Guess the damage cost!

Guess the damage cost!

Not a FUD post, just letting people know what to expect if their model 3 gets hurt :( Someone backed into me at low speed and drove off while I was visiting family.

damage ->

repair bill, after you guess ;) ->

Oh, and sentry mode got it (license plate was clear, so got their insurance) ->

Anyway, I miss my M3 :( Been about two weeks.. supposed to get it back by the end of the week.

rdavis | 03. Februar 2020

Seems about right. Had a Lincoln MKZ with similar damage and it was just under $7k.

WW_spb | 04. Februar 2020

Got to love Sentry mode

teslamazing | 04. Februar 2020

Insurance covering it all?

Magic 8 Ball | 04. Februar 2020

Those labor rates are cheap, where are you located?

andy.connor.e | 04. Februar 2020

This is exactly why i cant wait for cybertruck. Your car might as well be made of paper. Fragile little delicate thing it is eh? Cost you an arm + leg to open your door into a light pole.

vmulla | 04. Februar 2020


M3phan | 04. Februar 2020

Wow so they drive off and didn’t leave a note or anything? If that’s the case, thank goodness for Sentry. (Maybe they didn’t feel the hit? Though that seems unlikely...)
How embarrassed were they after being busted. “Prove it!” “Sure, take a look at what my car recorded...” “Erm, recorded?...”

Haggy | 04. Februar 2020

It's not just a matter of proving it. If the video makes it clear that they would have known it, it becomes a matter of fighting a charge of felony hit and run.

rangeoflight | 04. Februar 2020

Man, that was not much of a hit. Bad angle though, good job you got the plate.

M3phan | 04. Februar 2020

Looks like there’s a pretty sharp crease in the side molding though. That’s rough.

M3phan | 04. Februar 2020

Hey, thank goodness you’re getting it repaired, it will soon be a distant bad memory.

crmedved | 04. Februar 2020

Yeah, I'm excited to see it look like brand new ^_^ And yes, the other person's insurance covered it all including my ford fusion rental (bleh, they wouldn't cough up for the model s).

They drove off without leaving a note or even looking at it. Unless they were absolutely blasting their music, they had to have noticed... the sentry mode alarm went off, not to mention the flashing lights.

I reported it to the police to get the insurance info. I think felony hit and run is only when another person is involved/injured - this was essentially property damage, so no criminal charges were filed... just a few traffic citations. Turned out to be some 18 year old driving his dad's car... probably panicked.

@M8B The repairs are being done in NJ (the $448 "misc" charge is sales tax). My state doesn't have an authorized Tesla body shop, but the company I picked has a location here (that isn't authorized)... so they put it on a flat bed to take it to the authorized location.

Joho.keith | 04. Februar 2020

I had an orange Mercedes SUV hit me while they tried to parallel park. Really scrapped up the rear bumper. Sentry caught the whole thing on video with a clear shot of the license plate and a clear shot of their bumper being shiny going into the parking spot and scrapped up coming out with them running. I posted it to YouTube and gave their insurance company the link. They immediately offered to cut a check for the full estimate.

crmedved | 05. Februar 2020

@Joho.keith did they leave a note or something? Just curious how you knew who their insurance was. For me, I had to wait two weeks for the police to get the info (they needed a "traffic warrant" to lookup the plate), then two or three weeks for the insurance to try to contact their policy holder. I didn't press them too hard since it was purely cosmetic damage (door functioned fine).

Oh and M8B I forgot, their labor rate is actually much higher. The way it came out in the summary is just weird. They had like a $2,500 upcharge for working with aluminum that got categorized as "parts".

crmedved | 05. Februar 2020

I wish we could edit comments. Obviously you said they ran so they didn't leave a note. Whoops. I can read, I swear!

Magic 8 Ball | 05. Februar 2020

Working with aluminum charge seems strange unless there is more damage than we can see. On the surface it seems like a door replacement with no real metal work to me.

crmedved | 05. Februar 2020

You would think, but the insurance adjuster didn't bat an eye... paid them before even contacting me. Honestly I'm not sure how they repaired it.. gonna ask them for a summary when I get it back.

decoss | 05. Februar 2020

I don't believe this bill. Who charges 'paint supplies' by the hour? Several other charges are also suspect.

decoss | 05. Februar 2020

I don't believe this bill. Who charges 'paint supplies' by the hour? Several other charges are also suspect.

Magic 8 Ball | 05. Februar 2020

Now that you bring it up, if I understand what is going on, it looks like they are going to try and straighten the metal and not replace the door if they are putting "aluminum work" in with parts. Ask questions, if not too late.

raqball | 05. Februar 2020

decoss | February 5, 2020
I don't believe this bill. Who charges 'paint supplies' by the hour? Several other charges are also suspect.
I believe it's pretty common to list the paint cost that way..

crmedved | 05. Februar 2020

@M8B Looks like they ordered a new door panel ($705 btw). Part #1081441-E0-C, "RR DOOR ASSY, LH, MODEL 3, E-COATED". They would have had to paint it and blend the surrounding panels, I think.

The paint thing is weird. I guess I shouldn't have called it a bill. That's actual a snippet from the final estimate from the insurance company.

Magic 8 Ball | 05. Februar 2020

Cool, a new door would certainly be the way to go.

CaliforniaMaki808 | 05. Februar 2020

Was that driver charged with a misdemeanor hit and run? Why hide his/her license plate on the video?

CaliforniaMaki808 | 05. Februar 2020

That is crazy.