Place to stop from OC to Bay

Place to stop from OC to Bay

Leaving Orange County early evening, driving up to San Francisco.


Likely will hit LA traffic. Joys of autopilot though, right?

I think aBRP suggest stopping at buttonwillow for charging. Family of four, probably will want to get some food. Any recommendations for or against buttonwillow?

Should I try to locate 250 kwh chargers? Is the difference enough to try to factor that in to the plans?

Any other tips or warnings for a two-day trip up to San Fran?

Bighorn | 16. Januar 2020

Kettleman City is kind of like Mecca for Tesla, if you can make it.

CharleyBC | 16. Januar 2020

I wouldn't worry about the V2 vs V3 thing (150kW vs 250kW). Sure, the latter will shave a few minutes, but probably not enough to make up for less efficient routing. So I'd say pick the route you want, and then select the Superchargers that support it well.

And, yeah, if you come up I-5 rather than 101, Kettleman City must be experienced.

TranzNDance | 16. Januar 2020

My tip is not to call San Francisco "San Fran" :)

On my last trip from OC, I stopped at Tejon, Kettleman City, and Hollister. My suggestion is to look ahead on the Supercharger map to see which stop would have greater percent availability of unused charging stalls, ideally >50%.

Doug n Evie | 16. Januar 2020

Was being lazy on my phone, regarding shortening name, but point taken.

Left OC with about 75%. (Not enough time to recharge fully at home)
Approached Tejon, got real nervous. 45 range with 30 miles to go. 15 mile buffer.
30 range with 20 to go... Down to 10 mile buffer.
Rain, wind, snow. (Snow only for a few minutes)
16 mile range with 11 miles to go. 5 mile buffer... In this weather, night time. Scary.

Then got to a sign, 6% downhill next 5 miles.
Up to 18 miles range, stayed at 18 range for next 6 miles, arrived with 21 range.

Anyway, Kettleman is nice, mostly empty right now. Peaked at 115kw.

Bringing it up to 90% but don't think I'll make it all the way. I'll check Hollister but lots of options as I get close.

RayNLA | 18. Januar 2020

Not to scare you...but do not leave anything of value in your car while in the area. If you must use your frunk. There is an alarming about of Tesla break-ins in the Bay Area Park in well traveled sections of parking lots. Don’t park alone away from other cars.
The perps now know that our cars have cameras and have begun to wear masks. The one common theme is that they all don’t wear belts.
I’m considering ordering these as a deterrent.