China M3 Review the "miracle that builds the miracle"

China M3 Review the "miracle that builds the miracle"

Nice (long) review of the first model 3s coming off the assembly line in China. The reviewer notes that Musk talked about the "machine that builds the machine" but he thinks it should be called the "miracle that builds the miracle."

(In Chinese with English Subtitles)

jimglas | 11. Dezember 2019

Bankwupcy for sure

andy.connor.e | 11. Dezember 2019

tesla is sure to fail by the end of Q4 2019. we pwomisssssss | 11. Dezember 2019

Here's the same video, but starts at the beginning:

TexasBob | 11. Dezember 2019

Thanks TeslaTap. I fixed the link in the OP. Sorry about that!

Varricks | 17. Dezember 2019

Holy crap. Now I hear how they were able to go from mudhole to producing factory in ten months.

Kind of brings up the question of where things are made. If it was designed, first made and marketed in America, is one from the cloned Chinese factory still an American car?

ODWms | 18. Dezember 2019

Kinda like the argument about Toyota, Nissan and other Japanese companies having factories here in America.

Ross1 | 18. Dezember 2019

Is Trump a German?

andy.connor.e | 19. Dezember 2019

I think Germans Trump