Hood Paint Finish Issue on MX -- advise?

Hood Paint Finish Issue on MX -- advise?

My MX which I took delivery on Thursday has what appears to be unbuffed wax/product on the hood that impacts the finished look. See video here:

I reached out to the delivery specialist and they said I should talk to the sales rep (which I thought was a bit odd and shoving responsibility around). I was simply told to schedule a service appointment and told that the service reps will determine if this is normal or covered under warranty (what?!!)The soonest one available is February 2nd week. At that point I will be past my 7-day return window and I think will lose any leverage, if any, I have as a consumer.

Is this something Tesla will fix or I will end up paying for it?

The post-delivery experience has been really weird for such an expensive product. I cannot reach out to a single person who is willing to give me their time and/or help out at Tesla.

rdmdrd | 19. Januar 2020

I took delivery late 12/2019. Drove car for a week, maybe 50 miles. It was parked in my garage for a week after that and when I returned from vacation I noticed a small dent on the hood. It’s not visible unless you look at it from a certain angle. I can’t recall anything hitting the hood. Interestingly, I have the same color as you @sidhantgupta.
I called Tesla about it but they told me since I didn’t notice it at delivery they would not be responsible. I would agree with the crappy delivery process at Tesla. It’s a huge difference from 3 years ago when I took delivery of my first MX. This time, I had to request for them to bring the car into a covered bay so that I can at least inspect the car. I was told that was no longer the protocol. I also did not receive any tutorial on the car. The sales guy basically handed me the keys after signing the paperwork and wished me luck. When I pressed on any new features on the car I was told that I get 5 minutes for any questions on the car.
I think I could have easily missed the small dent based on the fact that it was raining and the car was wet along with the rushed delivery.

vitaman | 19. Januar 2020

I cannot see the imperfection in the vid.
However I had something on my hood that I assumed was dirt when I picked it up in the rain.
When I could not remove it, I brought it to the Service area.
Took them 2 different compounds but it came right out in less than 5 minutes.
Hopeyours is as easy a fix.

sidhantgupta | 19. Januar 2020

@rdmdrd: Thank you for sharing! I too felt like the delivery was a bit rushed and a bit pressured to move on quickly. I tried to assess the car, but missed this imperfection.

@vitaman: look at the right light as it moves across starting at 0:04

betty_yee | 20. Januar 2020

@sidhantgupta I think what you are seeing is the residue from the vinyl protection when Tesla transport their vehicles from the factory. Just use a clay bar kit or polish to get rid of the imperfection. Tesla does not do a good job in detailing.

sidhantgupta | 20. Januar 2020

@betty_yee thank you for that insight! On a really small inconspicuous section of around 1", I tried clay with ONR as lubricant and could not get the residue out. I think you aer right that mechanical polishing will probably get it out.

lilbean | 20. Januar 2020

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jimglas | 20. Januar 2020

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Triggerplz | 22. Januar 2020

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Jrla | 22. Januar 2020

Just don’t let the 7 day return window go by without a lot of thought: service will not get any better. I took delivery of my X on 12/24/19 and 9 days later had issues. Two trips to the service center for more than a week, and it’s still not fixed. I’ve never experienced anything more frustrating in my life than dealing with Tesla. My next step is to hire an attorney and I really don’t want to have to go there but Tesla is ignoring me and leaving me with a faulty car. That being said, our Model 3 is great.

sidhantgupta | 23. Januar 2020

Thanks @Jrla: Today is when my return window closes and after thinking we are gonna keep the vehicle. I spurred many email threads and received multiple phone calls and they assured me that they will take care of this paint issue on my scheduled appointment. Agreed that the service is not at par, but at least for my region, I polled around people seem to be generally positive. Of course, we will see. I will update after my appt. on Feb 11. Maybe I will reach out how to get your attorney or hopefully not...