How to search in TESLA forum

How to search in TESLA forum

Believe or not but I can't find how to search existing topics and keywords in TESLA forum. Because it is not isolated problem over TESLA website I feel like in Kafka's castle. I bought great car from company with the worst support ever.

PrescottRichard | 21. November 2019

You’re not alone. It’s not you, it’s the forum!

Try reading up on the Tesla forum on TeslaTap’s site -, scroll down to ‘using the Tesla forum’ part.

Alternatively you can type site: search terms (replacing search terms with your search terms) in most browsers or Google’s page.

EVRider | 21. November 2019

Here’s a direct link to the Search section of TeslaTap’s article: | 21. November 2019

I'll also add a plug for my free Chome extension:

It inserts a search bar in the Tesla forums. It also adds multiple categories for posters in which different colors can be set, removes duplicate posts, auto-detects spam, and a lot more.

The link has screenshots to see how it enhances the Tesla forum.