TAPTES custom USB hub for M3 looks pretty good

TAPTES custom USB hub for M3 looks pretty good

This is interesting. I already own the TAPTES wireless charger and I'm happy with it. This USB hub looks like it could replace the two USB-A splitter cables in my center console compartment and it also provides a USB-C connector and a "hidden" storage area for the dashcam/sentry mode storage device.

Unfortunately, it doesn't ship until Feb. 20th and then it takes another 9 to 15 days to arrive depending on your location. I just ordered it. If nothing else, the "hidden" compartment for the storage device makes this a good purchase, in my opinion.

The instructional video in the link gave me a good chuckle. But, her English is better than my Chinese so I have no complaints. :)

loosej89 | 23. Januar 2020

Thanks MyBear, I order one too and an SSD driver.

Spartan-117 | 24. Januar 2020

Nice! Ordered. Thanks for posting

hokiegir1 | 24. Januar 2020

And here I just ordered the Jeda one that will be here next week. *shrug* We had an issue with a Taptes order where some of our items weren't included (the door open stickers and the soundproofing kit). Their "defense" when we tried to resolve was that the items we ordered totaled xx weight and the box shipped to us was xx we got everything we ordered -- nevermind that each of the items that was missing would have been minimal weight (a sheet of stickers and a strip of foam). :/ Not only that, the carbon fiber console wrap/cover was so thick we couldn't use our key cards with it, and started lifting up almost immediately. After that experience, I probably would not order from them again.

Option B | 05. Februar 2020

@hokiegir1 If you have not received your Jeda product cancel it. I just received mine after 6 weeks and the USB C ports were not working. I cannot get a hold of Jeda to save my life. Thankfully my credit card company had be protected I called them and the first thing I was told they have had multiple complains against Jeda. Also BBB has multiple complains

hokiegir1 | 05. Februar 2020

@OptionB - I received mine in under a week, installed it and it's working perfectly. I have the wireless pad plugged into the 2 standard USBs, the extender thing with a USB that goes into one of the USB C outlets with an adapter and my flash drive all plugged into it. My biggest problem is that my popsocket doesn't let me use the wireless I had to take that off for now until I sort out whether it's the socket in general or the magnet in it causing the problem...but that has nothing to do with the charger/hub setup.

Option B | 05. Februar 2020

@hokiegir1 - That is great. If I may ask did you have to do something to get the 2 USB C port in the form to work? I have the 2 USB ports working plugged in the Wireless Charger in them, got the compartment port working have a SSD drive plugged it. . Cannot get the front 2 USB C ports to work

Thank you

hokiegir1 | 05. Februar 2020

I didn't do anything special. I do think the draw is probably an issue if you are using a wireless device *and* trying to charge another using USB c at the same time, there probably just isn't enough power to do both. Other than that, I'm not really sure. As I said, I just used an adapter in ours and have the cord that came with the car running through there.

jamespompi | 05. Februar 2020

Thanks, I was wondering why mine hadnt shown up yet. excited to clean up the disaster under there.