Powerwall/s from Referrals Program

Powerwall/s from Referrals Program

Hello All,

Just wondering if anyone has received their Powerwall/s from the referral program. I should actually get two based on my referrals and the program timeframe. I received a call earlier this year saying that it would be about 9 months so September or October. I have not heard anything else.

Kesla S & Kesla 3

gregbrew | 14. Dezember 2019

In general, those trying to get PWs installed seem to be having better luck with third-party installers, i.e. companies that contract with Tesla to install them. Without knowing what area you are in, it would be tough for anyone who knows of them to recommend any. I don't personally know of any, but have read about them on this forum.

SJR | 14. Dezember 2019

I have an order pending for one referral Powerwall and one that I am buying. I am in Florida. I originally was going to install a solar system with Tesla and the two PWs. After some ridiculous back and forth, having five different representatives (each one left after talking to me once or twice) and reading about the lack of service after the sale with Tesla Energy, I decided to just order the PWs from Tesla. I signed my Notice of Commencement, had it notarized and returned to Tesla in Tampa on November 26th and true to form have not heard a thing. The order was never loaded to my Tesla home page (I own a Model X and Model 3), nor has anyone followed up with me. I want to get the PWs installed and then I may look to more service oriented solar providers to add a solar system. As anyone who "earned" referral PWs knows, the wait has been very long and trying. In fact, after making eight referrals during the previous program (Kids Tesla, Wheel and Tires, PWs, Invitation to a launch event which still has never come, etc. I have only made one referral since. Clearly, the referral program was started with good intentions and never received the resources from Tesla that it needed to succeed.

patrick40363 | 14. Dezember 2019

Yes. i complained enough to get my 2 referral award powerwalls installed at the beginning of summer. I ended up with the standard white version instead of the red founders edition. I could care less about the color. They did a great job installing them and no problems. I am in northern CA and the timing turned out to get great due to the the PGE power outages.

Kesla_S | 16. Dezember 2019

Hi Patrick, when were your referrals? My first PW which was for #4 was Jan 2018 and #5 referral was Sep 2018. I was told I should get them in October this year but no updates since. I’m in So Cal so just wondering if I should push. Was there much cost for you with two referral PWs?


patrick40363 | 18. Dezember 2019

One of my awards was from 2017 and the other 2018. My total out of pocket cost was $1400.

Kesla_S | 19. Dezember 2019

Cool not bad. Thx