Climate change: There is 3 types of people

Climate change: There is 3 types of people

1) People who change their habits
2) People who say they care
3) People who deny climate changes
Planet doesn’t see any difference between type 2 and type 3.

Lately, I have been arguing too much on Twitter and Instagram against type 3, I need an Instabrake.

MitchP85D | 12. November 2019

So what silly point are you trying to make, Andy? There should not be various private companies competing against each other producing the same product for the marketplace? You think Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, and Tesla are selling the same product, but different packaging?

andy.connor.e | 12. November 2019

lol what? companies can do whatever you want why do you always twist what i say around as if i have some sort of political agenda behind what im saying?

MitchP85D | 13. November 2019

Well, your point is awfully convoluted Andy. And frankly, I don't know what point you are trying to make. I simply stated that oil companies advertise their refined products to the public. There are different oil companies. And they compete against each other to get the public to buy their products. Much like how Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler advertise to sell their cars and trucks to the public.

Hellasmarter dude raised a nonsensical question about if there is public demand for oil industry products, then why do they advertise? And I answered for the same reason why Ford, GM, and Chrysler do. After all, there is a demand for motor vehicle transportation, correct? And those companies advertise to get the public to buy their cars and trucks. Those car and truck drivers need fuel for their vehicles. And of course the oil companies will advertise to get those car and truck drivers to buy their fuel. Correct? Make sense?

I also made the analogy of Kellogg's Corn Flakes and Post Toasties. Two different companies competing against each other to sell the same product. You as a consumer have a choice. The producer will advertise to get the consumer to buy their product. Not the other guy's product. This is free market competition. And the oil industry is no different.

Andy, I have no idea where you were trying to go with 87 octane gasoline and different packaging. Different companies produce corn flakes. Different companies produce cars. Different companies produce 87 octane gasoline. This is our free market system. And the consumer has choices.

As the BEV market grows, I am sure the demand from the electric grid will likewise grow. When this happens, I am quite certain the oil industry will advertise their natural gas power plants to help fuel BEVs. After all, natural gas is cheap and burns cleanly. And the oil industry will advertise that this is the cheapest and best way to fuel BEVs in the future. This will help keep the price of electricity in check for the consumer.

Free market competition is a good thing. Not a bad thing like YOU (plural) or y'all think it is!

andy.connor.e | 14. November 2019

Corn flakes? I can produce my own flakes. Dandruff flakes. They're part of my balanced breakfast.

MitchP85D | 14. November 2019

OK Andy. I appreciate a warped sense of humor.

blue adept | 14. November 2019

Alright, who let Mitch out of his box?

rxlawdude | 15. November 2019

@Mitch, the point is it's a commodity. Fungible. Demand is cumulative for gasoline. Most people choose on price. The "feel good" commercials from BP and Exxon do nothing. They don't even mention gasoline!

I teach about such ethical disconnects in my bioethics course. Maybe you need an ethics course.

MitchP85D | 15. November 2019

BP and Exxon are advertising on the basis that they are developing alternative methods of energy. I am sure the public well knows they produce gasoline. They are trying to get the public to support them by buying their products, so they can continue their efforts of producing gasoline from algae and developing alternatives. By the way hellasmarter dude, who in the "hell" are you to decide what a private company can do to advertise their products? Remember Shell and their V-power gasoline campaign a few years ago? Does that meet your approval?

FactDoc | 16. November 2019

"MitchP85D | November 10, 2019
This is the way Maxxer thinks. CO2 is the molecule of life. Without CO2 (below 150 ppm), all life on the planet would cease. Therefore, let's get rid of all of the CO2!"

This is the way Mitch thinks:

"If you drink 1L of water, you natremia (blood sodium) will go from 172 to 168. If you drink 10L of water your natremia will go from 172 to 142 and you die from brain swelling. Therefore, let's get rid of all the water!"

If the CO2 is below 150ppm, plants and life can't thrive, if the CO2 goes above 750 ppm on the curent release rate for another 50 years, heat will be kept on earth in a greenhouse effect, temperature will rise 7 degrees and 50% of the planet will be uninhabitable.

How did you find the money to buy a Tesla Mitch? Don't you have to have a brain to work and earn money?

MitchP85D | 16. November 2019

Hey Maxxer, for 600 million years, the CO2 level was well above 750 ppm. The earth has already done the CO2 experiment for a very long period of time. If what you said is true, we would have been burnt to a crisp already. What silly Green New Dealer types like you fail to acknowledge is that the earth has a strong negative feedback mechanism called clouds to deal with greenhouse gas forcing.

This is what Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT pointed out during his debate with Dr. Gerald North of Texas A&M University back in 2010. Increased cloud cover from increasing water vapor (due to the warming earth) effectively counters a runaway warming event. Thus, the planet remains habitable.

There now. Feelin' kinda dumb Maxxer?

blue adept | 16. November 2019


>>> "I think -and it's just thoughts, it's not a religion nor a reason to get armed- the idea of humans believing they or their actions are the "cause" of the planet's inevitable climate wanderings is only another illustration of the size of their egos."

Well, it's like this...

There have been "climate wanderings" or extreme shifts in the climate of this planet before in the past, like several millennia ago, all of which attributed to NATURAL occurrences such as geologic activity (volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics and what have you) and even astrological events (asteroid or meteor strikes), all of which served to upset the atmospheric balance of the planets ecology.

No one is denying that, excuse me, no one of at least reasonable intelligence and/or soundness of mind is denying that.

The one difference, the deciding factor if you will, between then and now is the existence of Humanity and the emergence of our "industrial revolution" which has visited several ARTIFICIAL influences on the climatological balance of this planet's ecology in a manner in which it can not naturally recover on its own under the current inordinate and unchecked exploitation of its various resources all in the name of the pursuit of human comforts and proliferation and, of course, the almighty dollar (but not necessarily in that order).

They claim that they need to extract and/or exploit those resources as a means of "creating jobs" all while they have and continue to ship and/or outsource literally MILLIONS of jobs overseas, effectively neutering our manufacturing sector (the backbone of our nation's economy) and gutting the "middle class" of our nation's 3-tier economic class structure (the middle rung on the "ladder to success"), rendering it nigh on impossible to transition from the lower tier to the higher while serving to benefit only those at the top as these self-centered wiles cause us all to suffer the pollution and destruction of our environment.

So no, it's not so much the "size of their egos" as it is the depth of the selfishness and greed of those at the top desperately fighting to cling onto the vestiges of power and control for as long as possible, callously oblivious to the affect their machinations portend for us all today and for future generations to come.

MitchP85D | 16. November 2019

So blues bro, are you trying to tell everybody we would have been better off by cutting down the forests to heat our homes than to use fossil fuels?

Think about that one for a while.

NKYTA | 16. November 2019

Flagging Mitch here. He has “his own” personal thread to spew his non-factual statements.

SCCRENDO | 16. November 2019

Hey weathermoron. Didn’t you hear? When sea levels rose 840,000 years ago the Venetians had to leave Venice because of flooding. They never learn. I wonder if FEMA gave them welfare cheese the last time. Like those in Houston they never learn. They are living in a 1 million year flood zone and they are obviously flooding more frequently

Idiot weathermoron!!!!


SamO | 17. November 2019

Seems like someone never heard of wind and solar. You sure you are actually from TExas and not from a different planet.

MitchP85D | 17. November 2019

That must have really stung you global warming zealots to have to think about whether to burn wood to heat our homes or to burn fossil fuels.

Wind has the problem of high pressure systems sitting on top of the wind turbines, thus no wind energy. Solar has the problem of nighttime. You silly Green New Dealers haven't thought of those things!

And SCCRENDODO, are you trying to tell me California receives no help from FEMA when your homes burn down?!!

jimglas | 17. November 2019

Mitch, are you really that stupid
or is it an act

FactDoc | 17. November 2019

Don’t worry Mitch, as long as you will stay on this dos us soon, I will never feel or appear dumb.

Do you understand the difference on a adaptable ecosystem and selective evolution between a warming from 150ppm CO2 molecule increase to 750ppm over 10 decades compared to the same increase over 10 millennia?

Or maybe you are an adept of creationism? Please e plain to me why the globe is flat, I am interested in your alternative science, really.

FactDoc | 17. November 2019

Don’t worry Mitch, as long as you will stay on this thread, I will never feel or appear dumb.

Do you understand the difference on a adaptable ecosystem and selective evolution between a warming from 150ppm CO2 molecule increase to 750ppm over 10 decades compared to the same increase over 10 millennia?

Or maybe you are an adept of creationism? Please e plain to me why the globe is flat, I am interested in your alternative science, really.

SamO | 17. November 2019

1. Yes he’s that stupid
2. Apparently he’s heard of batteries but doesn’t know how they work
3. AUSTRALIA is making $$$ for installing this newfangled thing called storage.

Please don’t allow Bitch around sharp objects.

RedShift | 17. November 2019


“ You silly Green New Dealers haven't thought of those things!”

Here, read:

MitchP85D | 17. November 2019

Attention all of you goofy, dumbass Green New Dealers. Check out how much SOLAR contributes to US electricity generation.

That's right. A whopping 1.5%!!!!!!!

And you dumbasses actually think you can cram Solar down everybody's throats? Here is a 2016 Pie Chart to look at.

See that tiny little thin sliver? That is your electricity generation by Solar.

I am laughing at all of you global warming worshippers!

RedShift | 17. November 2019


He cannot stomach that solar CAN work at night, so he is now resorting to deflection, as usual.

Useless waste of a human being.

MitchP85D | 17. November 2019

Hey Maxxer, do you understand the difference between 500 million years above 1000 ppm CO2 vs. 100 million years below 1000 ppm?

The earth has already done the CO2 experiment, and for a very long period of time! We have very little of it in our atmosphere now.

andy.connor.e | 18. November 2019

So now we're going to have 2 threads full of Mitch's trash?

SamO | 18. November 2019

Mitch is functionally retarded. New information cannot enter his tiny brain because it is full of horseshit from Fox and fossil fuel lies.

Meanwhile even Exxon acknowledges that fossil fuels cause climate change.

SCCRENDO | 18. November 2019

I’m waiting for his book on how human enjoyed a wonderful coastal life for 5 million years with CO2 levels above 1000 ppm. He needs to describe how well that experiment worked out. And that all happened before God created our planet 6000 years ago. Perhaps he is describing the flat part of the earth.

andy.connor.e | 18. November 2019

Sounds like a good book. Only thing missing from it is the existence of humans that long ago.

jimglas | 18. November 2019

Its amazing that somebody that stupid can feed himself

MitchP85D | 18. November 2019

Make that 500 million years SCCRENDODO!

andy.connor.e | 18. November 2019

We're making fun of you and the best part is when you cant see it.

MitchP85D | 18. November 2019

More data to show how the fear of the CO2 molecule is way overblown!

You global warming zealots have an Apocalypse story to sell. I ain't buying it. And neither are the common folks!

One of my favorite quotes: "Common people have sense. Academics don't." Richard Lindzen

RedShift | 18. November 2019


Lindzen... the guy who was debunked AGAIN recently?

Wow Mitch, you don’t even have straws to grasp at.

MitchP85D | 18. November 2019

Just because some goofy, dumbass, worthless piece of crap liberal democrat says Richard Lindzen is debunked doesn't mean he is debunked. That is just wishful thinking on the part of a socialist Green New Dealer!

Green New Dealers cower in fear when they have to face him in a debate!

RedShift | 18. November 2019

Seek mental help. If that doesn’t work, get a lobotomy.

FFR6288 | 18. November 2019

MitchP85D, it''s good to know that the population of Tesla drivers does not entirely consist of intolerant self-righteous virtue-signaling Gaia-worshiping bigots. There are at least some of us on your side. I just like the cars!

MitchP85D | 18. November 2019

Here is Dr. Chris Landsea's rebuke of Dr. Trenberth!

Trenberth tried to make the case that the active hurricane season of 2004 was due to human-caused global warming. 2004 was followed by an even more active hurricane season in 2005. Landsea said natural climate variation should be considered. Landsea resigned because Trenberth put politics over science.

After the 2005 hurricane season, an exceptionally quiet period for several years occurred. Landsea was proven right. Trenberth ended up with egg all over his face. What Landsea did took a lot of guts back in 2004.

This is the reason why Dr. Landsea is the Science and Operations Officer at the National Hurricane Center!

So RedShift, who is debunked now?

MitchP85D | 18. November 2019

Thanks FFR6288. I've been at war against the idea of forcing BEVs like our Teslas down the throats of the public. Tesla and other BEVs should grow by free market choice. Not my government mandate like these Green New Dealers here want done!

RedShift | 18. November 2019

Still you, since your underdeveloped neurons can’t seem to form a coherent response.

I don’t want to point the cognitive disconnect again and again. You just don’t have the ability to recognize it as such.

SamO | 18. November 2019

Lindsen is a joke. Just like Texas Pete.

andy.connor.e | 18. November 2019

"it''s good to know that the population of Tesla drivers does not entirely consist of intolerant self-righteous virtue-signaling Gaia-worshiping bigots."

This literally does not exist. How is it possible that people think this way.

SCCRENDO | 18. November 2019

I stand corrected. i guess I'm waiting for that book describing life at those ocean side villas 500 million years ago. Was the earth flat then? In fact what was it doing if it was only created 6000 years ago

FactDoc | 18. November 2019

I LOLed hard alone sitting at my coffee table reading these 2 replies

jimglas | November 18, 2019
Its amazing that somebody that stupid can feed himself

RedShift | November 18, 2019
Seek mental help. If that doesn’t work, get a lobotomy.

Thanks for that creativity.

Seriously Mitch, I give you $1000 if you read the whole book The Uninhabitable Earth and show me the page 34, 77, 123, 174 underlining important concepts with your name handwritten on those pages proving that you read the book. I’ll send you an Interact transfer.

andy.connor.e | 18. November 2019

I'll wire you the money if you make an audio tape version of your book where you are reading the whole thing.

TabascoGuy | 18. November 2019

@RedShift, you may be just a tad late as far as the lobotomy suggestion.

RedShift | 18. November 2019


Look at him. He bleats “I don’t want BEVs crammed down our throats by government mandate”

And yet never has a problem with fossil fuel subsidies.


MitchP85D | 18. November 2019

Andy, it does literally exist in the Tesla Forum. FFR6288 described all of you quite accurately.

MitchP85D | 18. November 2019

Maxxer, I can do just fine without your $1000. Besides, I will have something like that heading my way after I win the Arctic Ice bet I have with bb0tin.

RedShift | 18. November 2019

You used to bet all the time! What happened to you Mitch? You chicken?

MitchP85D | 18. November 2019

I've challenged you and others before RedShift. None of you wanted to take me on.