TACC Behaving Very Poorly a/o Latest Update (2019.40.2.1)

TACC Behaving Very Poorly a/o Latest Update (2019.40.2.1)

It was never as good as a human driver, but the latest update seems to have regressed - either that or there's actually something wrong... Now, when I engage TACC in traffic - freeway/highway or local roads - the car behaves as if it has a tremor, constantly adjusting its speed, suddenly slowing or accelerating, just generally *jittery*. It's maddening. I've stopped using TACC because of this. Has anyone else noticed similar behavior? Or should I just pull the trigger and go in for service?

December 2016 S90D

spineeric | 30. Dezember 2019

I have a December 2016 75D and noticed with the last 3 updates that TACC is very different (worse) than it used to be. Passengers in my car have mentioned this as well.

My car now drives closer to the right lane line. It used to be centered very well within the lane lines.

If a semi is in the right lane, as I approach the semi, my car makes a very noticeable adjustment to the left away from the semi. Once past the semi it corrects back to the right side of the lane. It's very noticeable and strange. And this only happens when passing a semi. Other smaller trucks to not seem to have this affect on the car.

Sweeping curves in the highway are not as smooth as before. My car now makes small incremental adjustments to negotiate the turn. It used to negotiate these sweeping turns very smoothly.

I have also noticed the slowing and accelerating as you describe. It feels like accelerating and then letting off the accelerator. For me, this seems to happen when traffic is heavier, and the vehicles in front of me are not maintaining a constant speed. My distance is set to 2. My car used to follow very smoothly without this accelerating/decelerating behavior. It's definitely different than before, and it's an odd feeling....difficult to explain.

So I wonder if others with HW 2.0 are experiencing these symptoms. Perhaps HW 2.5 and HW 3.0 cars are finding TACC or Autopilot much smoother with the recent updates. I do have FSD.

EVRider | 31. Dezember 2019

Are you using Autosteer, or just TACC? If makes a difference. By the way, 40.2.1 is not the latest update, people have been getting the 40.50.x updates for the last couple of weeks.

vpoz | 31. Dezember 2019

March S85D not really noticed your Tacc issue.. may be something up with interface to radar following update.. For me since update ability to recognise existence of neighbouring lanes on multi lane highway has fallen off a lot.
? Update not getting/processing data from radar/forward camera as well as previously

jerrykham | 31. Dezember 2019

I've noticed the same - it hesitates a lot and does indeed adjust the speed when following someone a lot more than it used to - it could almost be called "herky-jerky".

I'm in a RWD S75 from 2017 on MCU1. And I am also on 40.2.1 - can't seem to get the car to download one of the 40.5.x series although my Wife's model 3 sitting right next to my S got 40.50.x two weeks back and shows about 2/3 of the fleet (of those using TeslaFi) are on a 40.50.x release. Mine just says "software is up to date".

spineeric | 31. Dezember 2019

@EVRider....I'm using Autosteer. I received the notice in my inbox on 12/24 that over the next several weeks Version 10.2 will be sent to my car. I'll receive the update based on my location and vehicle configuration - I can't request the update. Still no update since 40.2.1 and I have great Wi-Fi signal now. I know 40.2.1 is not the latest update, but it is the latest for me.

jimglas | 31. Dezember 2019

I am on 2019.40.50.5 and TACC worked fine for me this AM

EVRider | 31. Dezember 2019

@spineeric: If you're using Autosteer, there's a new "feature" that slows your car down if you pass slower moving vehicles in some cases. I don't think that happens if you're just using TACC. That's why I asked the question -- still waiting for the OP to answer.

Regarding the update, my Model S got its first 40.50 update (40.50.5) a few days ago. Our Model 3 got it a week ago. You'll probably get yours soon. The S is a 2018 100D.

spineeric | 31. Dezember 2019

I'm hoping 40.50.5 centers the car in the lane when using AutoPilot as before. Hugging the right side of the lane is not good. The car moving towards the left away from a semi, and then moving back towards the right after I am past the semi is what I'm hoping will be fixed for me.

Thanks EVRider!

sentabo | 31. Dezember 2019

I'm installing 40.50.7 right now in my 2019 Raven. Hopefully some bug fixes in that one for people having issues.