If you can’t afford to put it on every car, can you at least make it an option on the order page and install at the factory? I am fine with the $300, not the rigamarole.

Skimping on the adaptor was bad enough. Stop playing small ball. It’s starting to piss people off.

Seth2020 | 11. April 2020

> I called the service center and they said it's supposed to be delivered to my house and then I'm supposed to
> bring it with me to get it installed.

Their HomeLink story is all over the place.
1 I ordered mine
2 It sent it to the SC
3 I tracked the FedEx number and saw it arrived at the SC
4 I asked while at the SC (for another thing) if I could get it installed. They said no, they ONLY install it using mobile service, so that they can configure it to the garage
5. I made a mobile appointment
6. Tech installed it
7. Tech asked me to show proof I actually bought HomeLink. I showed him the confirmation email on my phone. He glanced (did not take down any order numbers or anything) and said that was fine. (Note I DID include the order number and a screenshot of the email in my service request)

I do no think you even need step 3 before you do step 5

drhelmutroth | 11. April 2020

Just got a Model Y and I am annoyed about the missing HomeLink too. However, Elan recently posted that WiFi garage door support is coming soon. I will hold out for that.

Madatgascar | 11. April 2020

Well I already bought the stupid thing. Homelink doesn’t work on Wi-Fi and I prefer it that way, we have outages all the time.

rxlawdude | 11. April 2020

@Madatgascar, agree 100% with the small nickel and dime crap Tesla's pulled of late. On the other hand, they have reduced prices overall for vehicles with more net features (just minus ones that have been on Teslas before, and on virtually every competitive vehicle for years). For me, the Homelink and NEMA 14-50 adapter are mandatory, and I miss having even the option for AM and SiriusXM radios.

lbowroom | 11. April 2020

You guys realize that home link is a third party licensed product. Every car it’s installed in costs Tesla a license fee. Now I’m all for it being on every car and the car being $300 more, but I suppose not everyone is. I also think that it should be able to be installed before delivery. Moot for me, I was early enough.

drhelmutroth | 11. April 2020

HomeLink is an old, deficient technology. WiFi is superior. It is just unfortunate that Tesla dropped HomeLink before WiFi support was ready.

lbowroom | 11. April 2020

I happen to have a WiFi garage door opener as well, liftmaster MyQ. I bought the required external module too. But from my experience, not many people do.

drhelmutroth | 11. April 2020

I also bought MyQ. The cost was less than $100. More importantly, it supports 'Open Garage Door'. HomeLink only supports 'Toggle'.

lbowroom | 11. April 2020

Yes, I like the MyQ functionality. Don’t forget about people with remote community or garage gates that aren’t RFID or WiFi compliant though.