Help Needed -> Replacing MX 20" RIMs

Help Needed -> Replacing MX 20" RIMs

Looking at replacing the 22" Onyx rims with 20" none-staggered rims
any recommendations on the rims you would recommend???

my goal is to achieve the best fuel efficiency and sturdy enough for handling the weight of MX.

thank you for your inputs!

artc1688 | 03. Dezember 2019

hard to believe not a single person use alternative RIMs on the MX?

lilbean | 03. Dezember 2019

The service centers won’t work with aftermarket rims.

inconel | 03. Dezember 2019

And the X is heavy. I feel better with Tesla-tested rims.

lilbean | 04. Dezember 2019

@inconel is right.

artc1688 | 04. Dezember 2019

thx that's what I am afraid of....
want a 20" but do not want staggered

mathwhiz | 04. Dezember 2019

You can achieve a non-staggered setup using Tesla 19" Cyclone wheels. Most who do this use them for fully rotatable snows. You might try asking around in the TMC Forums to find out more: