Friends who used our referral code received their X on 12/9/2019 according to My Referrals in the Tesla App, & confirmed by them bringing their X by our house to show off. However, it has been a full month + and we have not yet received our 1,000 miles of free supercharging in our Loot Box & are also concerned that we have not been entered to win a new Y. Please advise.

EVRider | 13. Januar 2020

I wouldn’t worry about it unless Tesla starts charging you for supercharging. As long as your account shows the referral you should be okay.

bergercreative | 14. Januar 2020

I might not have been concerned if a previous referral hadn't shown up immediately, which gave me a benchmark for before & after the December referral in my Loot Box (1608 mile). I'd really like to find a way to confirm w/ Tesla.

juventino.baldwin | 14. Januar 2020

Well, sometimes it takes time for the information to get updated. If it's been a while, then you should definitely contact the TESLA support team to know more about the issue.

Adam Wilfer