Larger rear-view mirror available anywhere

Larger rear-view mirror available anywhere

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I moved to my Model 3 from a BMW M550d almost three months ago, and love it. Very few things I would like to improve. One thing I find irritating is the size of the rear-view mirror. It is about 30% smaller that it should be, in my opinion. Does anyone know of larger after-market mirrors?

Magic 8 Ball | 03. Februar 2020

There are lots of strap ons if you search Amazon.

jaxtripp | 03. Februar 2020

I have been using the Broadway 300mm flat blue tinted one for over a year and love it! I tried the convex version but it was too much distortion for me. The flat one has been perfect.

lbowroom | 03. Februar 2020

How so? It has a larger view than the rear window allows.

hokiegir1 | 03. Februar 2020

Why not just turn on the rear camera?

spuzzz123 | 03. Februar 2020

I don’t know why a larger mirror gets you, unless maybe you are looking at your kids inside the car. My perspective shows that I am seeing about exactly what the rear window permits; any larger would only show me more of the interior of my car. I personally love the size and style of that mirror.

douglas_peale | 03. Februar 2020

I also feel that the rear view mirror is too small. But the view through the rear view mirror exactly fits the rear window. Any larger and it will only show you the pillars and rear shelf of the car. If you do put a larger mirror over the existing one, you will loose the auto-dimming feature.

95dawg | 03. Februar 2020

What I want is some ways to raise the position of the rear view mirror. Higher position would improve the angle of the line of sight, allowing more of the cars behind me to be visible.

lbowroom | 03. Februar 2020

"I also feel that the rear view mirror is too small. But the view through the rear view mirror exactly fits the rear window."

So what you're really advocating for is a larger rear window?

I think it's that the rear shelf is really high and effectively takes out the viewing of anything below the beltline. This is an artifact of getting the trunk opening big enough to get a bicycle in, right? So turn the camera on.

Atoms | 03. Februar 2020

I thought the same thing, but actually the mirror is OK. You need to tilt it down a bit more than you normally do. The top of the mirror is wider, so by tilting down you get a wider view and you don’t loose visibility I. The vertical direction. You do gain being able to see back seat passengers better though. I agree, it feels small. Visibility is impacted more by the headrests I. The back.

Trekman | 03. Februar 2020

@M8 - I don't think I want that in my search history.

ODWms | 05. Februar 2020

I ordered and installed a mirror similar to the one Jaxxtrip posted and I love it. I can see out the entire rear window, and entire rear passenger side (blind spot) window also at the same time.

Magic 8 Ball | 05. Februar 2020

: ]