Great service - Drive, Yellow Band on computer, rear sway

Great service - Drive, Yellow Band on computer, rear sway

Just wanted to summarize the solutions my local Tesla shop performed for anyone experiencing these problems. I've got a 2013 Model S (85) with 98k miles.

Problem: At acceleration the rear of the car would seriously sway left. At deceleration the rear would seriously sway right. Started out as a minor issue, but got progressively worse. Took it in and they tightened the toe links. Then 2 months later the problem reappeared. This time the replaced the entire toe link assemblies. Car handles like new now.

Problem: Luckily my drive unit has always been pretty quiet. Until lately, when a loud whir could be heard on acceleration at any speed. You could really hear it with the windows down and a building nearby. They solved it by replacing the drive unit.

Problem: The feared yellow band appeared around the entire computer screen. I thought there was no fix for this, but they have one now. They take the computer out and replace the adhesive behind the touchscreen.

Boy, good thing I got the extended warranty! Had a nice brand new PX loaner for the 2 days they had mine. So all in all, a great service experience.