Will the Cubertruck evade radar?

Will the Cubertruck evade radar?

The simerlarity to the fighter jet that avoids radar seems obvious. We'll have to wait and see.

lilbean | 24. November 2019


teslamazing | 24. November 2019

Plz move cybertruck threads to general. Too many.


teslamazing | 24. November 2019

Cubertruck? Wth is that ?

rob | 24. November 2019

Minecraft version

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 24. November 2019

Флаг. Заебали уже

Pg3ibew | 24. November 2019


Pg3ibew | 24. November 2019

Tesla has a truck? When did this happen? I havent seen one thread or post about it in these forums

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 24. November 2019

Lol @Pg3ibew I know right

Bighorn | 24. November 2019

Andrew Yang announced that the CYBRTRCK is his running mate on SNL last night.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 24. November 2019

@Bighorn, Tulsi and Yang should run together. I would so vote for them.

Maxxer | 24. November 2019

Of course

bjrosen | 24. November 2019

The cuber truck is made out of cucumbers instead of steel, the cucumbers give it a low radar signature.

gballant4570 | 24. November 2019

bjrosen, Nice!

Tronguy | 24. November 2019

Basic answer: Naw.
Funnier story: This is true. Back when I was a radar tech in the USN, I was approached, more than once, by 18-19 year olds who wanted to know if putting aluminum foil in the hubcaps would stop radar.
One bunch wanted to know if I could build a jammer. The answer was: Yes, but I was not going to risk jail so some idiot with a muscle car could avoid the Virginia State Police.
Even funnier one: Note sure this is true, but rumor was that an EA6-B pilot got nailed speeding in Virginia one year. Later that year, a number of police radars went defunct during a relatively short period of time. On the last time, it was noted that an EA6-B was flying by and Questions Were Asked. Yes, one can blow out the receiver on a police radar, but, at those levels, it's not exactly good for humans, either. The EA6B pilot and crew got court-martialed.

Mike83 | 24. November 2019

LOL thanks for the laugh. I would never break the law.

Bighorn | 24. November 2019

Might get you out of a pickle.

Varricks | 25. November 2019

Kind of pointless to avoid radar when most of the agencies have switched to LIDAR.

jordanrichard | 25. November 2019

It takes a bit more than flat angle to evade radar. One, a stealth fighter or bomber is not really stealth. It just shows up smaller than it really is and doesn’t have the signature of an airplane. Also there is the specialized radar absorbing paint used on the plan especially.

Tronguy | 25. November 2019

@jordanrichard: It's not just the flat angles. With those great big flat vertical surfaces in the direction of travel that the CT has, there'll be plenty of reflections for a police radar to work with, probably better than a standard sedan.
Those who have pointed it out are correct that there's EMF absorbing material in All The Right Places. Finally, there's reasons why the trailing edges of stealth aircraft have those funny large sawtooth shapes, none of which the CT has.
And don't get me started on radar clutter from the ground and signal to noise ratios on radar receivers: Even though my practice with radars is 'way out of date: The CT just isn't built to minimize reflections from police radar. The opposite, really.
Now, just speculating: If one built a CT with really, really good mirrors that could reflect IR on all surfaces (i.e, the truck would be hard to see, except for the wheels and windshield), would that give LIDAR a bad time? Doubt it, but the thought is interesting.

beaver | 25. November 2019

Police chances should be more fun with the Cybrtrk

beaver | 25. November 2019


Bighorn | 25. November 2019

Kevlar tires?

beaver | 25. November 2019

@Bighorn yes; gotta make sure the carpet matches the drapes

nickivieru1991 | 05. Januar 2020

Did someone else notice that the Cybertruck looks like it escaped from Minecraft? I bet that there are Minecraft players who made a replica of it in the game.
It seems that the designer of the Cybertruck is a pro Minecraft player.

coselectric | 05. Januar 2020

My 11 year old said that exact thing. He's also been asking me daily to order one.

Maxxer | 05. Januar 2020

What is the cybertruck?

it's so stealth it's evading my mind

diovicunli8227 | 06. Januar 2020

Yes, lol. This car has a specific design, that you can't find anywhere except minecraft. As a big fan of minecraft, I would say that it's looking pretty nice. However, the part that I enjoyed the most is that it was very easy to build something similar in minecraft on my server, hosted on It was very funny

howard | 06. Januar 2020

Sure for the next 3-4 years.

kevin_rf | 06. Januar 2020

Just like the Model Y, I predict they will move it forward 6 months to Q2, 2021....

Mike83 | 06. Januar 2020

I am considering upgrading to the tri motor. So many possibilities to consider.

andy.connor.e | 06. Januar 2020

Currently have DM. Want tri motor. Need c@$h now!

call jg wentworth?