Wild Wrap Ideas for your Cybertruck

Wild Wrap Ideas for your Cybertruck

The Matt Black version is rather cool looking. But one can go far more with an image wrap. I'm sure some owners will get quite inventive.

Here is are a few ideas:

In London, I saw a Mini that showed an x-ray of the car and driver:

This bus wrap is really wild:

For that tiger in you:

And if you want tank treads:

BadgerErickson | 24. November 2019

Simply OD green, matte finish please...

Hal Fisher | 25. November 2019
andy.connor.e | 25. November 2019

Lime green front. Hot pink bed. | 25. November 2019

@Tabasco - I knew there was a rivet wrap somewhere - good find! The rusted van wrap always makes me smile. I bet no one wants to park near it. For those that don't know, it was applied to a brand new van at the time to discourage breakins.

TabascoGuy | 25. November 2019

Thanks TT.

I've seen some really cool rivet paint jobs mostly on motorcycle tanks. The best ones remind me of P51 mustangs or B-17 bombers (without the nose or tail art). If I come across one that looks like it will work on the CT, I'll post it here.

I've looked at the truck long enough now that it should have started to grow on me. It hasn't because there seems to be something missing that I can't put my finger on. I've always had aftermarket accessories (light bars, push bars, fender flares, lift kits, whatever) to dress up my pickups with but I don't think the Cyber Truck needs any of that stuff.

I think a wrap with a subtle pattern or just the right color will do the trick. Either that or I need to start welding flags, ladders, steps, and, tie-downs on it until it looks like this: