What to do about stolen fob

What to do about stolen fob

I lost my wallet with ID with address and key card; how can I best secure the vehicle?

teslamazing | 15. Januar 2020

Delete the key card from the cars setting asap

s.grot | 15. Januar 2020

But won’t that delete both key cards?

teslamazing | 15. Januar 2020

I believe each key card is separate ? Maybe delete both and re-link the card that you actually have

s.grot | 15. Januar 2020

Ok great thanks, FYI you can delete each and every key individually and sure as soon as I did it I found my wallet!

teslamazing | 15. Januar 2020

That’s good to hear.

andy.connor.e | 15. Januar 2020

Wow nice. Got some good answers and found your stuff.

EVRider | 16. Januar 2020

If you had actually lost a key fob like your title said, the solution would be the same.

kevin_rf | 16. Januar 2020

The car will tell you when each key card was last used. Swipe your good card on the b pillar and then look at the time stamps. It will tell you which key card you still have.

For future reference you can name each key card and then put a mark on each one so you know which is which.

kaffine | 16. Januar 2020

You can also enable PIN to drive at least it will prevent them from driving off with the car though they can still get in.

Useful for times you are not sure if lost/stolen vs misplaced.