USB music

USB music

Anyone else using USB drive for music and experience it not playing every other time you drive? I can reload the drive but if I do nothing, the next time I drive the music starts off on the last play list where it stopped. Then the next drive it is silent again.

creativeguy | 16. Januar 2020

If you really have a USB spinning disk drive, the ports might not provide enough power to consistently drive it. A solid state USB stick or SSD (which I have) work fine.

mexiken84 | 16. Januar 2020

It plays fine, but I use a thumb drive for my music.

EVRider | 16. Januar 2020

I find that when Sentry Mode is turned off (at home), USB music will usually not resume when I get in the car. Sometimes the music is loaded and I can just pick a song to get it started, other times it will reload the USB before I can do anything. When Sentry Mode is on, the music is more likely to start up, probably because the car doesn't sleep.

I have media and TeslaCam on separate USB ports, and the issue occurs in both our Model 3 and Model S.