Increased ping ponging

Increased ping ponging

I have noticed increased slight ping ponging with my MX within clear and smooth lines and with clean cameras.

I am running v10.1. .861901a577f8

Wondering if anyone else has been experiencing?

andy.connor.e | 13. Januar 2020

I suggest also putting this question in the Model X forum.

EVRider | 13. Januar 2020

What is the version number? The numbers you provided aren’t useful. For example, 40.1.1 or 40.50.7.

2196004393 | 13. Januar 2020


stingray.don | 14. Januar 2020

The latest software is 40.50.7, which I would think would be available to the entire fleet at this point. Try updating your software and see what happens.

EVRider | 14. Januar 2020

No, 40.50.x is apparently only going to newer cars at this point. Lots of reports about ping ponging; use this link to find them: