Model 3 Truck

Very well done commercial.. make sure you watch her video on the process..

sbeggs | 24. November 2019

Wow! Fascinating process.

Feel like putting in an order for one!

Scrannel | 25. November 2019

Saw this, was hoping she/they were smart enough to turn it into a drop-head.

vmulla | 25. November 2019

Imagine this based off a Y - that's the pickup for everyone who doesn't like the CT (or doesn't need one that's as robust)

Atom12 | 25. November 2019

I'd buy a Model 3 or Y based Truckla right now. Simone Giertz
did a wonderful job on that conversion.

TabascoGuy | 25. November 2019

Simone's reaction at the Cybertruck reveal.