Trade model 3?

Trade model 3?

Anyone trade their model 3 for another one yet? Mine is a 2018 performance. I’m gravitating towards a model s once they re-do the interior and have 400 + range.

Lonestar10_1999 | 02. Februar 2020

Personally, I plan to keep my SR+ until the wheels fall off. I have always owned cars from cradle to grave, where grave means that I no longer feel the car is roadworthy or its too expensive to repair.

nolasco1974 | 02. Februar 2020

Lonestar.thats probably the smart thing to do.

M3phan | 02. Februar 2020

I’m gonna hang on to my 2018 LR RWD until
It’s paid off then consider a trade to the performance stealth.

Bated Breath | 02. Februar 2020

I traded in my 2018 LR for a 2019 Performance Stealth with 19" sport wheels. No regrets.

M3phan | 02. Februar 2020

Did you trade with Tesla or someone else? Would you mind sharing what did you get for the trade? No worries if you’d rather not share that personal info.

vmulla | 02. Februar 2020

Is the Model 3 falling short of your ideal EV? If not, why are you thinking this thought?
You're swapping for another Tesla (even if it's a thought), that's good!

M3phan | 02. Februar 2020

There’s no other trade for me but to another 3!

RichardKJ | 02. Februar 2020

I'm planning to trade my 3 for a Y.

tmlac | 02. Februar 2020

trade my 3 rwd for Y if Elon permit hitch...

ksrehman | 03. Februar 2020

I am not expecting a new interior for Model S / X with a Model 3 style single screen if that's what you think of as an interior 're-do' ... I expect significant powertrain and battery advances. Tesla software updates already support S X 3 and soon Y - why make that old S/X new S/X 3 and Y?

Nothing wrong with trading in a 3 for an S - like going from BMW 3 series to 5 or 7 series. I would not trade in my 300 mile range AWD Model 3 for a future 400 mile version, but 500 miles would be tempting = 300 miles of winter range.

crmedved | 03. Februar 2020

I originally purchased a mid range model 3 without AP in Dec 2018 (+blue paint and white interior). I traded it in March 2019 for a LR AWD w/ FSD, no regrets.

Tesla is no exception to the instant depreciation when coming off the lot. I actually had to pay ~$1,800 to trade it in because the loan amount was higher than the offer ($35,800). The only reason I considered it was because the MR had the $7500 tax credit plus a $3500 local rebate which covered the loss in value (but not quite), and the LR was eligible for the $3,750 federal and again $3,500 local rebate. Unfortunately, now I have to pay tax on the $7,000 of "income" I earned last year from rebates :(

I plan to have this car for a very long time, which is why I decided I needed the better model :)

Fuzzball | 03. Februar 2020

@crmedved what is the rule behind rebate as income? What is the test that applies?

RayNLA | 03. Februar 2020

When did tesla announce that they were redoing the interior of the Model S?

crmedved | 03. Februar 2020

@Fuzzball - In like >99% of the cases for the United States, if it didn't come from the federal government, it is taxable. Mine came from my state and both the state and the irs are taxing it :) Even if the state gave it as a tax credit, the IRS would still ask for their cut (just like they do for state tax refunds).

Bated Breath | 03. Februar 2020

I traded my 2018 with Tesla. It had been in an accident and I received $2K for diminished value from her insurance company.

I received $37,800 for my trade-in. I was given two upgrades for free: red paint and 19" sport wheels. I will also receive a tax credit of $1,875.

I don't regret either purchase. The Performance model wasn't available when I configured my 2018 LR. At first I wished I had waited for the Performance model but the price kept dropping more than the price on the LR and when the Stealth was available with two free upgrades, I couldn't resist.

The SC Rep later said the "two free upgrades" promotion only lasted a few hours so I was lucky to have put down my deposit during the window.

I wound up paying approximately $14K for the upgrade but when you consider the $2K diminished value check and the $1,875 tax rebate, the upgrade cost about $10K.

nolasco1974 | 03. Februar 2020

RayNLA, they haven’t officially announced it, but it’s coming. According to some sites and YouTube, some time this year. For whatever that’s worth. Lol.

bjrosen | 03. Februar 2020

I'm going to wait a couple of years until there is a longer range Model 3, would love 500 miles might settle for 425, but it has to be significantly longer than the current 310 which is really 200 in the winter. Even in the summer I'm suspecting that my range will be a lot less this year than last year because I've developed a heavier foot. I came to the Model 3 from a Volt which trained me to hyper mile, as a result I averaged 225W/mile last summer. Cars tell you what makes them happy and the Volt is happiest going down a back road at 35 and running at 60 on the highway. The Model 3 wants to do 80 and if I lived some place where the traffic went faster than that it would be even happier at a higher speed. The problem is that comes at the expense of range, an EPA of 310 is really in the low 200s when you let the reins out or if it's cold. So I'll jump at a significantly longer range version when it come out but not before that.

sixstring09 | 03. Februar 2020

>>> I'm planning to trade my 3 for a Y.

Me too. I want to see how much bigger the interior is and how much higher the driver seat is.

I dont like sitting down into the model 3

I'm a big dude.

RedPillSucks | 03. Februar 2020

Same here. If the wife doesn't kill me, I'll trade my 3 for a Y.
Hopefully, it wont come with my body in the trunk

Big_Ed | 03. Februar 2020

I might consider trading my SR+ for an LR. Alternatively, might wait a few years and get a Y with LR if wife gets the bug.

M3phan | 03. Februar 2020

I’m probably in the minority, really not a fan of the Y. I’m looking forward to trading from LR RWD 3 to a stealth performance 3 in a couple years or so.

creativeguy | 03. Februar 2020

IMO Tesla should upgrade the S and X dashboards to match the 3 and Y. That combined with Raven will breathe new life into the S. Then simplify the X with standard rear doors to make it a more compelling upgrade for those needing an SUV larger than the Y. That complete product lineup would be pretty bulletproof for the foreseeable future... until they release the ACTUALLY bulletproof Cybertruck. :)

RayNLA | 06. Februar 2020

The YouTubers are trying to get views, don’t take thier word for it.
Take Elon’s!

RayNLA | 06. Februar 2020

I predict that the S and X will more than likely be discontinued in the next 18-months or so.
The business case for these vehicles are diminishing rapidly.
Remember without the original Roadster there would be no Model S. Without the Model S and X, there would be no Model 3 or Model Y.
Special shout out to all the people who purchased the aforementioned vehicles. You paved (financed) the way for us to own the best car ever built!