Efficiency if using theatre/arcade

Efficiency if using theatre/arcade

I sometimes like to sit in my model 3 to watch YouTube videos etc while home in garage, (2nd man cave!) It's quite comfortable and feel that I can crank the volume a bit more since it's somewhat insulated and in the lower level etc (Townhouse dweller)

Actually, don't care what it uses, just "venting" how much I appreciate the vehicle, can't remember any other that I enjoyed spending time in on purpose, makes the whole charging thing a blessing if anything.

lbowroom | 04. Februar 2020

Efficiency? Isn’t the denominator 0?

Joseb | 04. Februar 2020

Not sure what you mean by "efficiency" but I truly enjoy watching Netflix in the car.
Just randomly while in the garage, or when I pick up my kids and have to wait in parking lot for few extra 5-10 minutes... or heck, even when just picking up food with my kids on board, they enjoy it as well.

-TheJohn- | 04. Februar 2020

You're vastly increasing your efficiency by multi-tasking :)

Magic 8 Ball | 05. Februar 2020

Venting appreciation, very good : ).

amirhnaimi | 05. Februar 2020

I wish the screen could be tilted and adjusted a little bit