Traffic cones with HW2.5 and 2019.36.2

Traffic cones with HW2.5 and 2019.36.2

My car has HW2.5 and 2019.36.2

I drove on EAP through 4 miles of construction zone where the right lane was cordoned off with traffic cones. (Yes, I know)
The spacing between the cones was more than usual, and about 5-6 car lengths. The car maintained it's lane without attempting any lane changes out of the passing lane. The car changed the lane immediately after the right lane opened up.

HW2.5 might not be showing the cones in the visualization, but I think it is still seeing them fine. I do not expect the same capabilities as HW3 cars, but it's comforting that HW2.5 has the capability to account for cones.

RayNLA | 14. November 2019

This is good to know. Thank you for sharing!

vmulla | 23. Dezember 2019
vmulla | 23. Dezember 2019

I've noted that this behavior is supported even without HW3 and the accompanying visualization.

dt22cc | 23. Dezember 2019

I think someone showed (@greentheonly?) that HW2.5 sees everything (cones, stoplights, etc...), but for some reason Tesla doesn't let it display the visualization unless HW3.

Either it is a marketing (FOMO) thing to get HW2.5 to pay for HW3 upgrade, or HW2.5 doesn't have the power to render the visualization compared to HW3.

WW_spb | 23. Dezember 2019

Upgrade is free

bradbomb | 23. Dezember 2019

@WW_spb Upgrade is only free if you paid for FSD. If you only have EAP or AP and are on HW2.5, you won't get upgraded without paying for FSD

vmulla | 23. Dezember 2019

I only shared a simple observation. I would be super pleased if someone with more resources could corroborate what I noticed. Thanks!

Lonestar10_1999 | 23. Dezember 2019

And if you have EAP and didn’t pay for it, then you absolutely won’t get upgraded to HW3.0 ;-)

WW_spb | 23. Dezember 2019

Sounds like a good time to buy FSD